Minority Minister Reviews Implementation of MSDP, PM’s 15-Point Program


By Muslim Mirror News,

Minister for Minority Affairs, K. Rahman Khan addressing the Conference of the Principal Secretaries/Secretaries of State/UTs regarding implementation of Multi-sectoral Development Programme and Prime Minister’s New 15-Point Programme, in New Delhi on April 08, 2013

New Delhi, April 8: Union Minority Affairs Minister Mr. K Rahman Khan on Monday reviewed the implementation of Multi-sectoral Development Programme (MsDP) and Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Programme with Principal Secretaries of states and Union territories.

“In spite of substantial progress, there is a need for more effective implementation of minority area development programmes during Twelfth Five-Year Plan,” said the minister while addressing the conference of Principal Secretaries of states/Union territories on Multi-sectoral Development Programme and Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Programme here today.

Expressing concern over slow progress and lack of proper monitoring of both the Schemes, the Minister asked the officers to monitor regularly the implementation of 15 Point Programme and to transfer timely the Central share of funds released by the Ministry to the concerned districts/implementing agencies. Delay in sending the Utilization Certificates for the funds released is another area of concern and utilization Certificates for Rs. 638 crore released as first installment and Rs. 773 crore released as second installment are pending from the States, he added. Pointing to these aspects in addressing the development deficits of minority concentration areas, he said that the benefit has not reached the targeted population. Explaining the main features of both the Schemes of minority development, the Minister appealed to representatives to work collectively for the inclusive growth of minorities for the overall development of the country.

The Government has been implementing both these programmes with a synergy so as to provide necessary infrastructure and basic amenities to areas with substantial minority population and also for skill training and income generation for the minorities, the Minister added. He said that while Central Government released Rs.2936 crore under 11th Plan, utilization has been received from the States for only Rs.2014 crore. During the year 2012–13, projects were approved were worth Rs.1110 crore, out of which already Rs.646 crore has been released.

Based on the feedback received from the States and other quarters, the Ministry is restructuring MsDP and also making suitable modification in 15 Point Programme. Block would be the unit area for planning under MsDP in place of districts and this programme would be further expanded to cover towns and cities. Totally 710 Blocks and 66 towns/cities have been identified for implementation of MsDP. This would sharpen the focus of the programme on the Minority Concentration Areas and bring other deserving areas like leftout blocks and towns/cities within the ambit of the programme.

Mr. Ravi Mathur, IAS, the newly appointed Secretary of the Minority Ministry also attended the Conference which was convened by the Ministry of Minority Affairs and attended by the Principal Secretaries/ Secretaries entrusted to implement the two flagship programmes of the Ministry.

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