Muslim Mirror impact : Authorities restored Urdu name plate of  Darbhanga Law College within 24 hours 


By Special Correspondent

New Delhi, May 21:  Bowing to the public pressure after Muslim Mirror carried the story about the removal of Urdu name plate from the main entrance gate hoarding  of CM Law College, Darbhnga (Bihar), the  College authoreties were forced to restore the Urdu inscription within 24 hours.

Local people said  the good sense prevailed upon the College management after the report appeared in th MUslim Mirror.

Under pressure from  the communal Hindutva groups, the college authorities removed the name  of college written in Urdu language from the main entrance gate display board of the college. This sparked a  strong  uproar and hue and cry against the removal of Urdu.  Urdu-loving and secular people had condemned the communal and fascist forces for raising such frivolous issue. They had demanded the  restoration of Urdu inscription, and asked the Nitish Kumar government should check communal forces  and protect  Urdu language which is the second official of the state.

A group called  themselves MSU Mithila University Student Union had forced the College management to blackout Urdu  name inscribed on the maingate board.  Bowing to this pressure,  the  college principal Prof. Badre Alam had  ordered the removal of Urdu plate for the board.

The main entrance gate of the college as on 20th May.

Local activists  and Urdu lovers are happy after the  college name was restored in Urdu and they also expressed their gratitude  to the Muslim Mirror for carrying  the story in detail.

Local people alleged that it is  a deliberate and obvious attempt to destroy the education and culture of Muslims. On pretext of promoting Maithili, Urdu has been erased from C.M Law College, Darbhanga entrance gate board.

Historically in northern Bihar people speak two languages Maithili and loose dialects of Urdu.

It is to be noted that Urdu has been the second official language of Bihar along with Hindi since 1981. Urdu is the one of 26 Constitutionally recognised official languages of India and it is having official status in the five states of Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal, as well as the national capital territory of Delhi.

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