Kashmiri cab driver hailed as he returns bag with cash and gold worth Rs 10 lakh to a tourist

Tariq Ahmed
By Muslim Mirror Staff

Srinagar: In a gesture that oozes hospitality and sincerity, a Kashmiri taxi driver has returned a lost bag of a tourist family containing valuables worth over Rs 10 lakhs in Jammu and Kashmir’s Shopian district.

Tariq Ahmed, the driver belonging to Shopian district, had taken the family, which hails from Bhopal, to the famous Aharbal falls four days ago.  In his taxi he found the bag, which also had three high-end mobile phones in it, at the Aharbal tourist spot in Shopian. The driver, after perusing the contents of the bag, expected a call on one of the three mobile phones to ensure that the rightful owner gets it back.  He didn’t.  But Tariq worked hard to trace the family and finally returned the bag that contained cash, gold and smartphones worth over Rs 10 lakhs.

“He did not accept anything in return from the grateful tourists,” the officials said. Travel and tourism players hailed the driver’s honesty saying he had made all Kashmiris proud.

The family has expressed gratitude at Ahmed’s noble and honest gesture.

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