Indian-American Muslims celebrate Kamala Harris nomination as US Vice-Presidential candidate

By Muslim Mirror Desk
Washington (DC) : The Association of Indian Muslims Muslims of America (AIM), Washington DC, an American organization of expatriate Indian Muslims, today congratulated Senator Kamala Harris, on her nomination as Vice-President to the Democratic party ticket for US Presidency in the upcoming election.   Sen Harris w : ill be formally nominated  in the Democratic party convention next week.

In a statement, its Executive Director, Kaleem Kawaja expressed joy at the remarkable high success of a second generation Indian-American in becoming a candidate for the second highest public office in America.  Sen Harris is the daughter of Prof Shyamala Gopalan, a cancer biologist, who was from Chennai, India, and had emigrated to US in 1965.

Mr Kawaja applauded the fact that now 4 Indian-Americans are US Congressmen and  one is a US Senator.  Additionally some Indian-Americans  are judges of the Federal Appeals Court, which is only one step below the US Supreme Court.  Similarly several Indian-Americans are Chief Executive Officers of giant multinational corporations like IBM, Google etal.  In the major US universities several Indian-Americans are deans, heads of faculties etc, he said.

AIM applauds the Indian-American community for its extraordinary success in the face of tough competition in US in just about five decades., he added.

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  1. What the hell is this possible in the USA , THEY HAVE TO GET .. OF HER and as ASAP.
    INDIAN/ PAKI/ AFRICAN MUSLIMS and Sikh’s are the groups owning the USA in the near future and this will and up of a bloody WAR.

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