Muslims vote in large numbers in Varanasi


muslim]Muslims voted in large numbers Monday in Varanasi, where BJP’s prime ministerial aspirant Narendra Modi is facing a stiff challenge from the AAP and the Congress.

There were separate serpentine queues of men and women voters in areas like Peeli Kothi and Beniyabagh where most people are Muslims, officials and political activists said.

The huge numbers of voters included women too, many in burqa. There were also the elderly and some on wheel chairs.

The huge Muslim turnout was expected after Muslim clerics came out in support of Aam Aadmi Party leader and candidate Arvind Kejriwal.

The Mufti Board here called upon Muslims Sunday to vote on the AAP’s “broom” symbol, saying Kejriwal was a “honest man”.

Muslims form a large chunk of the Varanasi electorate, and it was earlier believed that the community’s votes may split between Kejriwal and Ajay Rai of the Congress.

The polling percentage in Varanasi had crossed 43 percent by 3 p.m., an official told IANS.

“This appears to be a good turnout. We are sure the voting will cross all past records,” the official said.

Voting percentage in the 2009 Lok Sabha polls was 46 percent.————–IANS

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  1. It is great that muslims have turnedup in large number to vote,we should play very key role in political field and should not allow the political atmosphere spoil

  2. Nation Muslim openly asserts they would not vote for Modi or BJP. This itself indicated they are taking Modi and BJP party head on in a straight fight. To say they fear is just ridicules , untrue and this fear factor is a media manufactured & political parties creation. Resisting bullying attitude of Modi , BJP, Sangh fanatics is not the termed as fear but sign increasing of strength & determination. until now most of so called secular parties shower mere tokenism and stereotyped gestures to won the Muslim votes, not their betterment. Nation Muslims do not need special favors, they want what they are owed as Indian citizens. Access to schools, jobs, housing and fair & equal opportunities, freedom from discrimination, due investigative and unbiased legal process. Muslim grievances and welfare reduces it to a mere political talking point for political parties as election approaches. Nothing is done concrete for all these years for education upliftment & welfare. Muslims ask for education boost thats all they require.


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