Notice to The Pioneer for calling Zakir Naik “Salafist terror preacher”


By M M News

New Delhi: Recently Enforcement Directorate seized some properties of Dr. Zakir Naik in an alleged money-laundering case. The news, based on a PTI report, was published by newspapers and electronic media describing Dr. Naik as a “controversial preacher” but the Pioneer, while publishing the same news in its front page on 20 January, 2019, described Dr. Naik as “Salafist terror preacher”.

Taking sou motu cognisance of this, Delhi Minorities Commission has sent a notice to the Editor of the Pioneer,saying that “this is a gross misuse of media freedoms to defame a person who is still an accused and no court verdict has been passed in the case. The said preacher is at best an accused in a case of money-laundering and not terror funding or preaching.”

DMC has directed the Editor of the Pioneer to enlighten DMC how it has arrived at the conclusion that Dr. Naik is a “Salafist terror preacher”.

The DMC notice further said, “If this a mistake by an overzealous editor of the page, you should print a clarification in a prominent place saying that Dr Zakir Naik is only an accused in a money-laundering case, and supply a copy of the same to this Commission.” The Commission has asked the Editor of the Pioneer to reply by 11 February.

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  1. Delhi minority commission is doing a great job under its current head.may the same head be the union minister for minority minister.

  2. Absolutely truthful by DMC under the stewardship of AAP.
    RSS goons have technique of slandering using lies and propaganda if they fear someone will speak thw truth.
    May Allah bring AAP all over India and give PM ship to Kejriwal and Education and HRD to Manish Sisodia!

  3. Syed Shuja Bhai aur unke Shaheed maa-baap, family aur colleagues ke balidaan ne Hyderabad ka aur saare Bhartiyon aur Indian Muslims ka poora karz adaa kar diya!
    Inka naam Bhartiya Itihaas me 10 saal baad Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdeo aur Ashfaqulla Khan ke saath liya jaayegaa InshaAllah!
    Chaahe RSS is baar haare ya jeete, inki EVM ki sachchai saamne aa gayi.
    Donon Owaisi bhai agar Waman Meshram ke saath EVM bandh me March me saath na de, to samajh lena ye log Shuja bhai ki family ke hatyaaron – KCR aur BJP ke saath — power ke liye baraabar bhaagidaar hain!

  4. Will the same pioneer accept that RSS is a terror organisation.

    When zakir naik funding be investigated than why not RSS funding shouldn’t be investigated?

    Afterall RSS involved in terror activities, as disclosed by the brave officer Kargare in his investigations.

  5. It is not going to matter. The Pioneer has relatively small circulation and all
    Non-Muslims Indians know who he is. If any Hindu preacher has spoken against Islam.. there would many fatwas against him. Pakistan was created for likes of him and he can go there.


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