Non-Muslim gang which duped Muslim women to marry them busted


Kashinaga: In a shocking revelation, a gang of  fraudulent group of non-Muslims who married poor Muslim girls was busted.

They had married Muslim girls claiming themselves to be the Muslims. Later, when they could not perform prayer according to Muslim traditions, people suspected them and informed the police.

This incident occurred in Sikhonia Village of Kabeer Asthan Thana.

According to the report published in Inquilab Urdu Daily, a group of people came from Rajasthan and stayed in a person’s house. The same person arranged the marriages of these people in the evening of Thursday. After the marriage ceremony, when the grooms came out to take the blessings of the elders, they were following Hindu rituals. The onlookers felt surprised.

On Friday, when these grooms went to Masjid for offering prayer, they were not following Islamic traditions while performing namaz. The local residents got suspicion. They convened a meeting and interrogated the persons who had married Muslim girls. Some of them told that they are the Hindus. The villagers sent them back without their brides.

4 thoughts on “Non-Muslim gang which duped Muslim women to marry them busted

  1. You get what you deserve!

    Can someone marry of daughters without knowing groom just because they speak the language and say they are Muslims?
    Misleading headline and article!
    Muslims have to learn basics of Islam and practise them, and be careful in arranging early and verified matches for marriage!

  2. Marrying in illeterate people is not very easy irrespective of religion, bcoz they don’t get groom easily. So anyone asking for marriage if from same caste whether in disguise they won’t be suspicious untill and unless there is a reason to be. Same was the case here.

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