Muslim women’s pregnancy terminates after Assam Police allegedly strips and tortures her

Bruise marks on one of the victims of alleged police brutality (Photo | EPS)

By Muslim Mirror Desk,

In a shocking incident, a pregnant Muslim woman and her two sisters were allegedly stripped and tortured by police in Assam resulting in the termination of pregnancy of the expecting women. The incident happened inside a police poist in the Darrang district.

“We were brutally beaten up with sticks. My pregnant sister had pleaded to spare her as she was carrying a baby in her womb but Mahendra Sarma said we were acting. She lost the baby due to the assault,” the sister of the expecting mother said to a news outlet.

However, the police claims that a Hindu girl was kidnapped by a Muslim youth. And the three sisters were picked up in connection with the case.

The Assam State Commission for Women taking the strong notice of the case has lodged a suo moto case.
Assam State Commission for Women chairperson, Chikimiki Talukdar, has described the alleged attack as a “heinous crime”.

“This is a heinous crime which cannot be tolerated in a civilized society. We will send a notice to the Darrang SP,” she said.

Meanwhile, the state’s Director General of Police Kuladhar Saikia has ordered a probe into the case.

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