Muzaffarnagar riot victims told to leave camps in 3 days


Muzaffarnagar_1761642fBy Muslim Mirror News,

Muzaffarnagar:  More than 250 families living in riot relief camps on allegedly government land in Shamli district were given ultimatum to vacate the area in three days. Sub-divisional Magistrate Suresh Kumar Mishra said that a team of government officials visited the camps and appealed to the people to return to their villages. These camps are located in Malakpura, Narpur Khurgan, and Akbarpur and Sunethi villages in Shamli district. The riot victims have been living there after the outbreak of communal violence in Muzaffarnagar last September and because of fear do not want to return to their native places. Talking to reporters here, Mishra said that the victims won’t be allowed to stay at government’s lands and the administration has asked them to go to their viilages.

Meanwhile, in the adjoining Meerut district communal broke out clash on the occasion of Shabe-Barat. Members of the two communities clashed with each other in Kotla area of the city on the night of Shab-e-Barat. According to sources, some members from majority community objected to lightening and bursting crackers. After minor argument, members of both the communities resorted to stone pelting at each other with firing in the air. Police were called in to quell the agitated mob. It is said that the police had to work hard to maintain law and order there. The situation is tense but under control, said police. The city recently witnessed communal violence over the installation of drinking water facility.

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