Jammu Massacre: A forgotten story of how over 2 lakh Muslims were killed in Jammu which led to Kashmir issue


By Muslim Mirror Staff,

After the Partition of India, during October–November 1947 in the Jammu region of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, a large number of Muslims were massacred and others driven away to West Punjab. The killings were carried out by extremist Hindus and Sikhs, aided and abetted by the forces of the Dogra State headed by the Maharaja Hari Singh. The activists of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) played a key role in planning and executing the riots.

In November 1947, thousands of Muslims were massacred in Jammu region by mobs and paramilitaries led by the army of Dogra ruler Hari Singh. The exact number of casualties in the killings that continued for two months is not known but Horace Alexander’s article on 16 January 1948 in The Spectator is much quoted; he put the number killed at 200,000 and nearly half million forced into displacement across the border into the newly created nation of Pakistan and its administered part of Kashmir.

“The immediate impact (of partition) was in Jammu. The Muslim subjects from different parts of Jammu province were forcibly displaced by the Dogra Army in a programme of expulsion and murder carried out over three weeks between October-November 1947,” Idrees Kanth, a fellow at International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, who researched the 1940s history of Kashmir, told Al Jazeera.

In mid-October, the Dogra Army troops began expelling Muslim villagers from Jammu province. The refugees were sent on foot toward West Punjab (later to form part of Pakistan), where most were accommodated in refugee camps in the districts of Sialkot, Jhelum, Gujrat and Rawalpindi.

On November 5, Kanth said, the Dogra Army soldiers began another organised evacuation of the Muslims but “instead of taking them to Sialkot, as they had been promised, the trucks drove them to forest hills of Rajouri districts of Jammu, where they were executed”.

The Muslims, who constituted more than 60 percent of the population of Jammu region, were reduced to a minority after the killings and displacement. To quote a 10 August 1948 report published in The Times, London: “2,37,000 Muslims were systematically exterminated – unless they escaped to Pakistan along the border – by the forces of the Dogra State headed by the Maharaja in person and aided by Hindus and Sikhs. This happened in October 1947, five days before the Pathan invasion and nine days before the Maharaja’s accession to india.” Reportedly, as a result of the massacre/migration, Muslims who were a majority (61 per cent) in the Jammu region became a minority.


  1. Bitter brutal Truth, as per wishes of RSS has to be hidden away from history pages, because public memory is short…and they keep harping of few ‘displaced’ Kashmiri Pandits!
    Also check out around 2 lakh of Muslim citizens lives massacred by army ( independent figures… wikipedia) in Operation Polo (Police Action) in 1948 by Sardar Vallabbhai Patel, for which he is being honoured with massive statue in the Gujarat state …..which also massacred so many Muslim Indians in the rss pogrom.

    Gandhiji was killed by Nathuram Godse on 30 Jan 1948 and later Hyderabad Police Action genocide was executed in September 1948!

    For safeguarding the nation’s secular fabric, like-minded sincere citizens need to put in all efforts against electronic EVM match-fixing.

  2. India tried for 7 decades to hide the truth about the fraud and the invasion euphemistically called accession, through doordarshan and other telemedia, but failed to hide the truth. Indian brutal invasion of Jammu and Kashmir is an open secret now.

    • No hiding Dr.
      Had this been Myanmar, it would have taken them 7 days to solve the headache what you call fraud.

      Russian would have taken may be 8 days to solve accession issue as they did in Chechnya.

      Serbia would have taken may be 10 days to permanently solve Azadi Issue

      China has patience as it believes that a particular way of life is a mental disease and may take few extra months to resolve it.

      India is slow.. 70 years for for few 5 southern districts of Kashmir and not even northern Kashmir, or Ladakh or Jammu. Indians are not hurry and nor is world. Kashmir gives india $50 Billion annual budget.. lot of defense jobs, production and technology transfer, Raffaeles, Bofors Curruption Money, no country wants to cross path with India because they wish to sell their hardware. In few years this defense budget will be $100 Billion annually..how much clout India will have then. India’s enemy thought it was giving 1000 cuts to India is in bankruptcy now..begging from nation to nation. And,It all thanks to Kashmiri Azadi. So India is not hurry.. even for 700 years.

      By the way, if Azadi does happen and few districts go to Pakistan then Pakistan will also receive 200 WIILING NON- PUNJABI SPEAKING MUSLIMS LIVING IN INDIA. Sorry no Gandhi or Nehru today to keep Muslims in India. Now can Pakistan feed them, bathe them and willing to change its Punjabi dominated Demographics. No one in Pakistan is saying today that Kashmir Beneyga Pakistan. No one.. Pakistan today just was to solve ‘Issue’ as it now a ‘Human Rights’ issue for them. Pakistan is NOT willing to accept 200 Million Muslims Brothers and Sisters presently living in India to help solve Kashmir issue.

      Dr. It is a Muslim Ban Era and learn what your books won’t tell you: Kafir Retaliate..the way they did after Godera in Gujarat in 2002.
      Don’t be delusional.. do a ground reality check.


      • Anonymous

        Your hatred against Muslims just shows you what a bitter ugly individual you are and what cowards your people are.

        You hindu extremists only ever get brave when you vastly outnumber your targets. You cowards never fight one against one. You don’t have the heart or the ability or the courage to fight. You are bitter envious jealous people. Whilst Muslim countries are developing around the world, 50% of indians dont even have toilets. You people defecate on the streets, you live in slums, filthy backwards people with a filthy backwards caste system thats thankfully slowly being eradicated.

        Its because of people like you that Muslims bravely fought for independence and carved out two large chunks of india, what we now have as Pakistan and Bangladesh. Two wonderful countries where you pathetic weak cowardly hindu extremists cannot do anything to these Muslims.

        The Muslims have 61 Muslim majority states globally. Most of these are well developed, beautiful countries, beautiful people, beautiful cultures, from Turkey to Pakistan to Dagestan to African Muslim states, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Chechnya, just a few of many. The men and women are beautiful, beautiful fair skinned light haired green eyed Muslim women of the Caucases to the stunningly beautiful dark skinned Muslim women of Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, to the warrior men of Dagestan, Chechnya, Saudi, Afghanistan, Pakistan. We have a wonderful global Muslim family of two billion Muslims. What do you indians have? Slum, poverty, backwards caste, jealous ugly petty weak cowardly men.

        Show me any succesful indian hindus in the world of combat sports? There are none. Why? because where its a fair fight, the hindu cowards cannot survive. It must be embarassing being from such a weak culture and mocked and ridiculed so widely for being so weak.

        The Muslim world will continue to grow and have success. We dominate large parts of the world. Even in the west, in the UK, Europe and USA, more and more Muslims are being elected. Millions of non-Muslims see the beauty of Islam and are converting to Islam. Whilst hindus are mocked for their harai ram dancers, running corner shoos and being cleaners.

        You Hindu extremists will never dominate Muslims. Never. Even after 700 years of trying you will fail.

        • Do not worry brave Muslim. Every thing you say is in History.. you and I were not there. You and I are here now and what we see Muslim Ban Era. Bush, Putin, Aung Sui, Xi, Modi and Isreali way of treating Muslim. Your book tells you many things but it says nowhere that Kafir will retaliate. And that is your problem. You call me and non Muslims Kafir. And that is hate. All your bravery is in History.. all I have seen in my lifetime is Muslim crying for human rights, saying excessive force, chanting UNO everywhere.

          You have carved two countries Pakistan and Bangladesh.. this where you belong. A little push could have made India a Muslim free country in 1947. No we don’t like you here. No Non-muslim countries wants you. If referendum is held today in India to ‘Help’ Muslim by knocking at their doors to move to their beloved, beautiful countries such as Pakistan or Bangladesh with toilets and food,it will overwhelming pass in India. You are nothing but pests.

          • Anonymous please tum is bewakoof khab malik ko khab dekhte rehne do. Usko to apne ghamand main ek din marna hi hai. Mar to rahe hain aur khud hi ek doosre ko mar rahe hain. Marne do. Bewakoofon se kya baat karna?

          • You say now is a Muslim “ban era”? Realy? Lol

            Londons mayor Sadiq Khan is a devout Muslim.

            Britains home secretary Sajid Javed is Muslim.

            We have many Muslims elected to Britains parliament including Naz Shah MP, Ayesha Khan MP, Sayeeda Warsi MP amongst many others.

            Even in America there have been 2 Muslims elected to the Senate this week.

          • @Anonymous
            Isn’t it strange that Muslims who built modern day India, unified it, and made India what it is – are being labelled pests!!
            Under Muslims, India was the richest country in the world. Highest GDP.
            Under Nehrus and trash politicians like Modi, you are not even in the top 100 in terms of income per capita.
            Please get real. Muslims and Islam is the best thing that happened to India. It globalised an inherently backward society.
            Not to say that India was always backward. There are times – especially two millenia ago – when India had a glorious culture and civilisation. But ask yourself whether you are a true and deserving descendant of those great people.

      • What he is saying is 200% correct.
        We Muslim should ask help from THE CREATOR & UNITE & stop creating FIRKEY & if Muslim can’t open there eyes and brain NOW ALSO THAN lanat hai Musalmano me

    • Abey yaar! Now someone will come up with an article ki 150 years ago, prior to Hari Singh what the pathans did to originally Hindu Kashmiris. During partition, there were massive riots. No one debates that. And your so called buffoonery about azadi, understand this that Gilgit Baltistan had begun the anti Kashmir movement because they consider Kashmiris to be buffoons. That’s how that region got separated. Just look at the map. Gilgit region is called Gilgit only and not azad Kashmir.

  3. By the way, by operation POLO, Hyderabad was cleared off of Pakistanis and Jihadists too by our Brave Soldiers in 1948.

    Now Muslims want Azadi in 5 Southern Districts in Kashmir. Now what will happen to Muslims living in India. There is Gandhi now and young Hindu population will not keep them in India. Hadiz Saeed lost over 30 family members in 1947 .. read his wikipedia.

    • Jisko jaana tha wo 1947 me Partition me chale gaye !
      Ab ye 30 crore Indian Muslim kahin nahin jaayenge, tum sabko business-class ticket bhi de do—tab bhi nahi !
      Hamare purkhon ki zameen haye, humne tum logon se kahin zyaada desh ke liye balidaan diya haye, aur hum garv se yaheen rahenge – Hindustaan me—jisko Baadshah Aurangazeb ne khoon–paseene se ek behtareen rashtra banaya tha !

  4. Show it to owaisi brothers who think that 20 crore Muslims can kill 1000 crore Hindus in 15 minutes if Police is removed.

    By the way, when does shop up then owaisi cry.

    • Anynymous you hindu coward carry on being brave on your computer. You hi du extremists are just bitter jealous individuals, and utter cowards who can never fight one against one. You bjp coward.

      • mr khabib… it is not about Hindu or Muslim. Do not become anti-social fringe element like the one you are replying to. I have many Hindu friends and these hate-filled blind bhakts are maximum only 5 to 10%. So in a democracy, stay close to moderate main-stream Hindus … as it is about living together peacefully and getting real progress for the nation.

    • Oye sikh sharam nahi ati un logo ko solidarity dikhate hue jinhone tumhare guruon ka unke jawan beton ka sir kata tha kyonki unhone aur Hinduon ne Islam kabool karne se mana kiya tha.

    • Sumeet we Muslims have a lot of love and respect for the Sikhs today in places like Pakistan.

      My Sikh friend and his family travelled to Dubai for a month Holiday and were given a lot of love and respect by Dubais Muslims.

    • Dear Sumeet, there is no need to apologise for past occurrences of ancestors.
      That is the habit of RSS to take unjust revenge for even fabricated injustices in the past!
      Guru Nanak had been to Mecca and met Sufis as well.
      We appreciate Sikh brethrens large-heartedness in helping everyone in calamities and giving charity of food to the needy!

    • Thank You Brother, Tha k You For ur Support and Protection of Kashmiris who are Targetted by Indian Hindus from different state.

  5. Respected brother Sumeet Singh ji,
    Brother, I appreciate your gesture but frankly you like others are not responsible for what your coreligionists did in the past. May God bless you what is best for you.

  6. Well
    I Agree we have Millions living under poverty in the d Slums…
    90% Of poor slum dwellers are Muslims.
    So If u Insist we are Ready to Send This Garbage To Pakistan…

    • Garbage is way better than pathetic, extermist Muslims. They are waste and parasites for the country!

      See the history and stats; it’s Muslims who are busy killing each other worldwide.

  7. Anonymous you are nothing but a hate filled hindu fanatic. You target Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. Do you know why? Because all these religions are stronger than yours.

    The Sikhs are a brave warrior people. Instead of respecting them, you have killed many over the years. The Golden Temple attack and the massacre of Sikhs was an utter disgrace carried out by hindu extremists. Uneducated, hideous hate filled people.

    We Muslims have no issue with Sikhs. Sikhs are respected in Pakistan.

    Look at all the efforts against Muslims by Satanyahu and chai wala Modi, modi even kissed the feet of Muslims in election time lol. No Muslim would EVER kiss the feet of a Hindu, even if it means being killed we will never do that.

    You say Muslim strength was in the past? Really?.The Afghans have defeated the Americans and Nato powers. The Iraqis kicked out the Americans. The Libyans kicked out Americas puppets. Even Chechnya now has an Islamic government under warrior Ramzan Khadirov. Iran is a powerful Muslim state that America cannot find the courage to attack.

    The world Muslim population is 2 billion. Muslim countries like UAE, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia are global tourist hotspots. I have visited many and they have millions of westerners coming to visit every year. Even Indias main tourist attraction is the Muslim built Taaj Mahal lol. However India now has a global reputation of being a rape country. Shameful india. Muslim businesses are thriving in the west. Halal Muslim currys are Britains number one favourite food.

    So live in your backwards hate filled bubble. We Muslims are thriving as a global community. And Indias Muslims are not going anywhere. They will continue to be successful, regardless of the efforts of jealous backwards hate filled skinny dark uneducated ugly bhil hindus.

  8. Who is this muslim mirror
    See ur face in mirror n then raise questions of massacre

    Its pakistan like kashmir is thinking to separate

    Muslims wanted pakistan they got it
    Indians wanted India they hv got it
    So u muslim mirror better behave and dont spread hatred here in india

    Go to he#$$$l

  9. My dear citizens of India.please please don’t fight on religion.We all are God’s creature.We all are brothers and Sisters.So remember “Hatred begets hatred, Love begets love.”
    We all have one devil with us in our hearts and brains.Never , never allow it to dominate your conscitiousness. How can we find time to hate, when we don’t have time to love.

    • Tell Muslims to stop calling and preaching hatred against non-Muslims by calling them “Kafirs”. Hatred is in there book which they follow. Remove the word Kafir, it is word which has inspired and reasoned Muslims to Kill and many a times commit massacre innocent nonbelievers or non Muslims all the time. This word is used to express hatred against other non Muslims in Mosques and in their Khutbas all the time. Just check youtube hate videos uploaded by Muslims and see how hatered and vemon is spread against non Muslims. If you ask Muslims why they call others Kafirs, they will give you explanation like Islam is peaceful religion but do not trust.. Kafir is used to express hatred only. It should be banned and no Muslim child should allowed to learn it. It just like the hateful word “Nigger” used in west to describe Blacks and led to many lynchings.

      Only in this week, in Melbourne, a Quran inspired Muslim knifed and Killed innocents because to him they were Kafirs, wajid qatal as is in their book.

      In China or in Myanmar..no Muslim can dare to say non Muslims Kafir.

    • You cannot really say that ‘We are all god’s creature !”, because when it comes to faith and believing there are people who believe in nothing. Atheist.

      You cannot just speak for all. You cannot impose your views on others even if you feel its right.

  10. We had been told kafirnin out books.until that pulwama attack I seriously had thought about it even in my primary days i never paid attention to this words.But amid crpf killings in pulwama and way my kashmiri brothers outside were coerced threatened and forced to leave and in many parts of india they were ruthlessly beaten,the reason being only they were all kashmiri.
    After that i realise yes my book can’t be wrong’kafir’ kabhie apna nahi hosakta and these goons and vigilantes proved that rightfully…

  11. This website only today came to my notice. It is of extremist wahabi ideology. And we would be pleased if pakistan is ready to accept gutter living population of millions who choose a religious book over earning skills book …….

  12. Kafir is word that is used by Allah(god)so we human being is not allowed or won’t be able to removed it from the Quran even there will not be a single Muslim left in this entire world no one could do so because the Quran is always protected by God.

  13. A kafir is a person who doesn’t follows his own religious rules and regulations. No matter what it may be his religion. If a Muslim is not following his religious code of conduct than he is a kafir. If a Hindu is not following his religious code of conduct than is as well a kafir. So, the problem in today’s society is nobody is following his religious codes and duties. I think most of the population in the world are kafirs. Whatever their respective religion may be. Because most of the population are not up to their religious code and conduct.


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