Muslim political conclave on March 6 to submit ‘People’s Charter of Demands’


By Pervez Bari

BHOPAL, February 24: In  the context of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the Popular Front of India, (PFI), will convene  a  “Muslim Political Conclave”  in the national capital on 6th March 2019 to submit a “People’s Charter of Demands” on behalf of the minority community before the contesting political parties.

Muslim scholars, activists and leaders have been invited from different states, which will discuss the current national and state situations and prepare a charter reflecting the concerns of the community for the interested political parties to include in their election manifesto. This decision was taken in the National Executive Council meeting of PFI held at Malappuram in Kerala.

M. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, General Secretary PFI, in a statement said that the meeting observed that, though 2019 Lok Sabha election is being viewed as of paramount importance in the history of the country, the existential and developmental issues of minorities have been largely sidelined in the political discourse of the major political parties who have traditionally used the community as their vote banks. The present Central government is characterised by its extreme anti-minority nature and the resultant rise of violence against Muslims in particular. In lynching incidents, mostly Muslims were killed in the name of beef consumption and the cattle trade.

According to one survey, it is found that hate speeches by elected leaders increased by five times since BJP came to power in 2014. A report of Human Rights Watch says that in most of the mob lynching cases culprits remain unpunished.

Jinnah said that in Babri Masjid case, the Central government is opposed to justice for the illegally demolished Masjid, rather they are doing everything to prevent justice and ensure Ram Mandir construction on the Babri land.  The non-BJP Opposition has relegated Babri Masjid case into a non-issue and has forgotten the promise of reconstruction, made to the nation when it was demolished in 1992. Through the introduction of 10 per cent quota in government jobs on economic grounds, when the Central government tried to destroy the constitutional foundation of reservation, both Congress and Left parties supported this upper caste agenda. And they keep silence over the recommendation of Justice Ranganath Misra Commission to provide 15 per cent reservation for religious minorities.

He pointed out it is to be remembered that it was UPA government which introduced the draconian UAPA, now widely being misused by the Modi Government against minorities and for silencing voices of dissent. The constitution of NIA, another agency which is misused against Muslims, is also a Congress government contribution. No previous secular government at the Centre bothered to remove the oppressive sedition clause from our penal laws.

There is a visible reluctance on the part of major parties even to address Muslims in these changed political circumstances. They often distance themselves from core questions of Muslims and backward minority sections and at times even compete with BJP by championing Hindutva politics even openly. In short, these parties have proved them incapable of standing by the aspirations of the minorities and marginalized sections of this country. The situation demands realistic evaluation of the present situation in the country and effective strategizing on the part of Muslim community for its own future and the future of the country as a secular democratic nation.  The proposed Muslim Political Conclave is an attempt at enabling the opposition parties to address the Lok Sabha election on the basis of core secular values enshrined in the Indian constitution.

Chairman E. Abubacker presided over the meeting, which was attended by, General Secretary M. Muhammed Ali Jinnah, Vice Chairman O. M. A. Salam, Secretaries Abdul Wahid Sait, Anis Ahmed and other members of the National Executive Council.

5 thoughts on “Muslim political conclave on March 6 to submit ‘People’s Charter of Demands’

  1. Muslims don’t get reservations like Hindus because of Presidential order of perhaps 1955. They say muslims have no cast system though all know it defacto does exists. At other times Supreme Court does not hesitate to smash Islam and Islamic laws in the name of justice while for larger justice for entire community it doesn’t act the same way to declare reservations for them on par with the hindus. It suprisingly becomes hypocratic in respecting Islam and saying there’s no cast system and so no reservations while approving of it for others who are very well placed compared to muslims.All commissions of inquiry appointed by governments unanimously said that muslims are now in a worse condition than SC ST etc. Can such people be called civilised and justice loving? It is proved beyond doubt that none other than MIM is the real political party that cares for muslims rights sincerely in a Secular manner. All others are hypocrites.

  2. Humble request to you the organizers of the Conclave to vigourously take up the issue of getting this 1955 amendment cancelled if constitution is to called really Secular.

  3. What stupidity by PFI, you are atleast 20 to 25 crore Muslims!
    You have to boot-lick Savarna BJP and Congress for agreeing to your Charter, and they will again play RSS games after elections as last 70 years!
    Form a political alliance with Bahujan Dalits, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, OBCs too if possible– and work for your social upliftment yourself!
    Choose 500 leaders for LokSabha giving equal opportunity and work for uplifting these 85% downtrodden majority, and run in elections.
    Ensure 90 to 100% voting..

    First make peaceful Satyagraha dharna in all Election Commission offices and Supreme court to force them to give popular ruling about banning fraudulent Savarna-controlled EVMs and ensure fair paper ballot elections!

    Otherwise you are just wasting time of people or maybe you have taken crores hush-money bribe from the ruling powers!

    This is your last chance, otherwise it is already close to future Myanmar situation!

    Reservations have to be given as per population census of communities without any financial condition to uplift and equal opportunity for all.
    e.g…..Muslims 15%, Bahujans 40% blanket, Brahmins 7%, Christians 3%, Sikhs 2%, OBC 20%, blanket…as per population in state and overall national percentage for central govt jobs and institutions.
    It’s actually very simple and fair for all, once you remove politics and concentrate on the nation and its people.
    Also abolish, income tax rich person pays it……Only have GST 3% on basic products, 20% on 2nd level products and 40% on luxury products, alcohol and tobacco, etc.
    Any plans to organise all Waqf Board millions of crores property for hospitals, schools, colleges for Muslims and Bahujans!

    You need to take your brain alongwith your heart, if you wish to succeed!
    Otherwise relax and sleep well!

  4. When you choose leaders…should be minimum post-graduate, non liar and sincere, flexible to learn and good natured.
    Can choose just graduate, but she/he should have exceptional talent!
    Income tax should only be compulsorily taken from Govt salaried employees and big corporate businesses and corporate leaders. Not from struggling middle-class in private sectors…they already pay road tax, gst, road toll tax, entertainment tax, corruption/hafta police tax and so many more…
    May Allah take some good work from Muslim Mirror and all Indian citizens for their beloved nation!

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