Kiwis planned a ‘human chain of love’ in support of Muslim population on Friday

The chain made around a Californian Mosque in the wake of the Christchurch attack. Photo credit: KTVU & Jude Fippard/Facebook.

By MM Desk

New Zealanders have planned a  “human chain of love” for Muslims around mosques New Zealand, to show solidarity for New Zealand’s Muslim population.

NZ Stand Together is a Facebook event that has been scheduled for Friday at 12pm, hoping to get people out to their local mosques to join hands in a chain around the buildings.

Jude Fippard, an organiser of NZ Stand Together, said on Facebook she hopes to make the event countrywide.

“It has the blessing and approval of the NZ Police and the [Auckland] Muslim Community Liaison Officer,” she said.

“Let’s form a human chain of love and support around your local mosques on Friday at noon so they can pray in peace.”

The “human chain” was used recently by a group outside a Californian mosque in a show of support and protection from non-Muslims during Saturday prayers.


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