Muslim India, it’s time to have own political party


By Syed Ali Mujtaba

Indian Muslims are at cross roads. Indian Muslims need to make strategies how it can share power to protect its interests. So what needs to be done to achieve any such goal?

Their best bet is the formation of a political party at the national level. Under such political outfit Muslims can converge and do some serious electoral arithmetic exercise and produce a block of at least 15 MPs.

Once, such Muslim block of MPs is created it can always be in a bargaining position to protect their interests and can work for their progress.  Such political outfit can always be in power by aligning with whichever party rules the country.

An example of Lok Janshakti Party is before us. This political outfit has always shared political power with government in power and has held cabinet portfolios even it represents a consequence number of electorates.  If LJP can do it, what is stopping Muslims to form a strategy of their own?

Since 1947 Muslims have flocked under banner of so called secular parties. They have forfeited their pan Indian political identity and have split into regional identities. They have lived under the hope that with secular parties like Congress and regional parties will protect them from the anti-Muslim forces. They also hoped community protection may create a climate of trust and their economic well being can flourish.

However, the current situation in the country has given enough indications Muslims in India are unsafe. So far Muslims have seen their fate aligning with the secular party and now they are seeing their future in the current wave of Hindutva in this country.

In today’s situation Muslims are defenseless community in their own country. In such situation it being hotly debated what Muslims should be doing to protect their interests.

Some feel the time has come when Muslims should make choices. The choice is to either to rely on some or other secular parties or to live in a political climate where there id day in and day out anti-Muslim rhetoric. Either to live in a climate of insecurity or to become the captain of their own ship and master of their destiny and to steer the ship in the choppy waters of the country.

Muslims have always been a law abiding and peace loving citizens.  They have adopted defensive postures because they feared any communal regimentation from their side can incur backlash from the majority community.

However, the current turmoil in the country that centering on them makes it clear that Muslims are most vulnerable community in today’s India. The government, the court and secular parties have failed to protect them. In such situation the dilemma is what to do?

It is clear that the kind of politics would decide the future of the Muslims in the country. If that being the case Muslims have to decide whether they want power sharing in the political system or they may like to suffer catching the tails of the political parties.

Its time Muslims may unite under one banner and milk the electoral cow of the country. If somehow they can produce a substantial block of MPs under one leader, only then their future can be redeemed.

In the current situation All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen leader, Salauddin Owasi is the only Muslim leader who is heard speaking for the Muslim interests. Now imagine if he had a backing for more than 15 MPs, what could be the impact on the politics of the country. Muslim India it’s time to ponder…..

Syed Ali Mujtaba is a jpurnalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at


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  1. I am absolutely sorry to inform you that you forgot the IUML and its members who have been fighting for minority cause in general and for muslims in particular. Soon after independence of India, veteran muslim political leader of pre-independent India from south india, Mr: Qaede Millat Mohammad ismail Sahib came forward to lead the pilotless community remained in India. With the object of honorable existence of Muslim Community, He formed Indian Union Muslim League on 10th of March 1948. But …………………………. it rooted only in the state of Kerala.

  2. Muslims are basically strong community but they are politically, economically and socially weak in india. I personally feel political awareness among indian muslims are very less and not meeting expected level. now Muslims are in the condition to represent both state and central politics.
    Hence if Muslims start to work towards making their own political party to represent centre.inshallah it will make indian Muslims politically strong also it will help to review their thought process.
    Under representation of Muslims in indian jobs in both govt/Pvt and in every sector is a major issue which needs to be addressed immediately.
    I believe expected growth cannot be achieved by representing only political sector.

    • I friendly suggest you to read a book written by Late M I Thangal. As far as M I Thangal is concerned, he was not only one of the doyens of Muslim journalists in the recent past but most sought after name in the ideologies of muslim politics in Indian as well as Kerala.

      To me, I have read this book more than two times completely and even now, I approach it in order to get rid of my sallow dubieties of my shallow thoughts. It no doubt, reflects on a fact that on condition that we read this book through, we can find out that the author, through this book, opens a wide door up to splendid future of Indian Muslims by means of vivid historical experiences from their glorious past. Even though he lived humble and simple servant of Indian Union Muslim League tills his last breath, his book insisted every aspect of sound politics. Verily, the list of contents of this book is very large. It at first, discusses the discrepancies of society and community and effectualness of both each by quoting words from speech of Dr: Sir Sayed Allama Muhammed Iqbal.

      Besides this, this book hashs over the up and down of the Fascism and reasons gradual decline of fascism in India as well as the Extremism of Muslim community and its rising and falling. Moreover, talks about a great deal of various bailiwicks such as researches and done by three doyens of scholars of that time such as Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan, Abul Aala Moududi and Jamaludheen Afghani, and aftermaths of these researches, the modes and methods that ought to be adopted by present Muslims of India for the sake of amelioration of their futurity, relevancy of educational and political empowerment of community and the easy way for it and at last but not least gives cautions about superfluity of religious organizations aimlessly budded in community.

      Dared to emphasize the faults of own party by sitting in almost top position, M I Thangal in this book, pointed out the failure and bankruptcy of won community in building up such university as Aligarh Muslim University even after decades. I proudly recall here that he pointed to Darul Huda Islamic University established on 26 June 1986 at first as an Islamic academy now as university having of membership of Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World and the League of Islamic Universities, as role model for all institutions of community in bringing the view and perspective this community to the education up.

  3. If Muslims are true Indians and they want to accelerate the growth of this country.they should work in unity and with the confidence of other society peoples Muslims should achieve this target in upcoming election.


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