No one killed Pehlu Khan ? All 6 accused involved in his killing acquitted by Rajasthan Court

A screen grab of Pehlu Khan mob lynching.

By Muslim Mirror staff

Alwar (Rajasthan) :It seems justice has become an illusion for Indian Muslims as those  involved  in killing of Muslims  raging from communal riots to mob lynching  are being acuitted by courts.

The latest example is  Pehlu Khan  mob lynching case  in 2017, a gruesome incident that was caught on camera. Shockingly all six accused involved in his killing have been acquitted by a court in Rajasthan.

The accused men were cleared on the benefit of doubt.

Pehlu Khan was transporting cattle with six others after buying them at a cattle fair in Jaipur to Haryana when he was stopped on the highway and brutally beaten.

He died in a government hospital three days later.



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