‘Muslim youth rescued us’, says mother of the man accused of derogatory post against Prophet


By Gowtham K

Naveen the person who allegedly used offensive words against prophet Muhammad in his Facebook post, which created a massive violence in east Bangalore two days back on 12th August. Interestingly, Naveen’s mother, wrote a post on Facebook stating that during the Bangalore riots, her family was rescued by some local Muslim youths. Naveen has reportedly died of Covid-19.

Talking about this, she said, “My daughter lived in Vijayanagar. Someone near her house were infected by corona virus. So, she came and stayed at our house with the grandchildren. On the day of the incident we were all sitting at home watching TV. Then a crowd came in front of our door and made a noise. I locked the door of the house inside and went upstairs with the grandchildren. By then, the mob had set fire to a cart-like object on the doorstep. Then some people broke down the door of our house and tried to enter. We have no idea what is going on outside and why the mob of a hundred people are damaging our house. They set fire to vehicles parked across our road”.

“Around 10:30 pm five Muslim youths from our neighboring houses climbed the wall, entered our house and rescued me and the children and took me to the next house. If they had not come alone at that time, I would not be alive now.” She also alleges “The mob told the young people who had helped us that they were acting against their religion and I had never seen anyone try to set fire to our house before. The reason for this violence is not only my son’s Facebook post; will anyone attack the innocent people in town for a post? The attack was fully planned and carried out and they did this with the intention of destroying my brother Srinivasa Murthy”, she added.

Srinivasamurthy is a Congress MLA from Bangalore, Karnataka. His nephew Naveen is said to have posted a defamatory comment about Prophet Muhammad on his Facebook page. This post was shared by a large number of people in the next few hours and went viral. So, the Islamists of Bangalore outraged by the record, went to Naveen’s house, damaged everything in his house and resorted to violence. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

As a result of this last Tuesday three people were killed and more than 60 were injured. Naveen has also been arrested for posting a Facebook post whereas Naveen said that his Facebook page had been hacked and that he had not posted the post. The matter is being investigated because this issue of religion has caused a great deal of controversy in Bangalore. Naveen’s mother, who allegedly posted a Facebook post saying that it was only the five neighbor Muslims who had saved her in that situation.


This Facebook post of Naveen’s mother clearly differentiates the people who indulged in violence and those who spread peace by saving humanity. At the same time her post which went viral across the social media as an act of social harmony. In a similar way Muslim Mirror also reported another humanitarian act where  Hours after three Muslims  were killed in police firing and over 100 arrested in the violence in northeastern Bengaluru that took place on Tuesday night after the relative of a Congress MLA posted derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammed on his Facebook page, Muslim youths came out to protect DJ Halli’s biggest temple. Such incidents which displays the humanitarian nature of the locals.

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