List of 27 Muslim MPs elected for Lok Sabha 2019


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi. 27 Muslim member of Parliament have been elected for Lok Sabha. Although Muslim population in India is 14.2% as per the census of 2011 but their   representation in the Lower House comes to less than 5 per cent of its total composition.And as per the population of Muslims the number or parliamentarians to represent them should be at least 70.

The highest number of Muslim parliamentarians elected were 34 in 2004 when the Congress led UPA had formed the government.

The outgoing Lok Sabha had the lowest representation of Muslims since 1952. Only 23 Muslim MPs made it to the Lok Sabha in 2014. However this time the number has increased  slightly.

Given below are their names /  constituencies /state and party.

2 thoughts on “List of 27 Muslim MPs elected for Lok Sabha 2019

  1. 2 lakh EVMs went missing in official RTI and Not a word of protest from seasoned senior politician Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi!

    AIMIM…Muslim Vote-splitter in Maharashtra… loyal ‘Team B’ of BJP got due ‘fixed EVMs reward’ of 2 MP seats,
    and soon afterwards he makes provoking statement that Hindu minds are rigged to flare tempers in already volatile atmosphere.

    Then he loyally also gives clean chit to the very fixed NDA–EVMs he used to get 2 “loyalty reward ” MP seats.

    Only tauba/atonement/repentance would be to stop just making sensational stupid statements and now actually work for schools, education, mohalla clinics, true harmony AND essentially roti, kapda, makaan of underprivileged in your constituency and wash your dirty conscience..
    And we will know clearly on Day of Judgement and maybe in near future in this duniya too…

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