Jerusalem chosen as permanent capital of Arab information


Masjid AqsaCairo : The Executive Bureau of the Arab Information Ministers’ Council condemned last week a draft decision of the Israeli authorities banning microphone use to call for prayers (Adhan) in the holy city of Jerusalem (Al-Quds), calling on all Arab media to launch a media condemnation campaign of the project throughout the regional and international arenas, SPA reported.

At the closing of its 6th meeting held at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo, the executive bureau also chose Jerusalem as the permanent capital for Arab information in addition to choosing another Arab capital annually to become the capital of the Arab information.

The meeting called on the Arab media to give room to celebrating Jerusalem as the permanent capital of the Arab information and fix a date for a central celebration of Jerusalem as the capital of the Arab information to be held in the Palestinian city of Ramallah.

The meeting also demanded the Arab radio union to cooperate and coordinate with Arab news agencies and television channels to air coinciding live transmission of the events related to Jerusalem.—AG/IINA

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