Jaipur’s Rabbani SS School to upgrade to college level, spread wings: Maulana Mujaddidi

Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Fazlur Rahim Mujaddidi, Rector of  Jamea-Tul-Hidaya, Jaipur, delivering key-note address at the annual  u201CAchievement & Award Ceremony-2014u201D of Imam Rabbani Public School at  Jaipur.
Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Fazlur Rahim Mujaddidi, Rector of Jamea-Tul-Hidaya, Jaipur, delivering key-note address at the annual Achievement & Award Ceremony of Imam Rabbani Public School at Jaipur.

By Pervez Bari, MM News,

Bhopal, 18 December 2014: Since the secret of development of Indian Muslims is hidden in acquiring modern education in a systematic manner the management of Imam Rabbani Public School at Jaipur has decided to upgrade it from senior secondary school to college level while opening more branches of this English medium school to widen the area of its activities.

Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Fazlur Rahim Mujaddidi, Rector of Jamea-Tul-Hidaya, Jaipur, made this announcement  while delivering key-note address at the annual “Achievement & Award Ceremony-2014” of Imam Rabbani Public School earlier this month at Jaipur. On the occasion he announced branches of Imam Rabbani Public School would be established soon in Lucknow, Farrukhabad and other towns of Uttar Pradesh.

It may be pointed out here that the Imam Rabbani Public School is run by Jamea-Tul-Hidaya of Jaipur under the patronage of its Rector Maulana Fazlur Rahim Mujaddidi.

Tariq Munir, Chief of Protocol, Govt. of Rajasthan,  presenting award to a meritorious student.
Tariq Munir, Chief of Protocol, Govt. of Rajasthan, presenting award to a meritorious student.

Zaved Maniar, Chairman, Everest Ices Ltd, Leicester (UK) was the chief guest on the occasion. Aqeel Ahmed, Joint Secretary Minority Affairs Department, Govt. of Rajasthan; S.S. Shah, Joint Director Industries, Govt. of Rajasthan and Tariq Munir, Chief of Protocol, Govt. of Rajasthan; were guests of honour in the function. On the occasion prizes and awards were presented to meritorious students for the session 2013-14. Ms Samarah while delivering welcome address said that moving forward unitedly is not only the beginning but it is evidence of success also.

Meanwhile, Zaved Maniar, who was the chief guest on the occasion, was honoured with Commitment Award. It may be mentioned here that the ancestors of Zaved for last hundred years have been proactive in the field of education.

Maulana Mujaddidi further in his address, while making a Power Point presentation on the occasion, said that in the prevailing era wherein commercialisation of education has taken place providing modern education to the progenies of Muslims is a big challenge which has to be addressed to by all means. As such to modernize Madarsa Education System, in 1976 the foundation stone of Madarsa Jamea-Tul-Hidaya was laid, including infrastructure for technical and modern education. It was a revolutionary step in the field of Islamic education taken by a well known Islamic scholar as well as a great priest Hazrat Maulana Mohammed Abdur Rahim Mujaddidi. This great idea was introduced by Hazrat Maulana Mohammed Hidayat Ali Mujaddidi (a great priest of his era) 75 years ago , and Hazrat Maulana Mohammed Abdur Rahim Mujaddidi gave it a practical shape, who planted that sapling and then fed it with his sweat, tears and blood.

In 1986 Madarsa Jamea-Tul-Hidaya started its full-fledged academic system and was the first to introduce computer education in the institution. Thereafter, realising the need of primary and secondary level of modern education, a new trust named “Maulana Abdur Rahim Educational Trust” was formed. This Trust started a series of English medium Imam Rabbani Public School which has now become an important landmark of providing quality education to youths of Muslim Ummah, he said.

Maulana Mujaddidi said that it is believed that Muslims cannot become part of national development in the country until and unless community’s proper representation in government jobs and civil services. Muslims have absolutely negligible representation in the Civil Services. The need of the hour is honest and unbiased Civil Servants. Realising this Crescent Academy (www.cacademy.org) was established which is a division of Maulana Abdur Rahim Educational Trust. It was established with a vision of providing proper guidance and training to the Civil Services aspirants with special emphasis on creating a sound academic environment.

It goes without saying that the civil servants play a pivotal role in shaping up the course of the country. It is, therefore, the primary objective of the academy to prepare students for cracking this examination along with inculcating in them moral and human values so that they may prove themselves as unbiased, humane and efficient bureaucrats and administrators, the Maulana stated.

He informed that 125 students IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, judges and state civil servants have successfully passed out from the Crescent Academy and joined various Civil Services up till now. He revealed that in order to multiply results it has been decided to establish a second centre for Crescent Academy in north campus at Delhi which is expected to cost around Rs.50 lakhs. Currently the academy is being run in a small rented portion of a building in coaching hub of Bare Sarai near old campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University wherein hardly two batches of 30 students each can be accommodated. He appealed to the people to extend their help in establishing the second centre of the academy. He said he can be contacted on e-mail IDmfazlurrahim@yahoo.com for further details.

Speaking further he expressed the view that Human Development definition changes with time. The basic needs in the 20th Century were: Roti, Kapra aur Makaan. However, in the 21st Century these have transformed and now are: Decent Meals (Nutrition), Pukka House with Electric, Safe Drinking Water, Quality Education, Health Care & Economic participation.


Maulana Mujaddidi lamented the Muslim community has fewer number of NGO’s working for the empowerment and social uplift of the community. He suggested to save the energy of the Muslims from sentimental issues and concentrate more on socio-economic development while creating more and more community based NGOs.





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