Jamaat-e-Islami Hind comes out with Peoples’ Manifesto ahead of Parliamentary Elections

Leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind releasing Peoples’ Manifesto

By MM News

New Delhi, 13 March : Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has released a Peoples’ Manifesto for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections at the Press Club of India. Addressing the media, thePresident of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari said: “we plan to reach out and meet various political parties and important stakeholders and will urge them to treat it as a ‘Charter of Demands’ to be included in their election manifesto.Jamaat has always ensured towards value-based politics and to promote the idea of welfare state with the true spirit democracy through justice, liberty, equality and fraternity’’. At the beginning of the program the JIH Secretary General, Muhammad Salim Engineer briefed the press on certain salient features of the Peoples’ Manifesto which include:

To ensure human rights’ protection and equal opportunity for all, the following should be included in the action agenda of every political party, committed to welfare and progress of people.

  1. Provision of basic necessities for all citizens. They include clean air, water, food, clothing, house, education, health care, clean environment and life of dignity.
  1. Protection of all citizens, and in particular weaker sections (such as the poor, women, Muslims and deprived segments) against injustice, aggression, mob violence, state violence and communal bias.
  1. Muslim Personal Law is increasingly under attack from misguided elements. Religious and cultural identity of Muslims and their cultural rights are being targeted. Specific measures should be taken in this regard to safeguard the Muslims within a constitutional frame work.
  1. Comprehensive healthy development of all regions and sections, with particular attention to marginalized regions, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, Muslims, rural population and deprived sections.
  1. Protection of religious, linguistic and cultural rights of minorities, various linguistic groups and cultural entities. This implies protection of personal law, places of worship and other religious places.
  1. Indian Muslims are a deprived lot, it is necessary to provide reservation for them. Hence the Ranganath Mishra Committee’s report should be implemented. Reservation for all minorities should be provided in education and jobs. Among such reserved positions; two third should be marked for Muslims.
  1. Recommendations made by National police commission should be followed. Comprehensive reformative measures should be initiated to revamp the police. 25 per cent reservation for minorities. Recommendations about police, made by National minority commission should also be implemented.
  1. Sachar committee recommendations should be implemented in letter and spirit. In welfare schemes, a ‘Muslim component plan’ should be invariably included.
  1. Cultural identity of each community needs to be protected. State machinery and political establishment should abide by universal moral values. Such an attitude on their part would restore people’s faith in the governing apparatus. It would lead to greater cooperation with people.
  1. Interest free banking should be introduced in the banking sector. Dr. Raghu Ram Rajan had headed the subcommittee of planning commission, which had debated financial sector reforms. In accordance with its recommendations, interest free banking activity (based on profit sharing) should be permitted.

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind here by presents this manifesto to voters as well as political parties, with great hopes. The document reflects genuine feelings of people and invites political parties to ensure better and principled governance. The Jamaat does not contest elections itself but in view of their importance, it reminds people as well as their representatives of their crucial role at this juncture.


  1. Wonderful and complete manifesto by Jamaate Islami Hind!
    But regretful is noone even ready to read it, forget implement it!
    Rights have to be fought for, Indian Muslims need to go to Courts and also run for elections to become lawmakers themselves to change their condition and discrimination…
    15% reservation needs implementation immediately as suggested by Sachar Commission for backward neglected Muslim community in education, government and private jobs… to achieve social Justice…

      • Indian Muslims are more than 20 crores, we sacrificed too much in the freedom struggle and we are not going anywhere!
        We will fight for our rights, and you Manuwadi RSS racists can also go to your favourite Hell…

    • First you demanded for Country,,,,
      Made the Country in to pieces and painfully We gave that,,,,
      Eventhough we wont force you to shift to your own assaigned country, instead we gave you food and shelter, good education, and good living situation. more over we gave You reservation for Jobs and education.The number of minorites in country assigned for you became 1.26 % from 32% and your population in India rose from 3 to 19% .Now your population became vote banks and now You are demanding political parties to increase your reservation,,, fighting against state to get freedom of Kashmir, implementation of Shari Eth.
      I didn’t understand, how you can be this much cruel and selfish. I heard that Eslam is the religion of peace. What kind of Islam you people are representing?????


      • Where did you get the weed you are smoking?
        IT cell bhakt, please write something that educated Indian citizens can verify and understand!

  2. There is not much alternative to false narrative of bikau media today.
    So Jamaat Leaders need to speak urgently to Kejriwal in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi in other places, Owaisi-KCR in Telangana, Prakash Ambedkar in Maharashtra, Akhilesh-Mayawati in UP, Mamata in West Bengal, Shah Faisal in Kashmir, left parties in Kerala,etc and get “written promise of manifesto” first alongwith Bahujan, Christians, Sikhs and OBCs.
    If they agrees , everyone should support with 100% voting for preventing fascist forces from further destroying Indian Constitution drafted by Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar sahab…
    Also no more draconian anti-terrorism law and sedition law against citizens on false charges without any solid proof…
    This is last chance to remove unjust EVMs and also safeguard Constitution by bringing together anti-hatred Humanitarian leaders and parties.
    Let bygones be bygones ! Look at future,—-everyone can improve for better, provided informed citizens can provide direction, non-criminal and good companionship to our leaders!


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