Netizens come down heavily on Mahmood Madani for his statement on Kashmir

Facebook screen grab.

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi : Prominent Muslim netizens have criticized Jamiatul Ul Ulema leader Mahmood Madani  vehemently on his support to BJP government’s policies in Kashmir .

On Thursday Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind passed a resolution stating that Kashmir is an “integral part” of India and said that the welfare of the people in the valley lies in their full integration with India.

The netizens were shocked and disappointed at the resolution passed by one faction of Jamiat headed by Mahmood Madani.

“We could not expect anything better from you and your organisation Madani Saheb” said Mohammad Ghazali Khan , former editor of London based   journalist in  his Facebook comment. Ghazali Khan hails from Deoband

Describing Madani families as stooges of BJP , US based NASA scientist Kaleem Kawaja  wrote  “Madani family are the biggest enemies of Indian Muslims . They should be ashamed of keeping beards and reciting Islamic prayers and running Deoband seminary while surrendering the rights of Indian Muslims . How did article 370 make Kashmir other than part of India? Why article 371 in Uttarakhand,  Nagaland and  Meghalaya is not being touched by Modj government  but only Article 370 related to Kashmir  was abolished ? Why J&K state is split in three parts? Madani family are stooges of BJP and RSS. Indian Muslims should drag them out of Deoband and Jamiat.

“Now Maulana Mehmood sahib favours Kashmir policy of Modi government. Ok. No problem . Did he speak on the pain and agony of Kashmiris for last 37 days?” asks Abdul Hafiz Lakhani , editor of  Gujarat Siasat.

“Kashmir hamara hai …” To Kashmiri kiske hain (If Kashmir belongs to us then to whom belong Kashmiris)? Disgusting. He is big opportunist” reacted  Nafisul Hasan an  Alumnus of AMU and IIT –Delhi.

“Inke Bap ko mila tha Jehez me yeh Kashmir (did his father get Kashmir in dowry). How insensitive this so-called religious man can be to the plight of Kashmir. The majority of the people Kashmir want to have the right of self-determination and this head of the evil empire is saying that regardless, we would subdue the people’s voices. I am sure that his uncle’s meeting with the Nazi Party, RSS chief brought good dividends for him and his gang” was the reaction  of Dr. Aslam Abdullah , a US based Islamic scholar of Indian origin.

“Now they have become  colonizers , they  own  1/4 of the Deoband, apart from Madarsas they  own many schools for boys  and  girls, they  have  4-5 trusts and their empire includes from  brick kilns to transport business  etc..” wrote  Badar Kazmi  a social activist and politician  from Deoband.

“Shockingly Jamiat came out in support of government’s stand on Kashmir but it didn’t utter a single word for the Kashmiris who are being deprived of their basic rights. This has disappointed  all Muslims and non-Muslims who are fighting for the democratic rights of Kashmiris on different fronts and even in Supreme Court. Also, by not speaking against the deprivation of basic rights of Kashmiris for more than a month, the Jamiat has given the message to the world that whatever Modi government is doing in Kashmir is not a violation of human rights. While the fact is that innocent children of Kashmir, the old and the poor are facing the worst” wrote Mohd Shakir Hussain Qasmi.

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  1. Jamiat’s motive sincerely independence is to please ruling party.
    They cheat Indian Muslims through organising of Public Meetings which only have a name against ruling party’s working.
    Recently a Public Meeting they organise in the name of Mob Linching and communalism in Bhopal on 13/9/2019.
    Banners were displaying only “Aman aur Ekta Sammelan” Through this policy they’re only use the word Moblinching and Communalism only to gether Muslims but their motive was to please Ruling Party.

    • Kashmir means not only Muslims, some of other religions people are there. Many of thinking religion base on Kashmir issue… Manly our Muslim community…. this is too much… even there well educated people….bad luck… Still there is no comments on Kashmir Pandits… what about Thier rights? Last 20years thier are living on road’s? Is there any chance to leave other community in our Muslim majority area?….. Madani… statement is correct and I support..

  2. Husain Ahmed Madni was a freedom fighters to get rid of British rule,now mehmood Madni JUH is taking Kashmirs atrocities easy ,to support BJP& RSS which is against humanity because they are criminal see their record, Kashmir must be liberated,not enslaved think it mehmood Madni ,

    • Hey, RSS troll…

      Mr Mahmood Madani and Owaisis may have sided with “munafiqat” and Shaytaan, because of worldly greed like “Mir Jafar” betraying Tipu Sultan.

      But educated Muslims DON’T call anyone kafir….unless they reject Quraan and sunnah of the Prophet may peace be upon him.

      Finally Allah swt will judge them on Day of Judgement publicly, unless they repent early in their life.

      Only a chaatukaar will condone EVM voting and NRC fraud of genocide.

  3. We deceived and cheated by name sake Muslims of name sake Muslim league of Jinnah and other unislamic leaders.
    We would have followed jamiat ulama e hind during partition then India and Muslim’s of subcontinent would have been in different state.
    I support Jamiat ulama e hind Hikmat and strategies.

  4. Imam Abu Hanifa :

    ” If the ‘Ulema’ are not God’s friends, then God had no friends in the world ! ”

    With knowledge, power and respect, comes great responsibility.

    Shame on bikau wisdom of some people.

    Allah gives true hikmah/wisdom only to Islamic scholars having Ikhlas/sincerity of intention and those who respect experienced Shoura.

  5. Mahmood Madam made a history. He is one of the cheat in line of Mir Sadik and Mir Jafar. Mir Jafar went in to the fort of British in greed of enticement cheating his own master Nawab Sirajuddaula. Mir Sadik cheated Hazrat Tipu Sultan with the greed of gaining the throne by helping tge British. Now, on the same path these stooges Arshad Madni and Mahmood Madni cheated entire M7slim community of this country by dancing to the tune if BJP RSS to gain some selfish favor at the cost of lives and privileged of Kashmiri brothers and sisters.

    We should boycott these gooses and declare them cunning foxes.

  6. Comment:no state Or empire tolerate rebels or those who try to disintegrate a state Or nation. pakistani army killed more than 30 lakh bengalies in1971

  7. Ye aastin ke saanp hain.inse poochhna Chahiye ke inhen kitni kimat men kharida Gaya.Na ye kal qaum ke Saath the aur aaj to inhon ne madine ke munafiqo wali harqat ki hai.Allah aise logon ke Shar se qaum ko bachae.


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