‘KFC serving non-Halal chicken’ : A police complaint filed against the company


gty_kfc_israel_kb_131031_16x9_608By Aazeen Kirmani

HYDERABAD: According to an independent investigation carried out by Bhopal based journalist Anam Ibrahim, KFC is duping customers by serving non-halal chicken and using fake Halal certificates.

Ibrahim got an inkling of the alleged fraud when he visited a KFC outlet in DB Mall, Bhopal where he asked the outlet manager about the chicken being Halal or not. In response he was shown a photocopy of a halal certificate issued by Mufti Anwar Khan of Mumbai to Venky’s Company.

Noticing that the certificate did not mention KFC’s name Ibrahim inquired further, upon which he was told that the Venky’s Company supplies chicken to KFC and hence he is being shown Venky’s certificate.

When Ibrahim enquired with Venky’s company they informed him clearly that their tie-up with KFC has ended three years ago.

He then contacted Mufti Anwar Khan in Mumbai who told him that he had given halal certificate to Venky’s Company of Chennai which slaughters 1000 chicken in Pune daily.

Anam Ibrahim investigated further to find out from where it is procuring its chicken since last three years. Ibrahim claims to have discovered that its procuring non-halal chicken from Godrej Company in Mumbai.


Ibrahim told MuslimMirror.com that his claims are based on a thorough investigation which also includes sting operations.

On 06-08-2016 a written complaint has been filed at MP Nagar police station (Bhopal-Madhya Pradesh) by Ibrahim along with eight other people against KFC. The deliberation of the case is being carried out by CSP Bharti Indu Sharma.

In the complaint Ibrahim has alleged that slaughter houses using machines for slaughter have been given halal certificates by Muftis whereas for a slaughter to be halal it has to be done by hand.

The complaint also says that Venky’s Company slaughtered only a 1000 chicken per day whereas the sale of chicken on each KFC counter was much more than that daily therefore it certainly procured chicken from other sources. Then how did the outlet show the halal certificate of only one chicken company.

Speaking to MuslimMirror.com Ibrahim informed that he and his associates intend to file a petition against KFC in court within next few days.

Protesting against KFC and demanding its shut down in India and world over they have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Home Minister Rajnath , Darul Uloom Deoband, Madarsa Jahangiria Ahsnal Barkaat Paiga Bareilly, All India Muslim Personal Law Board and several other Muslim organizations in India. They have also written to King Salman of Saudi, Barak Obama and Heads of 47 other countries.

10 thoughts on “‘KFC serving non-Halal chicken’ : A police complaint filed against the company

    1. Just don’t eat.Nobody forces you. We Muslims opened halal restaurants for ourselves, not for any non-muslims. If you come you are welcomed. If you don’t then we don’t care about you.

  1. It’s really very hurted and d worst thng goin on… will u ppl like if v serve beef or pork by sayng its mutton or chicken… ppl blv d name KFC bt u ppl r not a person who public can trust.. now v will pray dat kfc
    gets band forevr in sha allah…

    1. I never enter non-muslim hotels because i don’t trust them. Since you live in kolkata, be happy with Arsalan, Zeeshan, Shiraz,Aminia, Rahmania. Why kfc and dominos?? The food cooked there are not good fro health. The even mince meat of new born babies died in hospital.

    2. KFC gets banned ?? for what ?? serving non halal … go to bangladesh and ask for halal … in india we will sell whatever we want

  2. People looking for halal chicken must go for other fried chicken outlets open nowadays which are small and not that glamorous but are equally tasty and halal for sure.in Kolkata several fried chicken corners have opened in localities and are serving tasty and good quality chicken

  3. let kfc carry on its business..
    Anyway true careful Muslims never get deceived by the false “halal” signs in KFC, MacDonald, etc.
    If you have no better choice, eat veg burger and fries. Best eat fruits and salads.

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