Netizens seek removal of Manu statue from Rajasthan HC premises


By Muslim Mirror Staff

Jaipur: Scores of people have sought removal of Manu statue from the Rajasthan High Court premises on Twitter. In their tweets shared with the hashtag #मनुकीमूर्ति_हटाओ, they have urged authorities to take down the statues, which apparently symbolises regressive caste system in India.

“Statues of those who supported racial discrimination are being removed. It is a disgrace for India and the constitution that statue of a cruel man like Manu is placed in the High Court” Dalit leader Chandrashekhar Azad said. He further urged Congress party politician Rahul Gandhi to remove the Manu statue from the court premises in Rajasthan saying that his party is in power in the state.

A Twitter user, Ambika Kori, wrote that Manu believed that animals were better than women.

The netizens’ campaign comes a week after 600 Dalit activists wrote a letter to Congress party president Sonia Gandhi and urged her to remove the statue from court premises.

Manu and the compilation of his alleged directions, Manusmirti were not celebrated by the architect of Indian Constitution, BR Ambedkar. He performed a public burning of Mansmriti on 25 December 1927.

Several raised question saying that Manu statue on court premises goes against the standards set by the constitution. “The statue of Manu is an insult to the Indian Constitution and Dalits” one Ar. Rahul Nigam said.

Ambedkarite activist Anil Verma maintained that Dalit leader Kanshi Ram had also called on removal of this statue. He had travelled to the Rajasthan capital, Jaipur to lodge his protest against the statue.


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