Janet Jackson converts to Islam, spotted wearing Islamic Abaya in Qatar

By Muslim Mirror News,

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

Qatar, June 23: Last month it was reported in US media that Hollywood superstar Janet Jackson is quitting the entertainment industry and is going to leave the country and will lead a Muslim life. Recently she was spotted in an Islamic Abaya in Qatar.

Rob Shuter who is columnist, talk show host, author and former editor of OK magazine told Fox 5 that Janet Jackson is moving to the Middle East and is converting to Islam. According to Shuter she had already married billionaire Wissam Al Mana, and she has become tired of the grueling entertainment industry.

Shuter further said ‘the pair got married last year in a very private ceremony, and they want to live a private life away from the paparazzi.’

Al Mana, a Qatar native, is involved in his family’s controlled Middle-East-based Al Mana Retail Group.

This is Janet’s third marriage.

Janet is the sister of legendary ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson. Her another sibling Jermaine Jackson had converted to Islam back in 1989 after a tour of middle east and become Muhammad Abdul-Aziz.

Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson

It was also reported in media in 2008 that the King of Pop had converted to Islam. Many newspapers also wrote that Michael Jackson was buried according to Islamic teachings and his elder brother Jermaine Jackson played important role in MJ’s conversion to Islam and his funerals.

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  1. Make dawa for muslims and non muslims. Because Quran reveiled for whole mankind. It is a guide line for whole humanity. Sunnah is how perform our everyday duty which Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him) practiced and ordered to practice.
    May Allah follow Quran and Sunnah.

      Blessing of ALLAH SWT on those who accept Islam & be good to all human being.
      People who curse Islam & Holy Prophet Mohammed(MSAS)
      will be cursed by ALLAH SWT & be destroyed.
      Anyway, I am very sad that Iraq ISIS are destroyig Shia schools & Mosques where Quran Karim must have been there.
      True Muslims cannot be destroyers though donot agree with Shia Teachings.Please you all read:
      There is a Book THE Quran & Science by DR. Mourice Bucaille & understand Holy quran on scientific evidence.
      Also Please learn a little of BIBLE & Vedas to respectfully
      argue with non Muslims: Psalm 91:4 8 10-12
      Clearly witness that Holy Isa (AS( Holy Jesus) was protected by ALLAH SWT & carried away by Angels.
      only a few days ago , when two Church Ladies came to my door to invite me to Church, welcoming them I opened my Door & asked them to wait & Then had a little chat:
      I am a believer in ONE GOD, Their Scientist Sir Isaac Newton also rejected the trinity & I told them to read the
      Psalm 91: 4-12 & ensure Holy Jesus was never crucified.
      They instantly referred to their Handy Bible & left wondering if I told them to the truth.
      To day I met an English man & an African ,and I poltily started a topic on Religion in a watch Shop where Holy Quran & other Islamic Books were freely given away.
      Both were curious & African gentleman alluded to (Baku Haram,) I said brother we all are brothers in humanity & Islam is not teaching about extortion or killing & then I quoted( Sura Kafirun) I was pleased then they took Books on Islam showing Interest & may be ALLAH willing accept

      • All muslims be aware of all thing:
        We hope to be forgiven by the mercy of ALLAH SWT & grant Jannah.
        To Educated aLLAH SWT will ask what you did for your LORD, they will reply we perfomrmed all the piety, ALLAH will say no. Because you have not invited others to Islam that is a bound duty of all Muslims.
        Invite tio Islam even through writing or canvassing for Islam is the only Religion of this vast Universe.

  2. I wish her all the best. She is an example for every one and also for those who are reading bible (book of Jesus) and thawra (book of Moses). ALLAH will forgive all her sins.

  3. Bein a muslim is the last best gift of allah.But many white arab muslims are hate black muslims.this means they are not true muslim but fake muslims.so,you white muslims believe in allah and quran so as to be true muslim of lovers of all fellow muslim with out any kind of discriminations. Almuslimakulmuslim!

  4. i am muslim @ i love islam verymuch

  5. I wishes her all the best, I am a muslim and I love islam

  6. Alhamdulillah.

  7. am overwhelmed with joy that Janet has converted to islam, i wish her all the best and Allah’s guidance

  8. Alhadulillah. We should know Qur’an was reviled for whole mankind not for only Muslim. So read Qur’an and Sun-nah and come under the shade of Islam.

  9. I great every muslem in the world i am a poor boy from cameroun an i will like to learn quran but i don’t have ways to do.please i am looking for some one who can help me janet you have done your best an allah wil like you to do more than you have done allah will like you to help the poor allah will like you to be friend with the person who don’t have a mother or a father if you do all that allah will take you amont the people of ajana

    • So are you implying that Janet will go to heaven if she helps you? Sound like you don’t need to learn the “karon”the book of life says blessed are the poor for the kingdom of Yahweh is there’s.

  10. A nigerian born Abbas heard the good news from a friend Aliyu Bunu that a respected sister janet accept islam as a truth religeon from thee Alhamdullih,I prayed for you Allah`s bleesing in your new matrimonial home.Remain bless

  11. mashallah I will pray for her may Allah give her everthing in life..and also I m aslo revert from hindu family but proud to be a muslim there is no God only Allah ya accept me has a muslim what to die has a good musilim pray for me my dear brother and sister your prayers is most important to me…..

    jazak Allah kharia

  12. MASHALLAH! More n more people are embracing the true deen. May she be blessed + her matrimonial home n also all the muslims n non muslims world wide, ameen.

  13. Please Dua for our Palestinian brothers, sisters & kids killed by coward Israeli air attack.

  14. This is stupid, that picture was taken over 3 years ago before she even got married.

  15. Aslm ya a yuhan muslim, we Nigerian we are pleasing to Muslim to pray for us in this month of Ramadan, may Allah destroy non muslin that killing our brothers and sisters in the name that they fighting victim of (boko haram).

  16. where is the peace in Islam, when over 80% of the conflicts in the world today is caused by this same religion.just look around and see how many that have died all because of the problem of Islam. I pray that God will open your eyes to know the truth.

    • @Brave,

      Dont write anything for the sake of writing or spreading the poison of Rashtriya Suwar Sangh.
      for your reference consider these facts and do some googling on these topics…I believe you will forget to operate the computer

      1) How many persons killed during the world war 1 (I believe muslims didn’t involved.
      2) How many persons killed during the world war 2 (I believe muslims didn’t involved.
      3) How many people killed during Vietnam war.
      4) Civil war in Srilanka.
      5) Violence by ULFA.
      6) People killed during various communist regimes.

  17. islam is not a religion of love nor hope.

  18. Anita why are Yu so jealous about Islam.I request Yu to study the Islamic books.InshaAllah Yu will get the hope in this matearelistic world and get the peace.

  19. HA HA HA ! Right you are telling about your self truth, hindutva terrorist.

  20. i was a muslem but thank God i am free now, my eyes are opened, i am a christian now!

    • tell me more! to start with were u a male ,later became a female?
      which maslak were you ? wen ur eyes wer closed?
      and which among the 500 denominations of catcholiscm , ar u now
      or 340 demonitions in protestant , now ,since u claim , that ur eyes are open now?

  21. A.A
    It’s very good to know that janet jackson has converted to Islam.We all should strive to preach Islam in the whole world.Islam is the Last ,true religion.And Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) is the true and last messenger of Allah Almighty.


  23. @Nigeria,as a Christian now u are free to consume Alcohol,eat pork,now latest u took part in GAY ACTIVITIES,all are BANNED by Almighty Allah.So don’t be as a Christian.If r a true Christian u come to know what happened to ignore people of Looth (pbhm)who adopt GAY marriage,how they were destroyed by ALMIGHTY ALLAH.BE A MUSLIM NOT A HELL FIRE PREFERRED PERSON.

  24. Dear Sir / Madam who soever is converted in Islam he will be glorify theselves Islam does not glorify by it . Truth will prevail not today then tommorow sure that is people will follow the right path and that is Islam .Insha Aallah

  25. very nice

  26. Stbhanallh

  27. Subhan allah

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