Insults of Prophet Muhammad lead to violence in India


By Dr.Aslam Abdullah

Islamophobes all over the world, know how to attack Islam and Muslims. They have studied Muslim psychology, and they know how to provoke them. They have developed an industry to hurt Muslims and instigate them. The Islamophobes include White supremacists, Liberal democrats, conservative religious fanatics, Buddhist hate mongers, Christian evangelicals, Jewish vexatious, Hindutva bigots, and Muslim nettlesome.

Anytime they want to insult Islam and Muslims and project them as intolerant, they publish provocative statements and caricature against the world’s most revered human being, Prophet Muhammad. With the help of their agents within the Muslim community, they instigate Muslim masses to protest and react violently. It is a pattern that is visible all over the world. Every derogatory word against the Prophet leads to protests by Muslims.

The Prophet Muhammad is Islam’s foundational figure. He is the Messenger whose authenticity and character inspire Muslims to follow the Quran, a divine scripture he left for humanity. A majority of Muslims do not understand the Quran, God’s book of guidance, but they view the Prophet’s character as their ideal.

Four groups have mastered the art of attacking the Prophet. They are the Hindutva group under the leadership of RSS based in India but branches worldwide. The Liberals who view Islam as an intolerant faith, the Christian evangelists who always project Prophet Muhammad as an imposter and Jewish hardliners in whose view the Prophet is the main instigator of violence against them.

They have a two-prong attack on the Prophet. They project him as a womanizer and pedophile who married a six or nine-year-old girl and a warmonger who spread Islam by the sword and a hate-spreader who worked to subjugate all religions.

The four groups have little in common among them. However, they are together in their anti-Prophet rhetorics. A fifth group often joins these four. It comprises of Muslims, either on the payroll of others or self-promoters who view Islam as a regressive force. In India’s southern state, Karnataka, the RSS and Hindutva recreated hatred against Prophet through the posting of one Naveen, a relative of a member of state legislative assembly belonging to Congress party. The post was on Facebook. It showed a turbaned man grabbing a young girl on a bed with wine jars on the table. It read that Islam’s Prophet had illicit sex with a nine-year-old girl. The posting is in English and uses the most vulgar language. The IT cell of the Hindutva promoted the attack. Some of the RSS operatives provoked some Muslims, asking them to turn their anger on Congress MLA. An unruly mob attacked his home, torched it, and pelted stone on the police that came to rescue him.

It seems that everything was well planned. The police could have quelled the mob anger by arresting Naveen when the matter came to light first. They could have held meetings with Muslim leaders in Karnataka and assured them of a swift action and justice.

The police waited for the violence to break out and then moved into action. It arrested the RSS inspired Naveen after the mob had caused the damage.

The RSS and Hindutva politicians and activists are demanding that the people arrested for participating in protest rallies. And violence would have to pay for damaging the property. The media, in general, has once again targetted Muslims for being intolerant.

Ironically, the Hindutva groups and the media were silent when Hindu mobs lynched Muslims or burned their homes under the suspicion of cow slaughtering. They did not even bother to question those Hindutva leaders who openly called for violence against Muslims opposing India’s most controversial law on citizenship.

Covid-19 is spreading fast in India. A cure is still not in sight. But, the supporters of Hindutva are busy playing the hate card to divide religious communities. The anti-Prophet post is a significant strategy of the RSS and Hindutva forces to humiliate Islam and Muslims. It is this strategy that RSS workers in the Gulf and the West are promoting. The organization regularly provides anti-Islam articles and talking points to its members and encourages them to use the social media directly or indirectly to hurt and provoke Muslims.

Muslims do not have an organized group to monitor the activities of Islamophobes who are present in all religious communities and sectors of every country. Violence will not counter Islamophobes; exposure will. They are the real hate-mongers and terror instigators. They will continue to play their evil game unless they are identified and prosecuted for hate crimes.

14 thoughts on “Insults of Prophet Muhammad lead to violence in India

  1. If anybody has posted controversial comments about your prophet, then muslim groups can log police complaint against them or raise peaceful protest. There is no reason you should take law in your hand.
    I guess, police has arrested Muzammil Pasha & his team members. I think police should ask them to compensate the damage.

    1. if you see the video he was saying maintain the law and order – but still police arrested due to high command order. hope you understand. if you power even if you do wrong still you will win

  2. Muslims at present should be more fierce , the burden of secularism has bent the spine . RSS tests the ground every now and then and we try to adjust through the new test . the only answer to this propaganda to be countered is organised resistance …….

  3. Secular Hindu, In that case that also applies to cow vigilantes, who lynch people on roads, they need to log police complaint or raise peaceful protest. they also need to compensate to those families of whom they lynched the bread winners, there is no reason they should take law in there hands, this can only stop if there is justice served to the culprits, regardless of religion and cast. all secular Hindus, who really care about india and its future should stop supporting the hate mongers and stand with the victims of hate, No Nation can be build with hatred against any community or religion, hate and intolerence is on its peak during the last few years, its time to unite against politicians who just want to divide and rule and not ask any question about the jobs or economy or development, the only people gets benefit out of all these chaos are the goons.

  4. Be humans, grow up guys… Religions are a WAY OF LIFE…. that’s all. Dont fight on god name think twice before doing something and always go with legal actions.

    1. Agree with you, we need to go legal route and make our judiciary strong to make the right decisions and uphold the values of the constitution, Indians(any religion or cast) as a nation needs to condemn every act of terrorism and vigilantism or else we all play in the hands of the politicians, who creates fear and hatred among the cultures and societies and also mistrust between even neighbours who stayed together for years peacefully and celebrated festivals as extended families, the consequence of such hatred would be a recipe for disaster and only the elite with muscle and money power will utilise for there benefits. any one who supports the divide and rule policy is working for some agenda and self interest and does not consider the well being of the society or even humanity. there should be youth groups and anyone from any religion should be allowed and participate as volunteers to provide support to the local communities specially to the weakest and poorest of the society specially after covid economical distress, political parties are there just to garner votes and make all the financial gains for themselves of there families or there goons, they are using there paid workers(muslims, hindus or anyone else) to weaken the society.

  5. Nowadays, people on instagram, facebook and all the other social media platforms, posts against Prophet Mohammed (SAW). It really boils our bloods. But, Sabr (Patience) is the key. InshaAllah, all these people will be punished by the only just (true) and the only true judge, the only Rab. Our Rab, Allah.
    The day will soon come, when everyone will realize what they were doing was wrong.

  6. I have seen a video of burned police station, a pity cat was searching her four kids, all four kids of cat were burned in Bangalore police station. A innocent animal lost her kids. Who is responsible of this crime? The person who posted hatred comments or the mob, who burned police station?
    Similarly Moqbool Hussein, a artist painted nude pictures of Hindus goodness, how many Muslim opposed him?
    It is fact that Muslim population became intolerant Worldwide and Rohingya Muslims of Mynmar did same in their country and lived burned several policemen. Now Govt. started action against them, they started crying. It is quite astonished that They did not enter Chin, just head of 150 Km and moved to India and Bangladesh around 500 or more Km as refugee.

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