Japan parliament condemns North Korea’s nuke test


Japan parliamentTokyo, Japan, Jan 9 : Both chambers of Japanese parliament adopted resolutions, condemning the fourth nuclear test by North Korea as “an outrageous act that can never be tolerated,” reports Japan’s Jiji Press.

The moves followed Pyongyang’s proclamation on Wednesday, of a successful test of a hydrogen bomb.

The resolutions noted that the nuclear test clearly violates a series of UN Security Council resolutions, the 2005 six-party joint statement on North Korea’s nuclear programmes and the 2002 Pyongyang declaration between Japan and North Korea.

The resolutions pressed North Korea to abandon its nuclear programmes, accept inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency and work on denuclearising the Korean Peninsula.

In addition, the resolutions urged the Japanese government to lead discussions at the UN Security Council, as a non-permanent member, to help the UN panel address the matter.

After the House of Councillors adopted its resolution in the morning, Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, said, Japan will deal with North Korea in a firm and resolute manner, by taking steps including its own sanctions, while strengthening coordination with the United States and other countries in the international community.

Tokyo will urge Pyongyang to act, to bring a comprehensive settlement to a range of issues, including its abductions of Japanese nationals and its nuclear and missile development, Abe said.– NNN-BERNAMA


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