Two Muslims lynching followed by two five star Eid Milan


By Muslim Mirror Special Correspondent

New Delhi : When it comes to organizing semi political conferences , meeting  with ministers Prime Minister or making foreign tours, there is an undeclared  competition between  Maulana Arshad Madni and Mahmood Madni of Jamiat ul Ulema Hind. But sometimes this competition looks ugly. The recently organized five star Eid Milan parties by  Chacha –Bateeja  at prestigious five-star hotels are  among such functions  which are being criticized on social media particularly about their timing and insensitivity involved .

Qasim , 45 was lynched to death by cow terrorists on suspicion of cow slaughtering  on 18th June and 65-year-old Sameuddin  was severely injured in Hapur’s Pilakhuwa in UP while the next day on 19th June Tauheed Ansari was brutally lynched and murdered on suspicion of carrying cow meat on in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand.

These two incidents were followed by two lavish Eid Milan Eid Milan dinners  thrown by Madnis at  five star hotels in New Delhi.

One was entertained by Hazrat Maulana Arshad Madni at Delhi’s prestigious Ashoka Hotel 20th June while the another was held by Maulana Mahmood Madni  on 21th June at Hotel ITC Maurya in New Delhi.

The Chacha-Bhateeja duo are being vehemently criticized on social media for throwing lavish parties in a time when innocent Muslims are being killed on the basis of suspicion in cow related issues.

‘When  the dead  body of  Qasim was being pulled on ground after his  gruesome killing  in Hapur (Uttar Pradesh ) our renowned leaders were busy  in celebrating Eid Milan at five star  hotels’  wrote senior Urdu journalist Masoom Moradabadi in his Facebook post commenting on the lavish parties organized by two factions of Jamiat.

Tejwsvi and Akhilesh are like grandsons of Madnis  in age but they would  pull their tails to get  one  Rajya Sabha seat which they had been getting  since independence. (Tejeshvi Yadavvaur Akholesh Yadav jo in Madni ke pote aur bete ki umer ka honge unki ponch pakad ker chalenge. Inko sirf ek RS seat chahye jo ke aazaadi ke baad se inko milti rahi hai), commented Abdus Salam on the post of Masoom Moradabadi.

Curse be on such leaders who do not show  any sympathy with victims on such painful incidents and protest against  brutal killings of Muslims, was the comment of  Shamim Afsar.

‘Our leaders are not leaders , the are ‘Qaum Farosh’  sadly the community don’t understand this fact’ was the reaction of Toufeeq.


  1. Our request to you to send a letter to both cha-cha aur bhatija. So that they will sincere and try to correct themselves. But only comment on media is not enough.

  2. This is not restricted to Mr Madni or some others. The moral and values in whole community is coming down. I think everyone needs to make efforts to inculcate values in society.

    These leaders come from same society where we all lives in. The byproduct cannot be different if society overall is going down.


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