India-China showdown in LADAK looks imminent


By Syed Ali Mujtaba

India-China Showdown in LADAK looks imminent. The current India- China standoff in Ladak is due to Home Minister Amit Shah statement made during debate on abrogation of Article 370 on 5th August 2019 where the Home Minister made territorial claims over Aksai Chin.

 China that physically controls the Aksai Chin then objected to India’s Home Minister’s claim and had raised its concern in UN Security Council.

Then on October 11, 2019 Chinese leader Xi Jinping who met Indian Prime Minister at Mamallapuram, near Chennai, suggested to have told Mr Modi to have a joint mechanism with Pakistan to settle the entire gamut of land boundary issues. The Indian leader giving initial nod to such proposal did commit to any forward movement after that.

The Indian side is going ahead with its plan and is constructing road to have faster access to Aksai Chin which has infuriated the Chinese.

As a result China wants to cut off all the Indian land access to Aksai Chin. China has plans to achieve this objective by pushing the disputed Line of Actual Control at three different border locations of Ladakh. The territories are; Lukung Lake and Shyok & Chang- Chenmo Rivers.

The Chinese motive is to construct permanent military structures on the Indian side of lake and rivers its forcible push on the LAC through intrusion is a part of its game plan to get into the Indian side.

India and China are engaged in negotiations from May 20, 2020 but the area commanders have failed many times. The negotiation even at a higher level cannot hammer out any deal.

In such situation, India and China both are exploring military options to test themselves and both sides are increasing their military presence in the contested region. A war like situation is created in Ladak and some of the locations are exactly the same spot as of 1962 war.

Now given military power of both the countries, any such confrontation is going to head where, is anybody’s guess. China has 10 times financial and military muscle than India; it can easily sustain a low intensity war for a long period of time. What it wants is to make India sweat out economically and politically and exhaust all other options and then come to the negotiating table.

The option before India is to take a legal course.  But can India do so and go to International Court of Justice or United Nation General Assembly after unilaterally abrogating Article 370 and making territorial claims over Aksai Chin and over Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

 India so far has prevented any outside influence for last 70 years or so it has never cared about the UNGA’s resolutions on J&K seriously. So now if it wants to get legal protection from international bodies, will it be successful?

China holding the veto power along with the P5 countries in the UN Security Council. It will quash any legal course that India may be seeking from the international bodies. India has exhausted its legal option by abrogating the Article 370 and reorganizing the state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories.

The diplomatic option for India is to engage Russia and America to cut a deal with China. It is sure that Americans would never come to rescue of India because of the political situation in that country.

Russia may stick its neck into cutting a deal with China only if India guarantees to leave the US camp and accept it as the only all-weather friend.

Even if that happens will Xi Jinping listen to Putin and if so at what cost? Any such negotiation with India –Russia and China may end up on Chinese withdrawal from the current forward position only on the condition that India leaves its claim over Aksai Chin. Will India accept such a deal?

Now in such case what is the other option left for India? Can India go to Pakistan and ask to strike a deal China? Well everything is fair love and war and such option cannot be ruled out.

In such case what will be Pakistan’s demands. Obviously it will ask Indian side of Kashmir lock stock and barrel. Will India accept such a deal?

So it is not in India’s interest to strike any deal, involving any third party as has been doing so since past seventy years of so.

In such case, India has to choose between military confrontation and negotiation directly one to one with the China. India also has to choose it wants to fight the Covid-19 war or a war the China? It’s a Hobbesian choice.

At the moment it is too early to cast any verdict in this unfolding story. We can only wait and watch the developments. Once all this is over, it will be then the time to does a cost benefit analysis of the abrogation of Article 370.


Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at

3 thoughts on “India-China showdown in LADAK looks imminent

  1. Great.Need such articles on Indian affairs required in MM.bcos main stream media is of total bluff.many people stopped watching indian media.

  2. The PRC will takeover Ladakh and the North East

    It has started

    It is called COVID


    “Big Picture” perspective, is required from the angulature of philosophy

    Large nations which have never existed in History as independent entities, for more than 100 years – trap a large number of races and classes,within their borders – when those races, DO NOT belong in that nation . These are accidents of history,or war treaties .dindooohindoo

    India is a primer case.It never existed, in even 10% of its geography, as an independent state .IT WAS THE BRITISH, who gave it a geographical contour

    The North East are South Tibetans – in their entirety (By genes and DNA) – with a smattering of Mons and Hans. These are NOT Indian – just like the Kashmiris are NOT Indians.

    These people need and DESERVE,A separate nation, for their EVOLUTION.

    Every sentient and race,has a RIGHT TO EVOLVE.

    The Kashmiris and the North East Indians,have a right to 1st secede,and then do whatever they want.

    There will be successes and failures – and that, is the journey to evolution and salvation .Even if they return to India – that will also be an evolution – and make India a stronger nation. “IF”

    The question is NOT – what has India done for the North East ? The Question is “What can India do – for them ?

    The answer is – NOTHING !

    India is a poor ,primitive,heathen,backward nation – which can’t take care of ITS OWN .On principles of equity.Why should Dalits lose, say 20-35 Billion USD ,a year ,to hold Kashmir and the North East ? That money has to be spent on the Dalits ! They are the TRUE INDIANS

    Y should Dalits and Kashmiris and North Easterners sacrifice their lives, for impotent ,limpet weasels and cowards of the Hindoo Kshatriya,Bania and Brahmin race and their misplaced egos ?

    The Chinese are 1 race and 1 nation !

    The Mongols are the master race of South and East Asia.

    The synthesis of the Mongol and Han DNA, in the right quality and quantity, is ONLY, in the PRC . The “PERFECT quality “ of the fusion, is in Nippon, DPRK and Korea – but they do not have mass numbers

    China raped India ,2000 years ago.

    And they will do it again.

    Every race deserves its own nation,and every nation HAS TO JUSTIFY its existence, to EACH of the RACES within it – all else ,is an “unnatural fusion” – and then ,”some calamity or disaster strikes”, and the nation is destroyed to bits.

    The said calamity is not “chance” – but is a natural corollary.Allah has made these laws of nature – which are a priori, and the “so called humans”, are robots- who will keep blundering and getting killed, and raped.

    Communists understand the laws of nature, and that Allah made them – but they do not pray to Allah – as they know that THOSE who pray to Allah and Jesus – are doomed by their immorality and their blasphemy – and so,their prayers WILL NEVER be heard –as the laws of nature WILL NOT be changed

    India is on the verge of being destroyed – as a part of the corollary of the laws of nature.

    Keep a cool head – and watch the destruction – like a True Yogi – with detachment – as there is nothing you can do.Same for sex – practice as much, and with as many,as possible – but w/o any attachment, to the sentient partner (beyond the transient instances) – let the partner liberate itself – and thus be free of angst and hate – and focus on the next sexual partner

    That is salvation and the destruction of India is EVOLUTION.

  3. The Unfolding of Doom, of the Hindooo Nation !

    The Hndooo nation for the 1st time, is supporting the HK rights activists

    The Hindoo weasels, NEVER ever did the same !

    Next they will raise Tibet !

    Taiwan rights will be raised by the USA !

    Thr road to doom !

    The PRC will wait and watch – and after the Hindoos raise Tibet – then PRC will raise the state of IOK – Indian Occupied Kashmir – and then the Hindoos will respond with Xinjiang !

    But India can do nothing in Tibet or Xinjiang ! It is logistically impossible – even if the Tibetans and Xinjiangese become Hindoos !India has no betting cards AT ALL.

    Chinese play Bacarrat – and they have Kashmir,Ladakh,Sikkim,Arunachal,The Chickem Neckk,Flow of Water into India from Tibet and Bangladesh,Taliban,THE HINDOO SACRED SITES IN THE HIMALAYAS and Sri Lanka.All these ARE RIGHT UP INDIA’s ORIFICE.

    That is what you call the Bacarrat Betting Cards ! dindooohindoo

    It is certain that the PLA will use the Tibetans and the Nepalis also against Indian Troops ! Maybe, by this month end !


    PLA will attack the Indians from the Western Indian Borders – using PLA jets ! From SKARDU ! JF-35 !

    Pakistan is AKREADY USING JF Fighters ! The prong is PLA bombs IOK (jointly with Pakistani pilots in PLAF planes) and then, the Pakistani army rolls into IOK,and then the PLA follows !

    PLA already has 30000 soldiers in Pakistan !



    India is,in any case bankrupted by COVID – and cannot sustain a war for more than a week !

    If the Pakistani Navy with PLN subs bombs out the Indian Western Ports and the PLN blocks the Indian Eastern Ports – what will the Hindoos do ?

    Indian Navy with the Aussies MIGHT block some fuel shipments to PRC – but they cannot reach Chinese Ports.

    The Hindoo clowns are dreaming of a NATO-type ASEAN alliance to counter PRC ? ASEAN is a group of trash – except Malaysian and
    Pinos. Malayans cannot fight the PRC and Pino Navy cannot take on the PLN.

    PRC has HANDPICKED THE HINDOOS ! It could have taken over SPRATLYS in a few days and fried the Vietnamese limpets – but they did nott ! They CHOSE India – AS NO NATION CAN HELP THE INDIANS On the Indoi-Chinese Border.Also,by destroying India – PRC sends a message to the AEAN.Lastly,India is MORE VULNERABLE AND WEAK THAN TIMBUKTOOOO ! 1.3 Billion people who will HAVE NO WORK FOR THE NEXT 12 MONTHS (at leasr) AND WHERE COVID WILL SPIKE EXPONENTIALLY IN INDIA SOON – CANNOT SUSTAIN A WAR FOR MORE THAN A WEEK !

    PRC /PLN will take over the South China and East China Sea JUST BEFORE THE US ELECTIONS ! And if they sink a US-ally or a US-Ship – then Trump will get REAL COVID ! South China Sea is the 1st TEST for Trump – who never really HAD ANY TEST in his Presidency.

    Israel taking over West Bank/Gaza is no TEST for TRUMP – as that is WITH THE NOD OF TRUMP.It will bcome a TEST – if Iran or Turkey attack Israel – thereafter

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