Muslim barber’s hand chopped off with chainsaw after attackers spot ‘786’ tattooed on his arm


By Muslim Mirror

In a chilling incident of Islamophobia, a 28-year-old Muslim barber was assaulted and his right hand was allegedly chopped off by 2 Hindu men in Haryana’s Panipat town. Though the incident happened on August 24, it has surfaced only now after the man’s family members lodged an FIR on September 7

The victim identified as Akhlaq, a barber by profession, had left his home in Nanauta, near Saharanpur city to find work in Panipat. After reaching there, he sat down to rest for a few minutes Kishanpura area when some youths asked for his name and whereabouts.

As soon as as they came to know of his identity, they badly beat him up and left him in an injured condition on the road. When Akhlaq gained his senses, he knocked on the nearest door to ask for water, but the men in the house dragged him inside and started beating him with wooden sticks. Ikhlaq later on realised that they were the same persons who had beaten him up in the park.

As they saw 786 tattooed on Akhlaq’s hand, they told him we won’t let this be written on his hand and cut off his right hand with a chainsaw.

He was then taken to the railway station and dumped on the tracks, to pass it off as an accident. Akhlaq got help from a man crossing by who helped him inform his family about the mishap.

However, negating all these reports, a top Panipat police officer on Thursday said the initial investigation indicates the 28-year-old had sodomised a child and might have injured himself while trying to escape, according to The Indian Express.

Panipat ACP Satish Kumar Vats also ruled out the communal angle circulating on social media.

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  1. Fake news. No such thing happened. Deliberate attempts to denigrate India and Hindus. The government should take stern measures to punish ant Indian forces active.

    1. @GD aka Hindu sewer rat

      It’s NOT fake news, dirty Hindu rat.

      It’s been widely reported. Hindus like you don’t want your crimes exposed and support terrorism against Muslims.

      Keep testing our patience and very soon you’ll be dealt with in the same way.

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