Jamaat Islami announces supports for secular candidates urges govt to stop witch-hunting of Muslim youths


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By Muslim Mirror News,

New Delhi: Describing the ensuing general elections as “a clear war between secularism and fascism”, the largest organization of Indian Muslims has announced on Saturday that it will extend support to those candidates across the country who are in position to defeat fascist forces.   At a press conference here, the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has issued its first list of 72 candidates belonging to different political parties including the debutant Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

Cautioning the countrymen about the perils of fascism, JIH secretary general Nusrat Ali said the fascist forces are not leaving any stones unturned to grab the power at Center in the elections. “Do not vote for BJP or any other ally of National Democratic Alliance because whoever is with BJP and NDA is either ‘communal or supporter of communal forces,” he added.

 Meanwhile, the AAP has got a boost in the Capital after JIH announced that it would extend support to the three candidates on East Delhi, West Delhi and North West Delhi seats and remaining  other four  seats will be announce shortly. When asked about the criteria of selection of candidates, Nusrat Ali said: “We took feedback from our local units and directly reached out to considerable number of people before taking the decision for announcement.”  He made it clear that it would not support any political party per se, yet will back candidates on the basis of his or her secular credentials.”This election is a clear war between secularism and fascism. If BJP comes to power, it will not be good for the country. The idea of India will weaken if fascist forces take hold of the power at the Centre,” emphasized Nusrat Ali. Asked about Jamaat’s criteria of secular and communal parties, he quipped that:  “On the basis of philosophy, agenda and strategy of a political party, we consider it communal or secular. Apart from BJP, Shiv Sena and some others like them, have divisive and hateful philosophy and agenda. We have lots of grievances against Congress, but as a party it is not communal.”

While strongly pitching for defeating BJP, the Jamaat equally criticized the secular parties for their ‘soft’ approach in taking on communal forces. Engineer Mohammad Salim, Jamaat spokesperson, on the occasion also expressed concern over the recent spurt of arrests of Muslim youths in the name of, what police say, dismantling Rajasthan module of Indian Mujahideen. He alleged that both the Congress and the BJP are trying to make electoral benefit out of these arrests. “As many as 22 Muslim youths from Delhi and Rajasthan were arrested on terror charges and a revered religious leader Maulana Abdul Qavi  was arrested from Delhi airport that clearly show political motivation behind these arrest.” He alleged that Maulana Qavi was arrested by some agencies under concocted charges as the contradictions in the charges levelled by NIA and the Special Cell of Delhi Police can be clearly discerned. He warned that such indiscriminate arrest gives rise to the feeling that innocents are being hounded and real culprits of terrorism are roaming freely. On the eve of elections, he alleged, fresh spree of arrests is meant to favour certain political parties at the hustings. The JIH has demanded that the government should rein in security agencies and stop witch-hunting of Muslim youths forthwith.


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