List of those killed in Delhi communal violence

Bodies of Amir and Hashim, kept in a van after the postmortem was conducted at GTB Hospital Saturday. A relative makes arrangements to take the bodies back home | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Those killed in Delhi violence include:

1. Mubarak Hussain, a 28-year-old resident of Babarpur. He was shot in the chest at Vijay Park. A native of Darbhanga in Bihar, he worked as a labourer in Delhi.

2. Shahid Khan Alvi, 22 years. An autorickshaw driver, he was shot in the stomach near Bhajanpura dargah.

3. Mudassir Khan, also an autorickshaw driver and a resident of Kardampuri, he was also shot dead.

4. Nazeem Khan, a 35-year-old scrap dealer, was also shot dead.

5. Mohammad Furquan, a 30-year-old was shot dead when he stepped out to buy food in Bhajanpura area of Jaffrabad.

6. Mehtab, 22 years, and a resident of Brijpuri was burnt to death.

7. Ratan Lal, 42 years, a Delhi police head constable was fatally shot in Gokulpuri.

8. Rahul Solanki, resident of Babu Nagar near Shiv Vihar and a civil engineer by profession, stepped out to buy milk when he was shot in the neck, killing him.

9. Ankit Sharma, a 26-year-old security assistant with the Intelligence Bureau was a resident of Khajuri Khas. His body was found in the Chandbagh drain, severely injured.

10. Vinod Kumar, 45 years, was also beaten to death in Brahmpuri when he was returning home.

11. Vir Bhan Singh, 48 years, was going to have food when shot dead.

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  1. Very upleasant.Every single life matters.
    Govt has to allot protest site for Pro CAA protester and then representative from Pro and Anti CAA has to to be called for meeting and their concerns has to be addressed.
    it is very simple.Riots are not innocent lifes.

  2. People in this country born as poor,live as poor and die as poor.atleast allow them to live peacefully.
    we won’t ask govt how indian economy is performing bcos we don’t have knowledge on that.

  3. The only solution is to remove this illegitimate EVM govt and reelection be held without EVM. If not more misery tragedy destruction oppression awaits. PPl need to raise to the occasion and struggle till India is saved.


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