Muslim organisations and masses urged to support farmers’ protests wholeheartedly


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Chicago-based Dr Mohammad Qutbuddin has said that farmers in India are protesting for their rights and every Indian particularly Muslim organisations and masses should stand by them. 

“Farmers are the backbone of this country. Our economy and agriculture are dependent on them Because Life cannot continue without food and food cannot be produced without farmers. This is the question of our life and food.” he said in a video message.

 Muslim organisations and the community should organise Langar  for protesting farmers. Its a matter of humanity,  brotherhood as well as our moral responsibility towards farmers, he added.

He also urged Muslims to  deliver every possible help to agatating farmers.

Indian farmers are protesting at several places including around borders of New Delhi. They are seeking withdrawal of three Farm Laws passed by BJP-led federal government. They believe that laws tend to benefit corporates while the government says that the laws are in favour of farmers and hence it has been refusing to take back them.

Farmers have been  protesting on different sites in this cold weather from last three weeks. According to farmers’ organisations, 20 farmers have died during the agitation.

A Sikh priest identified Sant Baba Ram Singh committed suicide as he could not bear the “pain” of farmers. In his suicide note, he targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his administration for not accepting farmers’ demands.

The Supreme Court is hearing a batch of pleas regarding farmers’ agitation. The court on Thursday asked the government to consider deferring implementation of the laws as a step towards resumption of dialogue with opposing farmers’ unions.

Although a group of Muslims from Malerkotla, Punjab  have been been camping with farmers and preparing foods for them , but their presence is invisible compared to Muslim population in Delhi and surrounding areas.

3 thoughts on “Muslim organisations and masses urged to support farmers’ protests wholeheartedly

  1. Indian Muslims have always been with the hard-working Indian Farmers since time immemorial.

    Jai Kisaan, Jai Mazdoor, Jai Shikshak, Jai Insaan.

  2. The Bania BJP vermin are using the Indian SC to stall the farmers JUST BEFORE the 26th of January !They used an Indian Lawyer to move the SC.This man Harish Salve is the same man who defended the Indian Terrorist Jadhava at the ICJ.

    The GOI wanted the SC to stay the laws and so,the GOI provided no arguments – NOT TO STAY THE AGRI LAWS.No GOI funded farmers unions who support the bills made a say.

    But the Indian Farmers are NOT Fools.

    D-Day is 26th of January,2021.The world’s superpower is coming to India for the Republic Day Parade. Allow me to present the leader of the free world – the PM of Surinam !

    This is the time for the farmers to strike

    The Farmers are missing some key statistics

    1.The GOI is bust and CANNOT keep buying rice and wheat from Punjab and Haryana,as there is no demand and export rates are low

    2.Punjab Farmers DO NOT want to grow cash crops,as there is no price certainty,price stability and no fixed dates of payment (besides crop risks – w.r.t diseases etc.).Rice and wheat is a tried and tested model,for the farmers

    3.The GOI wants to make farmers grow cash crops and veggies and over produce.Then they want the farmers to use the news laws,and dump the cash crops all over India.Basically,the aim is to destroy the pricing power of farmers in all states (w.r.t cash crops,veggies and fruits).That will destroy cash crop and veggie prices all over India

    4.In comes the Industry and Retail – who will procure cash crops and veggies etc.,at the lowest cost.Who are the Big sharks in Retail ? Reliance and Adani ! Reliance has tested and studied the consumer demand and market for veggies,fruits and cash crops from their POS and Online retail ventures (for the last 10 years).They know the buyers who will pay 10 USD for One 5 foot cane stick !

    5.Once the input costs are reduced for Industry and Retail, the GOI will earn tax on profits and GST on sales – which was NOT earned before.THAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE AGRI LAWS.The GOI view is that if farmers pay no tax – hammer the agri prices so that the farmers profit is transferred to corporate Balance sheets and taxed as profit and GST on sales

    Gradually these cash crop farmers will die and be busted,and corporates will take over the land for farming and infra,and the farmers will become toilet cleaners,janitors and sweepers.

    This is the plan of MODI.

    The SC has made a committee.1 man is PRO-Farm bill (and its architect) and the others have no clue about farming !

    It is the start of a long overdue farmers revolution ! dindooohindoo

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