Jamaat Islami rejects declaration of ‘Islamic Caliphate’ in Iraq

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

By Muslim Mirror News,

New Delhi: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has rejected the declaration of ‘Islamic Caliphate’ in Iraq and Syria by the resistance group ISIS saying it has no basis in Islam. Addressing a ‘daawat-e-iftar’ on Saturday at the Jamaat Headquarters here, Ameer (president), Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari said the announcement of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, under the name “caliph Ibrahim” as Caliph has nothing to with Islam. “We totally reject it and cannot support it because whatever is happening in Iraq is not to be related with Islam. He said Iraq is witnessing internal turmoil and for this present Maliki government is solely responsible.  He said Islam has set some certain principles for selecting a Caliph and the declaration of a so-called Islamic caliphate by extremists triggering insurgency in Syria and Iraq violates shariah law.

Earlier, Egyptian Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is based in Qatar, has also declared Al –Baghdadi’s  caliphate as ‘void under Sharia’.

Ameer Jamaat also criticized those Indian Muslim groups which have been trying to send Muslim youths to Iraq for fighting along with Iraqi forces.  He said it is not a prudent and practical step as well as against the laws of land. He rubbished the idea of sending youths to Iraq against the trained fighters.

On the safe return of Indian nurses to India, Maulana Jalaludduin Umari said it smashed the propaganda that nurses were made ‘sexual objects’ by the ISIS fighters.  “Nurses themselves told the media that they were not kidnapped and they treated us like sisters”.  He said the government should also focus on bringing back remaining workers from Iraq.

16 thoughts on “Jamaat Islami rejects declaration of ‘Islamic Caliphate’ in Iraq

  1. First of all,who and what is Jamaat e Islami?
    Is it legal to form jamaats in islam?
    Allah says in the Quran,be not divided among yourselves,and hold the rope of Allah.
    Allah also says,” o prophet,if anyone makes sects in islam,you have nothing to do with them,Allah will look after his affairs in the hereafter.

    So now there is no Credibilty of Jamaat e Islami whatsover to talk about islam,if they wish to then they shall dissolve their firqa,which they are not going to do at any cost.Now why Jamaat e Islami is not to be followed is because late maulana maudidi had spoken so many controversial statements.
    1) he says that Imaam Mahdi As and his story of yajooj and mahooj is just an afsana,i.e, a story and far far from reality.
    he also asks everyone that,in this age of modernity if yajooj and mjooj were available we could hve seem them thru satellities.
    2) if anyone asks from the dead by standing on the graves,his imaaan is still not corrupted.
    whats a statement is this? Is this man in proper senses? He is encouraging shirk?
    3) there are many
    just type tauseef ur rahman on jamaat e islami on youtube,you can watch the reality of the game mr maudidi played with the ummah.

    1. Irafanddin ! How can you say that Jamaat e Islami is a firqa while Jamaat has been formed to propagate Islam in true form as per Quran and ahadeesth and for Tabligh. Jamaat has been formed as per Qur’an & Sunnah.. As per Qur’aan & Sunnat, we must form Jamaat for Tableegh & Amar bil’ maaroof and Nahi al munker..
      Have you read any book of Maulana Syed Abul Aala Maudoodi Alaih Rahma..? Have you ever checked the credibility of what is said or written against him. Do you have any evidence to prove what you said about him except this biased & hatred speech full with lies, don’t forget at the day of judgement you would be asked about this allegations. May Allah guide you. In Jamaat you can find the muslims from all fiqah & maslak.. Do you know what is a firqa ?

      1. Brother Irfanuddin, you are spot on hitting the nail on fake Jamate-Islami hind.

        The fact is like Muslim Brotherhood and Tableeghi Jamaat, Jamat-e-Islami is a Shia backed organization with a Sunni mask.

        Just like Muslim Brotherhood and Tableeghi Jamaath, Jamate Islami financed and controlled by Rafidhi Shias of Iran – would also get funding from Saudi Arabia and hence would project itself as a Muslim organization.

        Ask those people belonging to these three Shia organizations with a Sunni mosque as to:

        1. Whether they believe in Sufi ideology or oppose sufi ideology?

        2. Whether they believe in Wahdathe Wujood or Allah being everywhere proposed by Sufi Satan Ibn Arabi or they are opposing it?

        3. Whether they opposed Shia holocaust of Muslims in Syria or supported it?

        4. Whether they supported Muslims in Iraq, Syria and Middle-east or Shias in Iran, Syria and Middle-east?

        Answers to these questions would clearly reveal these people belonging to Muslim Brotherhood, Tableeghi-Jamaat, jamaate Islami would be evasive – as they are following Shia Sufi ideology.

    2. Irfaan jamaat e islami have no masliak all maslak that are proved by hadith it is right according to jamaat i.e no firqa

  2. irfanuddin, forget about Jamate islami.
    ISIS’ caliphate cannot be accepted, as that is built by Zionists and american money & weapons are used to build this fake caliphate.
    Everyone is aware who financed and provided weapon to these rebels in Syria. Zionists are once again using Extreme sects (like ISIS) against muslims.

  3. Irfanuddin from where you got this idea about jamaat & maulana maududi? Have you ever checked the credibility of what is said or written against him. Do you have any evidence to prove what you said about him except this biased & hatred speech full with lies, don’t forget at the day of judgement you would be asked about this allegations. May Allah guide you. & for this so called caliphet of Isis I fully agree with Hyderabad.

  4. @irfanuddin: Brother irfanuddin is just a blind follower of a person named Tauseefurahman. I have seen the video and when i researched to confirm his claims, realized the lies and exaggeration Tauseefurahman spreads against the prominent and famous personalities. Dear brothers please verify and research what you believe and spread. This is the Islamic way not blind following.

    1. aatif you are correct . mr tauseef ur rehman the person is i think in some place right but in the case of jamaat e islami he have no prove
      tauseef ur rehman is thinking for only his profit

  5. Likes of Maududi and MS Golwalker will lead to a blind world. preachers of hatred has hell as their final resting place

    1. From which planet you are and what are your credentials,maududi was a great intellectual,when and where did he teach hate,infact he was against partition of india.Keep your idiocy confined to corner of your room.

  6. You are free to like his ideology but the reality stands that Taliban and Al Qaeda is a genesis of his ideology. Everyone has a right to live, be it Ahmadis, Bohris, Shias, Sunnis or ….., it’s not that Allah has given only Maududi the right to live in this world. See his stand and writings on the persecutions of the Ahmadis and the minorities in Pakistan. In terms of Intellect Golwalker stands much taller than him. If he was such an intellect why is it that the most relied Islamic school “DEOBAND” had to issue fatwa against him. Even RSS/ Hindu Mahasabha was against the partition.

    1. Maulana maududi is a revered figure in the arab world not for nothing,taliban is a creation of pakistan and al qaeda is the result of western hypocrisy,if mischief in the name of Ahmediya was being spread,that too in a islamic state he could not have stood silent.Not to forget that he translated holy quran.

  7. Those who are pointing Maududi & JIH must note that their are an ideology-based people. They have a goal. That is, to practice Islam fully in its truest sense(Please note truest sense is something you don’t know & neither media or internet would be able to show you, you must read & learn about Islam, it’s holy book Qur’an & the life of Prophet & the subsequent kingdoms of many a muslims across the centuries and try to connect the scriptures and real happenings, take commonalities, leave conflicts between them and find out the truest sense!!! Mind-blogging though !!!)
    Now, if someone cannot or have no sense of liberation to a human or an entity to do so, please take a pill of water & re-think if you are!!!

  8. Mr. Blind,
    JIH and many more likes of Maududi ideology is power very much alike Taliban in the name of religion. Their ideology led to the mass killings of more than 2.5 million bengali muslims in Bangladesh, but the killings are taken by the Muslim/Islamic jamaats as though it never happened. The same ideology has created an organisation named ISIL now and Taliban 15 years back. You will not feel the pain, but those people whose people are dying in the bomb blasts in pakistan and India will feel it. A muslim if giving a blind eye to an ideology which propagates hatred is a party to it, and will have to answer on the judgement day…. be aware of it.

  9. you must have any prove . if you have no prove than to point any body is wrong . you must have a prove . otherwise allah will ask you in the of qayamah

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