Kanhaiya Kumar must be defeated even if EVMs need to be tampered : Shiv Sena

Kanhaiya Kumar

New Delhi : In a shocking editorial Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut in party mouthpiece Saamana in has said said Kanhaiya Kumar needs to be defeated even if it needs resorting to tampering of EVMs in Begusarai.

“A person charged with sedition is contesting Lok Sabha Election from Begusarai. He appealed for crowdfunding and got 5 lakhs rupees in 10 minutes, who are these people who are financing anti-national? A person helping a terrorist is also a terrorist. BJP has fielded Giriraj Singh from there, it’s BJP’s responsibility to defeat Kanhaiya Kumar, even if an EVM scam is done in Begusarai,” reads the editorial.

Kumar is contesting from Begusarai (CPI), facing BJP leader and Union minister Giriraj Singh. Kumar has been campaigning for a year now. Kumar also has launched a crowdfunding campaign to assist his electoral participation.

Initially, there was speculation in the political field that Kanhaiya Kumar Begusarai would be the candidate for the grand alliance. But even though the RJD and Congress reached an agreement, the CPI and the CPM were left without any seats. After that, the CPI announced that, without the support of the Grand Alliance, Begusarai candidate will be the former president of Jawaharlal Nehru University Student’s Assembly Kanhaiya Kumar.

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  1. If Sanjay Raut does not believe in Supreme Court judgement of videos of JNU being doctored and declaring Kanhaiyya Kumar innocent; he is the biggest anti-national traitor.
    Also his recommending even illegal EVM tampering for defeating others in fair elections ; he should ideally have been arrested and tried in Courts for challenging law and order and Constitution.


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