Maharashtra govt to extend reservation to Muslims

Arif Nasim Khan

By Muslim Mirror News,

Mumbai: Maharashtra government has initiated process to extend reservation to the Muslims in the state. State Minority Affairs Minister Arif Nasim Khan raised the issue after the Congress-led state government announced the decision that 20 per cent reservation will be given to the Maratha community but it was completely silent on extending the same to Muslims. Mr Khan reminded Mehmoodur Rehman Committee, appointed by the state government, which advocated reservation for Muslims on ground of educational and financial backwardness. He also cited Ranganathan Mishra Commission recommendations as well as Sachar Committee report that stated poor condition of Muslims. The state government accepted his argument and assured to include the minister’s demand and then present that in the cabinet.

Extending support to Muslim reservation demand Congress MP Hussain Dalwai from Maharashtra said it is necessary for the uplift of the community. Making a strong pitch for reservation for Muslims in the state, Dalwaie said it would be a blunder on the part of the Maharashtra government to provide reservation only to the Maratha community, while ignoring the demands of the Muslims. Citing various committees and commissions report, he said that the financial and educational condition of the Muslim community is worse than that of the have-nots among the Marathas, so they need reservation. The plight of the Muslims is so bad that 78 per cent child labour is from this community, the Rajya Sabha MP said.

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  1. Mr.Arif Nasim Khan now you remembers muslims after you and your Congress party recieved severe drubbing in general elections,since assembly elections are near the corner, again you giving muslims post dated cheques which are as usual sure to bounce.Before ten years also you promised to give muslims reservation,implement sri krishna probe recommendations post anti-muslim mumbai riots ,list is endless.You people since 60 years post independence just make hollow promises to muslims but you lacks intent and desire to fulfill and honour your words but in sha Allah you will have to pay for betraying the muslim community.


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