Kashmir and mysterious silence of Muslim leadership


By S. M. Anwar Hussain

Kashmir needs our immediate attention, and it needs our expression of unconditional solidarity before it becomes too late. Instead of turning hot and cold on what is happening in Kashmir and blaming each other and the community leadership , we should try to strengthen the hands of those fellow citizens who are trying their best to see that the central government talks rationally and acts rationally in Kashmir.

We should try to stand up with those fellow countrymen who are opposed to deploy army and paramilitary forces against our own people in Kashmir. We should be seen with those country men who have rejected the bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir, and abrogation of article 370. We must stand by those non- Muslim brothers who are trying to stop genocide of Kashmiri people and raising their voice against government’s act of oppression and suppression in Kashmir. We must support those who are trying to avert a nuclear holocaust , and urging upon the Indian government to stop the war against its own people and open dialogue with all the stake holders in Kashmir.

Kashmir is passing through a very very difficult phase .Our own government has declared a war against its own people. The whole Kashmir stands militarised . Entire Valley has been turned into a concentration camp for its own people. How many children , just in the age group of 10-12 years are behind the bar or in military interrogation centres , nobody knows.

They may be in hundreds .They may be in thousands. How many in their prime youths have been picked up and disappeared ? Only Amit Shah may know.There is a complete censorship. Nobody knows how many school going children have suffered pellets, how many women have suffered rapes, just because they raised slogans. Our own ministers and chief ministers openly, shamelessly and proudly are turning their lewd eyes on Kashmiri girls just as they do after each mob lynching and as they did after burning alive an 80 years old Zainul Abedeen Ansari, or killing a superannuated Akhlaque- a father of our own Air force man, and beating and finally murdering Junaid in his teen.

The situation is ghastly . Our army men are felling down the apple orchards.Our para military is burning the houses of its own people. Our forces are shooting ruthlessly rather its own people. Our brave men in uniform have become an agent of terror and destruction for its own people(if private sources are too be believed). And our Prime Minister, Home Minister, Foreign Minister , and the Defence Minister would chorus together , ” We are in a state of War against Pakistan”. How come sirs ? Since how long have we conceded our Kashmir to Pakistan ? Since when we have started treating Kashmiris as Pakistanis? Can you tell people how many heads from the enemy lines have been made to roll down so far since you have come to power. No fabricated data ,please ! We want the actual figures .We as Indians in the past had to already hang our heads in shame on many a occasions because of carrying forward the lies spread by you and your Modi Media.

Can Mr Mohan Bhagwat tell us why his men have waged a war against their own people in Kashmir? He may retort, “it is a revenge for what the Kashmiri Pandits suffered in Kashmir”.Well sir , what about the sufferings, Muslims suffered in Jammu in the after math of partition. Just in a couple of years demographic situation of Jammu was changed.The Muslim majority state was turned into a Hindu majority state.

Kashmir is burning. Kashmir is bleeding. It is being turned into a Nazi fortress. What should we do? Well Mr Mahmood Madani has just said, ” We are with Desh. Kashmir is ours”. Yes Mr Mahmood, you are right . We all are patriots . We all treat Kashmiris as our own people. Just tell us what kind of patriotism is it that we shoot our own people, we rape our own women, we brutalise our own children , we burn our own houses , we destroy our own economy by felling down apple trees one after another, and involve a mammoth number of our forces in these dirty games instead of deploying them on our Eastern border where China is allegedly making encroachments everyday.

Mr Mahmood , you are a grandson of such a great fighter – Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani- who is known as Aseer Malta ( prisoner of Malta Island).He was a great freedom fighter and a man of unquestioned integrity. And today you are being seen with those who always played the role of traitors during the freedom movement, and the role of conspirators after independence. How can you become a mouthpiece of such a bunch of liars and sworn enemies of Islam and Muslims .Your followers address you as Maulana (my lord) a word of great respect and admiration. Do you deserve it anyway.? Just think of it in your privacy and may be your conscience will spear your peace of mind and solace of your heart.

An humble submission to some of our community leaders especially to Janab Saadatullah Hussaini Saheb, the chief of Jamaat Islamic Hind, Maulana Asghar Ali Mehdi Salfi Sb of Jamiat ul Ahle Hadeeth, Janab Mujtaba Farooqui Sb of Majlis e Mushawrat , Janab Dr Zafar ul Islam Saheb of Minority Commission, Janab Dr Zafar Mahmood Sb of Zakat Foundation, Janab Kamal Farooqui Sb of Muslim Personal Board, Janab Kalbe Sadique and Janab Kalb e Jawwad Sb, the two learned leaders of the Shia sect and the leaders of Milli Council and other respected community leaders.

Are Kashmiris not our brothers? Are they not equal Indians? Are their wounds not our wounds?. Is playing with the chastity of Kashmiri women does not amount to desanctify our own sisters and daughters? Is brutalisation of Kashmiri children not the brutalization of our children?. Will any attempt to commit genocide in Kashmir not be the beginning of our own massacre and subjugation? If you agree with me, why are you people coming with such a weak resolutions.Why are you nibbling and mumbling instead of presenting a brave face? Why has your voice and your voice is our collective consciousness and conscience- become so feeble and resolutions so toothless?

Don’t you think it was the high time for us to tell the government of India, ” Enough is enough”. ” stop your all your acts of animosities and barbarism in Kashmir. And, ” if we couldn’t win the minds and hearts of our Kashmiri people in last 72 years , and we need seven hundred thousand military and paramilitary jawans to shut their mouths, we have lost all our legal, moral and ethical control over them. Let Kashmiri people decide their own future.

No government can subjugate millions of people without their will”. And believe me, we won’t be alone here. There are many fellow countrymen who have already articulated loudly and without any ambiguity what we are shy or afraid of speaking. Please come out of your cosy shells and speak loudly and clearly. Don’t talk of long term plannings. You will be not allowed to live and implement your long term goals , if you ignore the swords hanging on our heads . Concentrate on your short term goals, if we have some, if we want to survive and live with dignity and equality in the long term. When Mohan Bhagwat says, ” Hindutwa is not complete without Muslims”, he is not extending a welcome hand towards you. In fact, he is threatening you. I hope, Maulana Arshad Madani Sb , with his old age wisdom, experience and vision, understands that RSS is a veteran in double speak.


The author is ex president of AMUSU. He can be reached at Email : smanwarhussain2009@gmail.com. Views are personal.

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