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By Muslim Mirror News is a digital matrimonial platform that is based on the foundation of authenticity, ethics, and trust. Founded in 2018, the start-up already has a thriving number of 6,000 registered users. It is based in Delhi and is run with the sole purpose of serving the matrimonial needs of Indian Muslims. The start-up understands how crucial it is for two families to unite and start a new beginning. So, the relationship with every registered user is based on transparency.

The Delhi-based start-up is focused on bringing the matrimony service for everyone at minimal cost. Unlike other matrimonial sites, registration can be done in simple steps without the need of paying any extra fee. Mr. Hammad is of the opinion that every Muslim should get equal chance to be a part of this global matrimony network. Because, you never know who finds you perfect at what time and at which place. The website uses easy algorithm for searching and connecting with the desired profiles along with filters like age, state and preferences. is future-oriented so it ensures quality-proven as well as operationally-efficient connections with its customers. uses artificial intelligence and block-chain technology to maintain large volumes of databases. With the responsibility of having confidential information, NikahForever keep their client’s bio-data in the most private lockers. They have no hidden policy of disclosing your personal information for personal or commercial gains. Mr. Hammad has kept the website design and options and very minimal and simple. NikahForever has a customer-friendly interface. It does not take much space on your phone or laptop and works at a good speed. The options are easy to interpret and you can go from one page to another hassle-free.

Privacy and Safety

Most of the Muslim women are concerned about the privacy of their profile picture. This is a challenge because other matrimonial sites are not much concerned about the privacy issues of Muslim women. However, NikahForever realizes Haya as one of the dominant and most beautiful traits of Muslim women. For this reason, the privacy of the profile picture of females maintains sanctity and piousness for women users. This can be changed later in personal settings once the user is in contact with the interested family and is comfortable to share the picture. The start-up also has the policy of constantly monitoring the profiles to update the information and keep an eye on the new profiles. This is done to avoid the misuse of the site for bluffing innocent families. The site works only on authentic identification proof and background check. Safety of every Muslim brother and sister registered on the site is not taken for granted.

Blogging and Social Media presence

The start-up has a high-functioning group of creative writers who know exactly how a Muslim bride and groom feel at the time of marriage. These writers contribute to the richness of their blog which talks about Muslim wedding in the light of Islam..

Mr. Hammad is a self-motivated individual who intends to make NikahForever, the largest Muslim Matrimonial site globally. He is optimistic and hopes to deliver you happiness that you are looking for in matchmaking. He believes, “When Allah wills two people to Unite, no force on this Earth can separate them. That is a lesson we all learn eventually.” He aims to bridge that gap with NikahForever by making promises that are kept.

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  1. Best Indian Muslim website is

    Entirely FREE and very rapidly expanding.

    Designed by Brother Asif Dange based in Mumbai.

    Aim of website is to be a Sadaqa e Jaariyaa and to prevent our youth from falling into
    Shaytaan’s trap of Zinaa by making sunnah of Nikaah very easy.


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