Meet Ghazala Tasneem who becomes judge ten years after her marriage and two kids

Ghazala Tasneem, with her husband and two kids.

By Khushboo Khan,

When there is the will, there is the way: Ghazala Tasneem being the mother of two qualified the Bihar Judicial Service Exam with 65th rank. She is precedence over courage and proved the aim can be accomplished even in inverse situations.

Despite carrying numerous responsibilities and different role set, Ghazala set an example to thousands of women and justified that one can follow their aims regardless having a family and children. It is notable that she is the only Muslim woman among nine people of Aligarh Muslim University those who achieved success in the 29th Bihar Judicial Service Competition Examination.

Taking the legacy forward of her father Mr. Mohammad Khurshid Alam, a retired district judge and broke the myth that the success could not be achieved without the guidance of a prestigious and expensive institute. Describing her father as a source of inspiration Ghazala disclosed that, she used to do self-study for 14 to15 hours daily for this examination of the judicial competition.

She completed her schooling at Chandvara Urdu High School and passed matriculation examination in the year of 1998. Ghazala secured intermediate and the bachelor degree from Aligarh Muslim University and, Later pursued MSc in biotechnology from Amity International School, Noida. Post Masters in 2007 Ghazala’s parents married their beloved daughter with a surgeon hails from a reputed family from Katihar.

Because of her potential and intelligence she was urged by her husband to switch the field from science to law and to continue the further study, for which she took admission in TNB Law College, Bhagalpur for LLB, later she pursued LLM from Mysore Open University.

“Being a mother of two children and a wife, preparing for the judicial service exam was quite challenging, but here I consider myself lucky to be supported and encouraged by the entire family, especially my husband, Major Dr. Mohammed Mazharul Haq, who is a General Surgeon, as well as an Associate Professor at Katihar Medical College contributed a lot in my success he encouraged me to pursue my career in law and to continue my further education. Therefore, for this achievement, I would like to give credit to my entire family including my parents, and in-laws I received great support from my in-laws, especially from my father-in-law Mohammad G.M. Sabir Sahib” Ghazala told

She describes that the role of Aligarh Muslim University is also significant in her educational life as enhanced her capabilities and brushed her skills, unless she could not do such performance.

Ghazala gave emphasis on women education and said “when a girl is educated, the whole family is educated, so we should pay full attention to girls’ education. People should send their daughters to metro cities for their bachelors and higher education that would enhance their capability to manage things. Now education is the pre requirement of our society not just for carriers but in marital life too. So I urge parents to educate their daughters and treat them equal as sons”.


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