More than 700 Palestinian kids arrested by Israel this year

Israeli guards detain a Palestinian child during a demonstration outside Lions Gate, a main entrance to Al-Aqsa mosque compound, in Jerusalem al-Qud's Old City on July 17, 2017 (Photo by AFP)

New Delhi: In a startling revelation, as per a new report by the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club (PPC), Israel has arrested at least 745 Palestinian children this year, with 200 children currently being held in numerous detention centers across Israel.

Israel continues to detain and even torture Palestinian minors and children for arbitrary crimes.

The report also highlighted the harsh conditions and sometimes torture that the arrested Palestinian children go through once detained by Israel, often interrogated without their parents or lawyers present. The minors were also said to be detained any access to education.

Palestinian children held in detention are also reported to be denied any family visits or adequate medical treatment. The report also stressed that children were often refused food and water, and were beaten, insulted, verbally abused, and intimidated for false confessions.

After false confessions are given, the arrested Palestinian children are often also given high fines or additional jail time. Imprisonment includes being held without charge or trial, or any legal representation.

This report is only one reminder of the numerous human rights violations Israel is guilty of. Since 2018, Israel has killed more than 222 peaceful protesters in Gaza, with many shot point-blank for simply throwing a stone or touching the fence separating them from the heavily armed Israeli forces. In addition to this, since the beginning of the year Israel has approved the construction of 8337 new settlement homes in the occupied Palestinian territories. International law has deemed these settlements to be illegal, but despite this, Israel continues to build settlements across the West Bank.

As Israel continues to move with impunity, it remains to be seen for how long the international community will remain silent. Palestinian children continue to be intimidated, psychologically scarred, and detained all in Israel’s move to completely colonize the lands and peoples of Palestine.

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