Israeli attack on Anadolu Agency office in Gaza draws condemnations

Anadolu Agency, Turkish aid organization's offices in Gaza Strip hit by Israel - Daily Sabah

ANKARA : Reactions and condemnations against the Israeli attack on Anadolu Agency’s office in Gaza continued to pour in on Sunday.

Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, “strongly condemned the dastardly airstrike”, according to his written statement.

“This act of terror has displayed the nefarious agenda of the Israeli occupation forces as they continue their human rights violations against innocent civilians, civil agencies and the media working in the occupied territory of Palestine,” Khan stressed.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir, a Muslim-majority Himalayan region, is held by India and Pakistan in parts and claimed by both in full. A small sliver of the region is also held by China.

Chairman of Lebanese Editors Syndicate Joseph al-Qasifi also told Anadolu Agency on Sunday that the Israeli attack against Anadolu Agency office in Gaza was conducted under cover of the U.S.

Condemning the attack, al-Qasifi said it is a continuity of Israel’s repeated attacks against the press.

He added that Israel had done a massacre in Qana village in southern Lebanon in 1996 and made pressure against the international media to prevent the massacre being heard.

Turkey’s Vatan (Patriotic) Party Chairman Dogu Perincek, speaking to Anadolu Agency, condemned the attack. He also called Anadolu Agency Director General Senol Kazanci and expressed his sadness.

Hak- Is Trade Union Confederation of Turkey President Mahmut Arslan, in a written statement, said he “strongly condemns” the attack of “Israeli terror state” against Anadolu Agency office.

“The attack against Anadolu Agency and its workers, is an attack against free press and the freedom of masses to be informed,” Arslan stressed.

No reaction from EU countries on Israel’s attack on AA office in Gaza, except Greece

Turkey’s Committee on EU Harmonization Chairman and ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party lawmaker Mehmet Kasim Gulpinar told Anadolu Agency that there was no reaction against the attack from the EU countries except Greece.

Gulpinar said they were not surprised by the silence of the EU countries.

“Unfortunately, we are always facing this double standard everyday. Frankly, we are not expecting a surprise statement,” he stressed.

On Saturday, Israeli warplanes hit the building in Gaza where Anadolu Agency’s office was located with at least five rockets after warning shots.

No injuries or death were reported, but the building was destroyed.

Founded in 1920, Anadolu Agency currently produces news in 13 languages and serves 6,000 subscribers in 93 countries, with at least 3,000 employees stationed in 100 countries.

On a daily basis, Anadolu Agency publishes an average of 1,600 stories, 2,300 photos, six infographics, and 400 videos, and airs 15 live broadcasts.

* Gulsen Topcu from Beirut, Metin Girgin from Turkey’s Kocaeli, Cuma Sari from Turkey’s Sanliurfa contributed to this story.AA

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