NIA raids Zakir Naik locations again, starts blocking linked URLs



Mumbai : The NIA on Monday conducted fresh raids at multiple locations linked to NRI preacher and televangelist Zakir Naik and started blocking some online URLs linked to him and his Islamic Research Foundation (IRF).

In a day-long operation, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) team raided 19 locations across Mumbai – the second time since last Saturday – after it lodged a case against Naik and his IRF under various sections of the Indian Penal Code and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act on Friday.

“NIA has conducted searches at 19 premises related to Zakir Naik case. We have also started a process for blocking the URLs of online platforms connected to IRF and Zakir Naik. But, we have not restricted to websites, Facebook and Youtube. It is being done following the due process of the extant status,” an official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told IANS.

On Saturday, separate NIA teams had also conducted searches at the residences of Naik and his office bearers. The agency had also searched the premises of his immediately family members and others holding various posts in his NGO and private television channel.

An IRF account in the Development Credit Bank Ltd.’s Dongri Branch from where the NGO pays salaries of its school staffers and manages other expenses was also sealed by the NIA on Saturday.

Naik is currently out of the country, and reportedly believed to be somewhere in Africa.

Away from India since the past few months, the controversial evangelist did not come to attend the funeral of his father Abdul K. Naik, who died on October 30 here.

The IRF shot into limelight following allegations that Naik’s teachings and preachings had inspired terror strikes, including the terror siege on a Dhaka cafe in July this year that left over 20 people, mostly foreigners including an Indian woman, dead.

Peace TV was banned by Bangladesh following the terror strike.

Since the past four months, Naik and the IRF are under the scanner of Indian agencies for alleged misdeeds, spreading or promoting communal disharmony, inciting feelings of enmity between communities and inspiring or supporting terror acts.—IANS

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      • Similarities between Zakir & Mallya:
        1) Zakir started IRF on the basis of charity education & he is using these funds in religious conversion business & giving scholarship to ISIS people. It is same like Mallya who used banking funds illegally.
        2) Zakir is out of India since several months. Also he did not even come to India for his fathers furnal. Had he been true Indian, he would have visited India at least once & addressed all allegations against him. Hence, he is same like Mallya or Dawood.

    • The fight between Truth and Falsehood is as ancient as man set foot on earth. For some time falsehood has gain the momentem but truth always prevail. For what reason he should be sent to custody just because he is a man of TRUTH? Come out of your blind hatereted and have some courage to accept the TRUTH.

      • Truth can not be absolute. Truth is always relative. If you find something as truth then it could be untruth for others. Zakir says that Islam is the only correct religion. However, if you ask any hindu, he will say Hinduism is the only correct.
        Zakir is shrewd person & he is fooling muslims by giving false quotations from hindu scriptures. He picks up Vedic verses as per his convenience without studying the overall meaning of scriptures. Zakir is a factory of terrorism & such person should be send to jail especially when whole world is struggling against Islamic terrorism.

        • Islamic Perspective

          Every living creature is destined to die. This is the natural law. Or everything that is born will die. To the Muslims this is the law of Allah(swt). Hence human beings are no exception. Death is the cessation of ordinary human existence. Questions concerning the origin of death and the destiny of the dead, as well as rituals regarding the dead, are elements in all religions.

          In Islam, death is the common destiny willed by Allah(swt) for all living things. Death is a passing state for human beings between earthly existence and immortal life in the hereafter(Aakhirah). The onset of death is traditionally conceived in terms of a personal encounter with an angel of death dispatched by Allah(swt). Prevailing Islamic doctrine conceives death as a disengagement of the soul from the body, the outward sign of which is the cessation of breathing. This event marks the end of the predetermined period of mundane life that is to be accounted for at the last judgment, the Day of Judgment(Qiyamah), when the body and soul are again reunited and resurrected for consignment to the splendid gardens of paradise or torturous fires of hell. Between death and resurrection, individuals are subjected to a preliminary trial in the grave by the angels Munkar and Nakir and given a preview of their destiny in the Hereafter (Aakhirah).

          Aqeeda (Muslim Creed)

          The principal points of the Muslim Creed are: Belief in Allah (the God), God’s Angels, God’s Messengers, God’s Books, Belief in life after death (Aakhirah); the Day of Resurrection (Qiyamah) and Qadr.

          The fifth point in Muslim creed is to believe in life after death; to believe in the Day of Resurrection. This is the most important article of faith in Islam. It is in fact, the basis upon which Islam builds its whole philosophy of Life. A person cannot be a Muslim until after he/she accepts this principle. The advent of resurrection or Qiyamah is more frequently mentioned in the Noble Quran than any other happening. On the day of Qiyamah, all human beings will be resurrected and will have to pass through God’s judgment on their actions during this ephemeral life on earth. All this is vividly described in the Noble Quran. The word, Qiyamah, occurs 68 times in the Quran, and the word Hereafter occurs 118 times in Yusuf Ali’s translation of the Quran. The Quran argues that resurrection is rationally possible.

          “O mankind! if you have a doubt about the Resurrection(consider) that We created you out of dust then out of sperm then out of a leech-like clot then out of a morsel of flesh partly formed and partly unformed in order that We may manifest (Our Power) to you; And We cause whom We will to rest in the wombs for an appointed term then do We bring you out as babes then(foster you) that you may reach your age of full strength; and some of you are called to die and some are sent back to the feeblest old age so that they know nothing after having known(much). And (further) you see the earth barren and lifeless but when We pour down rain on it, it is stirred(to life) it swells and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth(in pairs).”

          (Quran, 22.:5)

          Commenting on this verse, Allama Yusuf Ali says “If they really have doubts in their minds about the life after death, they have only to turn their attention either to their own nature, or to the nature around. How wonderful is their own physical growth, from lifeless matter, to seed, fertilised ovum, foetus, child, youth, aged, and death! How can they doubt that the Author of all these wonderful stages in their life here can also give them another kind of life after the end of this life?

          Or, if they look at external nature, they see the earth dead and barren and Allah’s fertilising showers bring it in to life, growth and beauty in various forms. The Creator of this great pageant of Beauty can surely create yet another and a newer world. The stages of man’s physical growth from nothing till he completes the cycle of this life are described in words whose accuracy, beauty, and comprehensiveness can only be fully understood by biologists. Parallel to the physical growth, may be understood man’s inner growth, also by stages and by Allah’s creative artistry.”

          Temptations of this world and its transitory pleasures often make man forget that the life hereafter is an impending actuality. Many of those who claim to believe in the life to come, act and behave as if it belonged to a distant future, and had no bearing to their present activities and manner of living. The Quran repeatedly reminds men that the Hour of Reckoning is not a distant possibility, but very close to man, and could come to pass any moment. Some possibilities are: Nuclear warfare, huge meteors/ asteroids striking the earth, deadly epidemics, natural disasters: tornadoes, earth quakes, volcanoes, etc., Ozone hole, pollution, depletion of fuel in the sun, etc.

          The wisest course for man, therefore, is to be always alert and guard and navigate clear of all forms of sin and impiety, for when the Promised Hour comes it will come and without any prior notice. Hence in the Quran almost every Surah mentions who moves and acts of his own free will; protects himself and ensures the preservation of the species. Most importantly, there is the moral aspect of man’s being, which is endowed with the consciousness of good and evil, the faculty to discriminate between the two, and the power to do good as well as malevolence. Man’s nature demands that good deeds should have good results and evil deeds should lead to evil consequences. Man is endowed with the faculty to discriminate justice from tyranny; truth from falsehood; right from wrong; mercy from cruelty; kindness from malevolence; generosity from meanness; trustworthiness from breach of trust, etc. These qualities are not abstract ideas but are actually experienced in human life and have a deep and far-reaching effect on human civilisation. Hence man’s nature demands that his acts should lead relentlessly to their moral consequences; in the same way as they lead to their physical effects.

          If a man kills another human being, the moral consequence of the act should be the punishment of the criminal commensurate with the damage that he has caused to the family whose member was killed. It is possible that the offender may go scot free and even remain happy and become prosperous after having killed another human being. Justice demands that the offender must be punished. Since this has not happened in this world, it has to take place in the life Hereafter(Aakhirah). Genghis Khan, Hitler and others caused grave harm to millions of people for countless generations. Under the natural laws that govern the system of the Universe they could not possibly be awarded punishment commensurate with their crimes and acts of senselessness. Even if Genghis Khan or Hitler were to be torn to pieces, this punishment would not be commensurate with the wrongs they perpetrated on humanity. Between 1974 and 1979 Pol Pot killed millions of Cambodians. Thus we see killing, adversity and suffering at the hands of the vested interests. Is it possible to make restitutionm to such men and women adequately in this short span of life, within the limits of the physical laws that govern the world? The laws that govern the present system of the Universe do not allow an opportunity for complete retribution for the killings of millions of Cambodians.

          On the other hand, great prophets, the sages and the pious and virtuous men and women called mankind to the truth and the right path, and guided them out of darkness into light. Their ideas and teachings and practical examples have benefited millions of men and women for centuries; doing good for mankind, bracing against the tempest of consequences of human actions.

          Also the actions of humans during their short span of life on earth often have effects so widespread and lasting that their full consequences take thousands of years to unfold and manifest themselves fully. And it is impossible for any person, under the present laws of nature to attain such a long longevity on earth. It is logical to argue that while the present physical world and its natural laws are enough for the material and animal constituents of man, they are quite inadequate for the moral elements of his being. Hence there is a need for another world where the law of ethics is the governing law and the laws of nature are subservient to it; where life is eternal; where the moral consequences of human actions in the material world that could not manifest themselves there, should manifest themselves fully and in proper form. It demands a world where truth and righteousness, and not materialistic things, carry weight; where fire burns only such things as deserve to be burned according to the moral law; where happiness and comfort are the lot of the virtuous, and pain and misery the plight of the wicked. Both nature and reason demand such an order. The Quran assures us that the world that our natures as well as our reason demand, shall be a reality one day.

          There is no instrument to determine with certainty whether there is any life beyond death. Science can neither affirm nor deny Aakhirah. The question of whether there is any life after death lies completely outside the realm of scientific knowledge. Anyone who declares, in the name of science, that there is no life after death, therefore, makes a very unscientific statement. If a person is of the view that the life of this world is the only life and that there is no life of any kind after this, that person will develop a moral attitude without any accountability for his/her actions in this world. A radically different kind of attitude and approach is bound to result if he/she believes that this life is to be followed by another life where one will have to render account for all of one’s acts in this world and that one’s ultimate fate in the Hereafter will depend upon one’s conduct in this life.

          The Quran reveals that this Universe, which was created in accordance with the physical laws, will be demolished at one stroke; and it will be replaced by another world. God Almighty will then resurrect all the human beings who were born from the beginning of creation down to its end, and will make them appear (resurrect) before Himself on the day of Qiyamah. The records of all the deeds of individuals, communities, and mankind at large, will be there without the slightest error or omission. Also there will be complete reports of the effects and consequences of all human actions in the material world. All of the generations of men affected by them, will be present in the witness box. Every particle affected, in any way, by the deeds or words of men will tell its own story. And the limbs, the ears, eyes and all other parts of the human body will stand witness as to how they were used or abused in life. On the basis of this unimpeachable evidence and those complete records, Allah(swt), the Supreme Sovereign of the Universe, will decide each case with perfect justice and pronounce the reward or penalty as the case may be. The reward, as well as the punishment, will be of a magnitude that cannot even be estimated by the limited standards of the material world. The virtues whose beneficent effects extend over several centuries in this world will be fully rewarded there, and neither death nor illness, nor old age, will be to cut short the enjoyment of the reward. On the other hand, the evil deeds whose effects and consequences blight the lives of millions in this world for hundreds of years will be punished fully, and neither death nor coma will be able to relieve the pain and suffering of the guilty.

          The Noble Prophet(s) has said the following in one of his moving sermons thus:

          I swear by Allah that all of you will certainly die, just as you go to sleep at night. Then surely you will all be raised again as you wake up in the morning. Then you will definitely be judged for the deeds you had been doing. You will get rewards for good deeds and punishment for the evil ones; it will either be the everlasting life of Paradise or the endless torment of Hell-fire.

          (Cf.Sermons of the Holy Prophet, reproduced in Nahajul Balagha)

          To the Quraish, the concept of Aakhirah and Qiyamah were way above their heads.

          One may ask why Allah should not be able to recreate the form of man which came into being out of scattered particles of clay and was then again turned into earth.

          The Quran makes repeated references to this matter, saying for example:

          “We created you from earth and return you to earth and then bring you forth once more.”

          (Quran, 20:55)

          In this verse, our attention is drawn to the creative power of the Creator. Through the presentation of the past and future of man in this world and the Hereafter, in a single panorama, solace and assurance are given to man’s unquiet and sceptical soul.

          The dismayed people who imagine that the body of man disintegrates as a result of chemical and microbial actions within the soil, and that it cannot be restored to life, to them the Quran says:

          “The unbelievers say: Is this not strange that we should be brought back after dying and turning to dust? Such a return is impossible. But We are fully aware of what the earth takes from them and it is We Who possess the Preserved Tablet.”

          (Quran, 50:2-4)

          This verse refers, then, to a group of unbelievers who deny the resurrection of the dead. It reminds them that Allah knows full well where the elements are that once made up their bodies before being dispersed and returned to the storehouse of nature. He will reassemble those elements on the plain of resurrection, thus reconstructing the body in a way the unbelievers thought impossible. This reconstruction will follow entirely the structure and contents of the body as it previously existed, and be based entirely upon it

          The convincing logic of the Quran

          When the Prophet of Islam(s) expounded the topic of Qiyamah (resurrection) to the pagan Arabs, a Bedouin named Ubayy bin Khalaf picked up a decayed bone and set out for Madinah to visit the Prophet(s). In the hope of refuting the arguments of the Prophet and the logic of the Quran on which they were based, he raised up the bone, as if it were a valuable and convincing piece of evidence, and crumbled it to dust, scattering the pieces in the air. Then he addressed the Prophet Muhammad(s) these crude, unadorned words inspired by his rebelliousness and ignorance: “Who will restore to life the scattered particles of this rotten bone?”

          He believed that he would thus be able to refute the arguments of the Prophet(s) and to destroy the belief of others in resurrection of the dead. His ignorant mode of thought prevented him from having any correct notion of the creation of being, so that he imagined that the scattered particles of a decayed bone could not possibly be brought back to life. He adamantly maintained that the reassembling of the countless particles of the body was unacceptable to man’s reason.

          We know that Ubayy bin Khalaf was cursed by the Prophet(s) for putting the intestines of a camel on the back of the Prophet(s). He was killed in the battle of Badr and his body parts were mutilated but he was not thrown in the well. (Sahih Bukhari Hadith 5.193)

          The Noble Quran replied with this persuading argument based on convincing logic:

          “(O Messenger) say: “Who first brought them to life will restore them to life. He has knowledge of all His creation. .. Is the Creator Who brought into being the heavens and the earth, incapable of creating the like thereof? Certainly He is the Creator and All-Knowing.”

          (Quran, 36:79-81)

          The Quran invites man to contemplate the whole vast structure of creation together with the innumerable phenomena and minutiae it contains, using his wisdom and the intelligence which are his means for recognising the principles underlying the universe. Thus cloning enables man to realise that the restoration of life to man through resurrection is not more difficult than the initial creation out of a mass of different materials that were compounded together.

          Man may well ask himself how the breath of life may be infused anew into the particles of his body once they have been scattered in the recesses of the earth, and how lifeless matter may be brought back to life although its constituent elements have been dispersed. But the dispersal does not result in their permanent alienation from each other, and the human intellect can well understand that the infinite and eternal creative power of God has no difficulty whatsoever in compounding afresh those scattered elements so that they begin pulsating with life anew.

          The Noble Quran reminds man of Allah’s unlimited power to restore all the minute qualities and precise details of man’s limbs with the following words:

          “Does man imagine that We are not capable of reassembling his decayed bones? We are able even to restore his fingers to their previous state.”

          (Quran, 75:3-4)

          In this verse Allah selects to mention out of all the marvel’s of man’s composition the lines in his fingers as an example of His power. In the whole world, two people cannot be found with exactly identical fingerprints. This unique quality of fingerprints, first indicated in the Quran remained unknown until their discovery by British scientists in 1884.

          In February 1997 it was publicised that a Scottish scientist cloned a lamb. The western scientists speculated the possibility of cloning a human being. Some Muslim scholars think that it is impossible to clone a human being. Because the human being is different from all of God’s creations in that the human being has a soul. The argument is since science cannot clone a soul, a human being cannot be cloned. Looking at the past history of science, it is possible to clone a human being in our life-time. A clone is like a photocopy of the original or an identical twin who is much younger in age. If an identical twin has a soul, then a human clone will also have a soul. A clone cannot be grown in a laboratory but in a surrogate mother’s womb. The surrogate mother provides all the nutrients for the cloned cell to grow to become an embryo, a foetus and then after delivery a human child, just like the lamb Dolly. The only difference between a normal child and a cloned child is in the genes. The normal child has 23 chromosomes from the mother and 23 chromosomes from the father or 23 pairs in every cell of the body except the germ cells or gametes (sperm or ova). The clone child will have 23 pairs of chromosomes of one parent.

          Muslims should welcome the technology of cloning of humans. Because this scientific accomplishment is in itself an indication of the reality of resurrection; it provides a method which joined together with reflection, may permit us to understand Qiyamah (resurrection) and prove it scientifically. 2) Allah says Allah has created death and life to test you which one of you will be good in deeds this life is nothing but a test for hereafter. So Allah test different people in different ways some are born poor some are rich some good looking some bad looking. 3) If a child dies he will go to heaven directly.

          • Thanks for your reply. Here are my comments on your answer.
            1) According to Islam, human being is a material body & soul both. Now soul concept comes from spiritual world. It means soul has a presence of god. So if soul has presence of god then it proves that god is everywhere. Don’t you think now that god also exist in spiritual & material world both?
            2) You said that Allah has tested different people with different ways. Don’t you think it is an injustice? Suppose two students having same potential have been given two different question papers, one simple & another difficult. Don’t you think its an injustice against one who got difficult question paper? This means that Allah is not doing proper justice at the time of judgement.
            3) Based upon which factor, Allah decides who will die as child & who will die as old person? If all children go to heaven then where is the justice?
            I think Allah’s justice at the time of judgement is not equals for all human beings. Don’t you think so?

        • Dear You have misunderstood the concept i will expalin you again in breif.1) In Islam the human body and soul has been created by Allah. For example if i create an computer i dont have to become a computer what do i do i write an instruction manual how to oprate that computer. Since Allah is the creater of human beings he dont have to become human being or physically present in the soul. Allah has revealed the instruction manual for the human beings that is Quran in which it is mentioned how a human being should led his life the do’s and dont’s for the human being. Allah is not present in Soul. The power of Allah is present everywhere. According to Islamic belief Allah is present on (ARSH) it is a place above the SKY.
          2) Reagarding Allah is testing different people with different ways. Based on the test he will have the reward for example there are two students one take the admission for BA and other for MBBS. The students who take admission for BA will have easy question paper in exam and who have taken MBBS will have difficult question paper in exam. Student who have taken MBBS have to study hard to clear his exam but after he clear exam he will DR infort of his name and he is respected more in the society compare to the person who has passed BA. Based on the test thier will be result.
          3) Dear the reason the child will go to heaven is beacuse he has not done any sin in this world. On the day of judgement people will be judged based on their faith and their deeds. In islam we believe every child is born in deenoulfitar that is in original faith that is Islam. Later after he grows he may get influence with his elders and may go to wrong path. So a child is in its original faith and without sins so the child will go to heaven directly.

      • What islam teaches is truth while whatever other teaches is wrong
        This is onlly only truth for muslim
        Friend there is old buddhist says ’empty your cup “for understanding your other regilion while believeing such comment

        • HI

          Whatever u say…….or whatever u are.

          Eventual VICTORY of the World is ISLAM as God’s way.

          Other all HYPOCRITES/DEVILS will be in TERRIFIC HELL

        • Dear Sanjay Singh
          Quran is not written by human being ,it is word for god,better call Allah,.

          What vedas teaches is also true ,muslims agree with …followig vedic verses

          Atleast follow this,that will help you lot,for muslims not following these verses is unforgivable sin.

          They are from Hindu Scriptures ,now do not say we disagree with vedas ,atleast following verses and follow it..

          1. Common Concept of God in Hinduism:
          Hinduism is commonly perceived as a polytheistic religion. Indeed, most Hindus would attest to this, by professing belief in multiple Gods. While some Hindus believe in the existence of three gods, some believe in thousands of gods, and some others in thirty three crore i.e. 330 million Gods. However, learned Hindus, who are well versed in their scriptures, insist that a Hindu should believe in and worship only one God.
          The major difference between the Hindu and the Muslim perception of God is the common Hindus’ belief in the philosophy of Pantheism. Pantheism considers everything, living and non-living, to be Divine and Sacred. The common Hindu, therefore, considers everything as God. He considers the trees as God, the sun as God, the moon as God, the monkey as God, the snake as God and even human beings as manifestations of God!
          Islam, on the contrary, exhorts man to consider himself and his surroundings as examples of Divine Creation rather than as divinity itself. Muslims therefore believe that everything is God’s i.e. the word ‘God’ with an apostrophe ‘s’. In other words the Muslims believe that everything belongs to God. The trees belong to God, the sun belongs to God, the moon belongs to God, the monkey belongs to God, the snake belongs to God, the human beings belong to God and everything in this universe belongs to God.
          Thus the major difference between the Hindu and the Muslim beliefs is the difference of the apostrophe ‘s’. The Hindu says everything is God. The Muslim says everything is God’s.
          2. Concept of God according to Hindu Scriptures:
          We can gain a better understanding of the concept of God in Hinduism by analysing Hindu scriptures.
          The most popular amongst all the Hindu scriptures is the Bhagavad Gita.
          Consider the following verse from the Gita: “Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires surrender unto demigods and follow the particular rules and regulations of worship according to their own natures.” [Bhagavad Gita 7:20]
          The Gita states that people who are materialistic worship demigods i.e. ‘gods’ besides the True God.
          The Upanishads are considered sacred scriptures by the Hindus.
          The following verses from the Upanishads refer to the Concept of God:
          “Ekam evadvitiyam”
          “He is One only without a second.”
          [Chandogya Upanishad 6:2:1]1
          “Na casya kascij janita na cadhipah.”
          “Of Him there are neither parents nor lord.”
          [Svetasvatara Upanishad 6:9]2
          “Na tasya pratima asti”
          “There is no likeness of Him.”
          [Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:19]3
          The following verses from the Upanishad allude to the inability of man to imagine God in a particular form:
          “Na samdrse tisthati rupam asya, na caksusa pasyati kas canainam.”
          “His form is not to be seen; no one sees Him with the eye.”
          [Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:20]4
          THE VEDAS
          Vedas are considered the most sacred of all the Hindu scriptures. There are four principal Vedas: Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda.
          The following verses from the Yajurveda echo a similar concept of God:
          “na tasya pratima asti
          “There is no image of Him.”
          [Yajurveda 32:3]5
          “shudhama poapvidham”
          “He is bodyless and pure.”
          [Yajurveda 40:8]6
          “Andhatama pravishanti ye asambhuti mupaste”
          “They enter darkness, those who worship the natural elements” (Air, Water, Fire, etc.). “They sink deeper in darkness, those who worship sambhuti.”
          [Yajurveda 40:9]7
          Sambhuti means created things, for example table, chair, idol, etc.
          The Yajurveda contains the following prayer:
          “Lead us to the good path and remove the sin that makes us stray and wander.”
          [Yajurveda 40:16]8
          The Atharvaveda praises God in Book 20, hymn 58 and verse 3:
          “Dev maha osi”
          “God is verily great”
          [Atharvaveda 20:58:3]9
          The oldest of all the vedas is Rigveda. It is also the one considered most sacred by the Hindus. The Rigveda states in Book 1, hymn 164 and verse 46:
          “Sages (learned Priests) call one God by many names.”
          [Rigveda 1:164:46]
          The Rigveda gives several different attributes to Almighty God. Many of these are mentioned in Rigveda Book 2 hymn 1.
          Among the various attributes of God, one of the beautiful attributes mentioned in the Rigveda Book II hymn 1 verse 3, is Brahma. Brahma means ‘The Creator’. Translated into Arabic it means Khaaliq. Muslims can have no objection if Almighty God is referred to as Khaaliq or ‘Creator’ or Brahma. However if it is said that Brahma is Almighty God who has four heads with each head having a crown, Muslims take strong exception to it.
          Describing Almighty God in anthropomorphic terms also goes against the following verse of Yajurveda:
          “Na tasya Pratima asti”
          “There is no image of Him.”
          [Yajurveda 32:3]
          Another beautiful attribute of God mentioned in the Rigveda Book II hymn 1 verse 3 is Vishnu. Vishnu means ‘The Sustainer’. Translated into Arabic it means Rabb. Again, Muslims can have no objection if Almighty God is referred to as Rabb or ‘Sustainer’ or Vishnu. But the popular image of
          Vishnu among Hindus, is that of a God who has four arms, with one of the right arms holding the Chakra, i.e. a discus and one of the left arms holding a ‘conch shell’, or riding a bird or reclining on a snake couch. Muslims can never accept any image of God. As mentioned earlier this also goes against Svetasvatara Upanishad Chapter 4 verse 19.
          “Na tasya pratima asti”
          “There is no likeness of Him”
          The following verse from the Rigveda Book 8, hymn 1, verse 1 refer to the Unity and Glory of the Supreme Being:
          “Ma cid anyad vi sansata sakhayo ma rishanyata”
          “O friends, do not worship anybody but Him, the Divine One. Praise Him alone.”
          [Rigveda 8:1:1]10
          “Devasya samituk parishtutih”
          “Verily, great is the glory of the Divine Creator.”
          [Rigveda 5:1:81]11
          Brahma Sutra of Hinduism:
          The Brahma Sutra of Hinduism is:
          “Ekam Brahm, dvitiya naste neh na naste kinchan”
          “There is only one God, not the second; not at all, not at all, not in the least bit.”
          Thus only a dispassionate study of the Hindu scriptures can help one understand the concept of God in Hinduism.

          • This is ur belief that quran is not written by humans please not imposed on other
            As hindus are not forcing u to worship four handed vishu
            Dear friend hinduism or various philosophy of india are not doctrines as quran to u
            There r 9 philosophies in india out of them 8 are athesist only one 1 only believe in god
            Yaa it is true that brahman is only reality in hinduism
            Concept of god in hinduism is much more wider beautiful complex than islam
            Why u quote only few verses of vedas upanasids bhagwat please quote full to maintain their beauty and sense
            Hinduism describes god in every thing in stuti means glory to god ) in grammer consunants vowels marking ., deeds numerals deeds anything they can think frm positive to negative ,frm zero to infinity
            Who told u vedas are most scared to hindus ????
            Which parameter u r using for scarenesss measurement????
            Most authetic are upansadids to me
            Only few not all
            This choice of sacred books can be different for different people as hindus hv many books

            Indian regilion only tried to cultivate good sense deeds mind of persons self by self realization making u alert to avoid moving in crowd without sense mind deed
            Main thing is karma not worshiping god as in quran states ;hindus god give heaven on good deeds but on not worship
            Veda are self realization but quran orders or doctrine even god allah as dictator

            Please hv ur on words
            Just copy frm zakir naik site and paste
            Hv some self realization





      • This war is started by Zakir. Who asked him to prove Islamic is the only correct religion? Who asked him to show hindus are converting to Islam on Peace TV? The real truth behind it is those people were already muslims. Does not he understand that it will affect on religious harmony in India? Hence, we call Zakir a white collar terrorist.

        • It is an unvirsal fact that Islam is only true religion. Is it crime to show that people are accepting the Truth? He has been doing it in India from past 25 years there had been not a single case of religious disharmony. Terrorist means who causes terror in the hearts of innocent human being. Zakir naik was preaching peace so keep all you logic of white collar terrorist with you. We don’t agree with your argument.

          • How do you know Islam is the only true religion? Have you practiced other religions? You say it because it is written in Quran that Islam is only the accepted religion. Your statement is very immature & you are speaking like a kid or a frog in a well.
            Even though it is your feeling then still you do not have rights to speak about it in masses. It adversely affects religious harmony.
            Zakir is doing this since last 25 years. But now world is struggling against Islamic terrorism & hence Islamic teachings are considered as if some terrorist is teaching about humanity. So please stop non sense teachings of Islam.

        • I have studied all the major religion of the world. I found Islam is the most logical and sciencetific reglion. If you prove to me any other religion better than Islam i will accept that reglion now. Just do some reaserch with open mind for the root cause of terrorism. And Study Islam with open mind and be truthfull to yourself and judge what is right.

          • I really want to know logic and science in islam
            If regilious conversion r matter of logic and science
            Convert to jews or christianity most modern science belong to them
            Just tell me science of facing to kabba while namaz,circumcion,halal showing ankels while wearing pajama burkha polygamy apostasy concept of jimmi jazia kafir
            I really want to know logic and science behind it

          • Studying a religion & practicing a religion is completely different thing. You can understand a religion only after practicing. I think Islam theory of GOD is at very primary level because it cannot answer following questions:
            1) What happens when a human being dies? Do you consider human being as only material body?
            2) Why every human being takes birth with different fate? I mean, why somebody is rich, somebody is poor, somebody is good looking & somebody is bad looking?
            3) You say after death, Allah gives justice to every human being whether he will go to heaven or hell. How allah gives justice if few months baby is died?
            You answer above question then lets see which religion is more logical.

    • The Muslims have already experienced the injustice against Yaqub Memon and I don’t think that any innocent Muslim now will try this again because kuffar cannot be trusted.

    • The fact that Dr. Zakir Naik is simultaneous loved and hated in many circles is not something which surprises me most. Every person who stands for truth and spoken against falsehood throughout history has inevitable found him in this position.

  1. Dr. Zakir was the worst thing happened to the Hindus of this time. It was known that they will be after him one day but we didn’t know how long.
    However the Kuffar doesn’t know that if one preacher is down another will be up and the new one might be better than the one before.
    May Allaah help brother Zakir against the enemies of Allaah.

    • If somebody is preaching a religion, we are not against him. I give you an example of Swami Vivekanand who used to preach Hinduism. However, he never said that hindu is the only correct religion & never asked anybody to convert into hinduism. If somebody is saying that his religion is the only best & insulting other religions then certainly it is a crime.
      The problem is not with Zakir, the real problem is with Islam itself. Because Islam is a narrow minded religion & does not teach you religious harmony.. Islam calls non-muslims as Kafirs & gives permission to kill.

      • As far as converting is concern. Zakir was delivering the message of truth whoever like the message they accept it. He was not forcing anyone to accept what he says. When did he insult other religions? For your kind information there are millions of non-muslims living in the GCC countries. If Islam calls non-muslims as Kafirs and gives permission to kill then how come these millions of non-muslims living peacefully in the muslim countries. Do some self analysis before posting any comment here.

        • Dear while zakir debating he always tries to prove superority of his islam ; illerate people clapping as they hv got noble price
          What truth he preaches that make people extremist
          Many involved in terrosist activity
          What he preaches about polygamy and his comparing with other regilion ,apostacy ;osama bin laden ;terrorism and his useless explanations
          He always preaches others regilion teaching that are similat to islam and commentary about them r islamized
          He was only left till now as muslim appeasement policy by sickular governments ;he really deserve to be behind bars
          About non muslim in muslims world
          Why kafir word originated if islam is regilion of peace
          And equality ;why there is concept of converting darl u harm into darlu islam
          Does islam hv any concept of live and let other lives peacefull irrespective of religion
          Do u known the conditions of minority in pakistan ,bangladesh
          Why there no parsis left in iran though iran land of origin their religion
          What about persecution of kashmiri pandit in india
          What ur brothens did to yezedis in iraq
          What happen to christians in eygpt after islamic uprising
          How many other regilious structures are present in gulf countries
          Non islamic countries dont hv holiday for non muslim festivals so what r u analysing brothen
          Islam and its preaching have eaten by way muslims discriminate the surrounding












        DID ANYONE SAY COME AND EMBRACE ME????????????????????????????


        • Haaahaa
          See ur way of writing and ur thoughts
          See ur regilious teaching hv made u
          Counteracting with better comments u r using
          Using wondetful language
          I think ur prophet said do nt toabuse others regilions
          Otherwise they will comment on urs even zakir naik ur guru says this
          In which fantasy world u live believing in hell devil hora and blah blah does ur allah have give u mind and senses that u can sense and interpretate anything happening in surrounding world in name of ur regilion
          R u a schizophrenic or double moral person
          Pray to some other gods who can give some mind and sense so u can interpretate surrounding by ur own self

        • Dear Salman,
          Cool down.. I am not against any religion. I am only against spreading of Islam in India. India is the only one country for hindus & hence in every case hindus want to keep their dominance. However, that does not mean we are making minorities insecure. Minorities also have equal rights like hindus.
          Only one thing is expected from muslims & that is, do not spread Islam in India. Same mistake is committed by Zakir & now he is paying for it. Never say Islam is the greatest religion & if you really think so then keep it in your mind.. do not advertise it. Keep your religion as private matter & do not make it public.
          Follow your religion, leave happily without spreading Quran in India. That is the only expectation from common hindus. I hope you understand it!!

      • Yes you are right, he (Vivekanand) and others do not preach Hinduism because they cannot do that. We Muslims are the only people on the face of the earth that boasts of their way of life i.e. their Deen Islam. It is not possible that someone tasted the sweetness of Islam to shun it.
        You are not understanding the big picture. Islam doesn’t reply on individuals. Hence if one is down many will rise.
        If you go through the prophecies you will see that never ever a word that is said by the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) has gone wrong.
        After knowing this how can someone stay away from it.
        The only way of life acceptable to the True God is Islam. One God, One Deen. The one who rejects it goes to Hellfire. The one who follows it till death goes to Paradise.
        Once a person dies then that’s it. He/She cannot go back and correct it. There are only two options either Jannah (Paradise) or Naar (Hellfire).
        I know what the intellectual person will choose.

    • You are still in the age where the spread of islam was through rape and cheating and killing.Do you think that by doing this again you will be able to convert kuffars to islam again .Beware nobody trusts a muslim nowdays.




    • I am not Modi’s fan. I criticize Modi because he failed to maintain religious harmony during Gujrat riots. However, I feel that presently Modi is a better PM than others because he has courage to take bold steps & bring positive changes in India. Modi is a very devoted & sincere person. He has successfully implemented Gujrat pattern. He is incorrupt & has cultivated India’s image all over the world.

        • sanjay singh broher,if you are in Aligarh,please meet me some time if you are free at VM Hall,AMU,Jubli-47 or you may call me at 8439791216

      • Dear, Secular hindu:

        do you think that modi doing bold steps
        just check the manmohan statement that demonetisation is effected 2% of our GDP
        you know our GDP how much: $ 2.25 Trillion i Dollars.. check google for reference. 2% means 5 Lakhs crore around. how much he saves black money some thousand of crores only but he lost our 5 lakhs crores who will ask to him


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