Kolkata Muslim’s Open Letter To Mamata Banerjee


Kolkata Kolkata Muslims have written to CM Mamata Banerjee not to spare any criminal owing to their religious beliefs.

In an open letter, many prominent members of the community said they were living in Kolkata for decades and deeply grieved with these recent incidents where the accused were Muslims.

“We are grieved and embarrassed,” the members wrote.

The concerned signatories suggested Banerjee two ways to deal with the problem.

“Bring the assailants to book, not just in these two instances but every single instance where Muslims are involved. They should not be allowed to get away scot-free because they happened to be Muslims (as is a growing perception),” the letter read.

They also suggested the state government engage with “Muslim youth and their families across Kolkata in the area of gender sensitization, civic consciousness and law compliance” programmes.

The letter ended with signatures of eminent Muslims along with the words “and thousands of silent sufferers”.



  1. Muslim letter writers are correct. One nation wide anti Muslim riots just like 1984 nation wide anti sikh riots will see Muslim Relief Camps in Pakistan or Bangladesh. Every time your Owaisi Brothers open their mouth, 100 Hindus become BJP workers and curse Gandhi and Nehru for keep Muslims in India after Partition in 1947. Word Secular was not in Ambedkar’s Constitution in 1947.


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