Kochi: Dalit-Muslim Faebook friends arranged Iftar party


By VAM Ashrof

Kochi : A Facebook group called “Dalit-Muslim FB Friends” has arranged a Dalit Muslim Ifthar on 11-6-2018 at Mecca Auditorium, Kochi. Nearly 40 persons of dalit and Muslim intellectuals took part in the Ifthar meeting.

Abdul Majeed Nadwi made introductory speech by welcoming the gathering.

He said:” Dalits and Muslims have a lot of the things in common, in terms of their social and economic standing in Indian society. Financially and politically, most of them belong to the lowest strata of the Indian society even though the situation is different in Kerala. Together they can pave the way for a powerful front that can decide the political future of India.”

M.R. Sudesh (a dalit intellectual), who was on the chair argued thus:

From the Sachar Committee Report onwards, all analyses of the Muslim situation are pointing towards the convergence of Muslim situation and the Dalit situation. In terms of representation as well as in terms of threat to identity, Muslims and Dalits today seem to be on the same scale of vulnerability. It would not be out of place to suggest that in terms of representation and other social indicators like education, Dalits seem to be catching up and in cases becoming better than the Muslims. Rumours are spread against Muslims by print and visual media and most of the dalits are antithetical to a joint forum, which is the most needed formation. However, Dalit-Muslim unity can affect t wonders in the Indian polity.”

Dr. Muhammed Syed (Medicare Hospital, Kodungalloor), Prasant Subramaniam (‘Asian Speaks’), Vilayodi Sivankutty (NCHRO), V. Prabhakaran (Dalit Sahitya Academy), KM Ashraf (ISRA), A.M. Shanavas (NCHRO), Rahanas (Solidarity Movement),Muhammad Rajeeb (PDP state general secretary), Moinuddin Afsal (Fraternity Movement), Swalih Thamarassery (Fraternity Movement), Adv. Sajal Muhammd (Youth League) also spoke on the occasion.

C.S. Rajesh, a poet, recited two of his recent poems.

P.M. Mahin expressed vote of thanks.

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  1. Very good initiaitive.
    Dalit and Muslim brothers need to unite on Sachar facts.
    Situation of both communities is same.


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