BJP Manifesto : Modi-fied Agenda of Trouble, Terror & Turbulence finally out


modi-mBy Dr Javed Jamil,

 The balloon of “development” has finally burst. What has come out is the flame of terror and turbulence. There is of course a lot for the selected few to roast their bread in the flame. The corporate agenda is in full show; but in bigger show is the Communal Agenda. Those who were hoping that BJP will be a changed party and Modi a changed leader once they come closer to power have been proved wrong. The closeness to power has in fact strengthened their resolve to remain in power after getting it. And a party based in hatred can only think of hateful ways to do so. They know it pretty well that communal riots in India pay. They have put enough ammunition in the manifesto to ensure that the riots take place. Mandir will be built in Ayodhya; Uniform Civil code will be applied; 370 will be scrapped; Kashmir Pundits will be given “justice”; Madrasas will be “modernized” – what can be better recipe for riots and terror in India? Polarization will reach its peak and this will sustain the march of Hindutva. This is the ultimate goal.

On the economic front, there are enough dishes to bring saliva in the mouth of the big corporates. There is a talk of privatization of all the major sectors and foreign investment is welcome. There is a talk of poor but obviously the Modi formula of removing the corruption is enriching the already rich further in the hope that some of the wealth generated will slowly trickle down to the poor. Obviously this will further increase economic disparity. How will Modi control inflation is not clear.

If we compare this manifesto with the one Congress released, there are many remarkable differences. It can be seen that though Congress can be blamed for inaction, it cannot be blamed for dangerous intent. Not only the Congress manifesto did have anything that would threaten the minorities, it was also clearly more people-friendly. It supported business but without monopolization of wealth in a few hands. Welfare schemes too were in greater supply. It did not just talk of revising the health policy but promised to bring “Right to Health”. It can be blamed for slow and defective implementation of minority schemes but it at least accepted the fact and promised to give renewed impetus to minority developmental programmes. The only thing that BJP is boasting as its “Muslim Vision” is the promise of  “modernization” of madrasas. Only a naïve can be fooled by this. Obviously in the name of modernization, BJP will attempt to destroy the character of traditional Islamic institutions.

When Congress released its manifesto, everyone including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and PM Manmohan Singh were keen to answer the questions from Press. On the other hand, Modi did not entertain any question. This shows that the “brave” cannot face difficult questions. He believes in one way communication. His self-obsession and the obsession of BJP with Modi is surely going to hit the nation in a big way.

What should the secular forces do now? There is no need to panic; no need to help the BJP’s game plan to bring Hindutva to its peak just before the elections. Secular forces need not counter it aggressively through words; the best way will be through the ballot. Creating angrily at this juncture will only help their cause. Let the elections be held first. Let the nation reject the Manifesto of trouble, terror and turbulence, If they win, their agenda is to be confronted through cooperation of all those who believe in secularism, the rights of religious minorities and justice.


* Dr Javed Jamil is a thinker and writer with over a dozen books including his latest, “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” and “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map”. Other works include “The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism”, “The Essence of the Divine Verses”, “The Killer Sex”, “Islam means Peace” and “Rediscovering the Universe”. He can be contacted at or 91-8130340339.


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  1. U mean that madarsas r haterd center of islam that cant touch by any government .they r supporting urdu and modernisation of madarsa .whats wrong it that. Ram temple is not a political issue but a national issue of india .and we have to know that if temple is not build so india will be in troble. That all r national issues .we r not living in islamic country. We r living in RAM’S BHOOMI so temple should be build on its place.this site is spreading hate against india .i know the language of this site is as same as owaisi. But why u hate indians so much .ur site will ban very soon.

    • Mr kartikeya
      This is neither a Muslim country nor a Ram Bhoomi .
      India is a secular country by constitution .

      If you say that India is a Ram Bhoomi . We too can say that India is a land of Mughals . Afterall Mughals ruled India for nearly 700 years and there are more Mughal artefacts and monuments to justify my point than Ram Bhoomi

      So better stay away from this mess and also tell your people to stay away too.
      I cab assure you one thing and that is, if god forbid temple is built then the trust of Muslims in Indian judicial and enforcement system will end very shockingly and will sow a seed of yet another partition . The Pakistan 2.
      Get ready Lads !!!

  2. Mr kartikeya
    This is neither a Muslim country nor a Ram Bhoomi .
    India is a secular country by constitution .

    If you say that India is a Ram Bhoomi . We too can say that India is a land of Mughals . Afterall Mughals ruled India for nearly 700 years and there are more Mughal artefacts and monuments to justify my point than Ram Bhoomi

    So better stay away from this mess and also tell your people to stay away too.
    I cab assure you one thing and that is, if god forbid temple is built then the trust of Muslims in Indian judicial and enforcement system will end very shockingly and will sow a seed of yet another partition . The Pakistan 2.
    Get ready Lads !!!

    • Dear mr. Amaan_London,
      Every one is correct as per his view. It can be India or any other country, One should respect judicial system. otherwise there will not be solution for any problem,

      I think you know how many Hindu temples and structures were demolished by Mughals during their attack. Do You want to justify that is correct?

      • Dear Bro you are oblivious of the history, what would you say about the contribution of great Emperor Tipu Sultan(RH) to Hindu Community to build temples and Aurangzeb (Rahmatullah)as well as, and what would you say about the demolition of temples caused by the Hindu Rajas like Ashoka and others.

  3. Muslims should vote prudently and judiciously in each Lok Sabha Constituency with the intention & purpose to defeat BJP candidate.
    BJP harping on development is a big farce, a camouflage to dupe secular Indians to thwart their unity against communal, divisive, Muslim bashing, hate filled ideology of Sangh Pariwar.

  4. Bohat kiya is ne atyachaar
    Nafrat ki aandhi aur narsanghaar
    Ghareebon ka dushman, Ambani ka yaar
    Ban-ne mat dena darinde ki sarkaar
    #Vote4HonestPolitics #Vote4AAP
    7 out of 7 this time in Delhi for AAP…. #MyVote4AAP

  5. BJP can goto any extent to grab the power, even if they have to sell the country to terrorists.,, Bharat jansanhar party.

  6. Fanus banke jiski hifazat hawa kare
    wo shama kya bujhe jise roshan khuda kare
    AAP is winning all 7 LS seats in Delhi.
    If you’re a voter of Delhi, don’t confuse, don’t fritter away your valuable vote …. go out & vote for AAP
    (Symbol: broom) #Vote4Jhaaru

  7. To Aman u say its also a land of mughal .who is mughal ? They r invaders and dont compare with ram.they r coward people of islam known 4 convesions in india its true that india is land of rama and gandhiji’s dream of ramarajya we must be applied soon muslims r destroyers of india that is why hindus r hate them.we cant blame indian muslims 4 that cause they r most foolish people on earth .we have our identity .but what about u? What is ur identity .u r coward people that converted with fears of sword and death. The issue is that u dont know where r u all go. U say mughals r ur forfathers it means u r invders 4 india .and why u r so backward .mughals r responsible 4 that so why u blame hindu government 4 that. U say there is less muslims representation in all institutions if u want muslim condidates so u shoud have gone with jinna in pakistan Not hindu. Indian subnt. Muslims r refused that they dont know what is their past and present so ur future? Try to understand there is no mughal in india so who will help u .

    • Dearbrther Kartikey mishra please don’t be biased, don’t be aggressive, don’t be instrument at the hands of communal people, as you know that our tradition teaches tolerance, our philosophy preaches tolerance and our constitution practices tolerance so let’s not dilute it. You said that we Muslims are coward that’s why we turned Muslims, please enhance your knowledge else India shall be notorious for your lack of good information, dear what would you say about the Mongols who later became Mughals, Barbers Tartars about whom the most historians said unanimously that they were the most boldest, and destructive soldiers ever in the history who destroyed many kingdoms brick by brick but why did they embrace Islam? You know Allauddin Khalji banned conversion to Islam it was not because he was highly secular but he found that the state revenue from Jizya (social tax on non-Muslims) was coming down as a lot of Banias converting to Islam. You know that when Umar ibn Abdulajiz became the ummayed caliph he wrote letters to princes of Sindh inviting them to embrace Islam, Jaishiya, son of Raja Dahir had heard about the characters and creed of Islam, accepted the offer and turned a Muslim,(Ref: William Jackon history of India Vol,5 page no 15). Tell me why Islam is considered the fastest growing religion in Western countries? Why Indonesians, Malaysians accepted Islam while no one feared &threatened them. People of Arabian peninsula Accepted Islam then they uprooted those kingdoms which were based on anarchy, social injustice, adultery, fornication, like Roman empire, Greek empire, Persian empire, and they got human beings freed from enslavement of kings, self claimed Gods, and equipped them with good Islamic character and incorporated into them countless specialities, in a short we embraced Islam because of its goodness, its beauties, we accepted Islam because of force of teaching of Quran and the character of prophet. Further you said that Mughals were not Indians but were outsiders and invaders OK, right, but what would you say about Brahmans who came from west Asia and later settled down here, you know the real and old Bharties are Adivasis, so why you people don’t imitate them in your daily life like in dressing, fooding, culture, festivals etc. so brother grow up, open your eyes, enhance your knowledge, and don’t have cursory look on it, and try to understand the real phenomena of us.

  8. One of my muslim friends said, why rrs,bjp hate muslims.i said muslims r responsible themself 4 this. He asked what muslims had done in past ?i said they had done everything with india and hindus that a human cant think. Then he so he said pls forget all that .we have to forget all that but rrs,bjp cant.

  9. Dear Sir, I sincerely feel that the author of this article is mental patient who should not be taken seriously thank you sir

  10. It is not the author of this writer but Modi and his supporters like you who need psychiatric treatment. The author has done well to tell the truth. The truth is that the only reason behind the so-called popularity is that there is a section of Hindus which feels that Modi will teach a lesson to Muslims. It is this expectation and not development that is behind his popularity. And the responses here proves this.

  11. The ink on your finger
    will stay for a few weeks.
    Its impact forever.
    In Delhi, AAP will stop Modi’s chariot.
    #AAP is winning all 7 Lok Sabha seats of Delhi.
    I have made up my mind to Vote & Support AAP #IStandWithArvind

  12. To Anam jnu. U say indo,malaysia,etc accept islam cause muslims have many wives to increase population .that is why islam is grow.2nd u say brahmins r from middle east or iran i know u have reasons to say that in our book that is a theory of aryan invasion .its only a theory nothing else.lets teach u according to so called aryan invasion bramhin, kshatriya(ruling),vaisya(business) r aryan and they had come from iran or britain. But no evidence fund yet to say this theory is right.but according to evidence founded in lothal(gujrat), and mehargarh(baluch)civilisation we have 10000 years old history. If we say that aryan invasion is true so god rama ,god krishna is not true that we have worshiped that more than 10 thnds,5 thnds respectevelly so that is all r false text created by christs for their race we couldn’t accept that ever we have first men on earth with our great vedic civilisation founded in the indus river,sharsvati river, the gangas river,the himalayas is the greatest slape for those who say india we have our vedic name about india, seasons, airs,mountains,rivers,states,earth ,ocean ,trees,era everything is the slape for those who say that.but we have to rewrite our true history.and the bjp’s leader swami who r trying to organise the writer across the world to write true history many intellectuls from austrailia,ameraca fouded aryan theory is false and want to write truth history about india and vedic people but congres and indra gandhi hasn’t supported them but this time when india want reforms in many feilds , so in our history. And the bjp must do it as mr. Swami tells that if we came in power we must write our truth history.


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