No money received from Centre to fight Covid-19: Punjab CM


Chandigarh, April 18: Criticising Union Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal for trying to mislead the people, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, here on Saturday, rejected her claims of the central relief being provided to the state on account of coronavirus.

“Your information is absolutely incorrect,” said Singh, in response to her series of tweets in which she claimed, “Punjab received funds to deal with Covid-19 crisis”.

“The state has received absolutely no money from the central government in its fight against Covid-19,” said the Chief Minister in a statement, terming her ill-informed about even the basic facts relating to her own state.

The Chief Minister said instead of using her office as a central minister to help out her own state, Harsimrat was indulging in petty politics based on falsehoods.

“You should be ashamed of spreading such false propaganda on such a major issue,” said Singh. At a time when political parties were rising above petty considerations and joining hands across the country to fight this unprecedented crisis, including in Punjab, Kaur was using it to promote her political agenda.


2 thoughts on “No money received from Centre to fight Covid-19: Punjab CM

  1. Sir please call Ratan Tata, Akshay Kumar, yusuf of cipla. Who donated maximum amount to PM fund. And tell them that you have not received any funds.

  2. Where is all the money received to the prime ministers relief fund. Money which came from Mr Ratan Tata / Mr Akshay Kumar / Mr Yousef ( cipla). And some individual givers. The amount collected was so much that the entire country could use the funds for 1 entire month and survive. All the money has been siphoned off and not brought to proper use of those needy again.

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