Muslim auto driver lynched in Trichy for saving woman from being harassed

auto driver Abdullah

By Muslim Mirror Staff

In another incident of mob lynching in the country, 32-year-old auto driver Abdullah was allegedly beaten to death on Sunday , for trying to stop his passenger from getting harassed at a restaurant.

As per the victim’s family, not a single person came to his defense as he was beaten mercilessly by four men. The police however has termed the case as ‘drunken brawl’.

As per a report by News Minute, Abdullah was a resident of Muslim street in Trichy city and had left his residence around 11 am and was taking a female passenger to the Trichy Famous Biryani restaurant, where he was killed. As the woman had to pick up a parcel, Abdullah waited for her at the restaurant.

“According to what eyewitnesses told us, an inebriated man, who was at the restaurant, purposely smacked into the woman. My husband immediately questioned the man and the people with him, and then, a tussle ensued. They hit each other and then the drunk man left, threatening to bring more people. But my husband didn’t take it seriously. However, he did come back with three men and they all hit him till he died. They used a wooden plank to beat his head” Tashmin Banu, Abdullah’s wife was quoted by The New Minute as saying.

Tashmin, who has two young children that she now has to support financially, said a complaint was filed on Sunday night with the local police.

The police version however is entirely different.  “Abdullah was also inebriated and he died because he was pushed to the ground and sustained head injuries. It was not a big fight,” he said. When asked whether the reason behind the brawl was that a woman was harassed, he responded, “It was. The man who allegedly harassed this woman is Nagarajan, who was also drunk,” NewsMinute quoted a police officer saying.

However, Tashmin vehemently denied that her husband had been inebriated.


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  1. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon…

    Shame on Trichy’s biased lying officials and government.

    Very likely late Abdulla was fasting in Ramadan..

  2. Inna lillahi wa inna illahi rajioon.
    Muslim mirror, is there a way we can send some funds to support brother Abdullah’s family? Can you please try and share bank account details? Thank you


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