Pakistan celebrates Ranjit Singh and Bhagat Singh but we can’t tolerate Jinnah’s portrait

Ranjit Singh and Bhagat Singh

By Muslim Mirror staff

Is India becoming Hindu Pakistan is often what we ask?  But now even that comparison seems unfair. On 28 June, Friday, a report published in Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper said: “In a colourful ceremony, the statue of the Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh was unveiled at the Lahore Fort, at the Mai Jinda’s Haveli, on Thursday evening. The nine feet tall statue, made of cold bronze, shows the regal Sikh emperor sitting on a horse, sword in hand, complete in Sikh attire.”

The life-size statue, pictures of which were released on social media, shows Maharaja Ranjit Singh, riding his favourite Arabic horse Kahar Bahar. The Arabic horse was gifted to him by Dost Muhammad Khan, the founder of the Barazkai dynasty.

According to local media, the one of a kind statue took eight months to construct and was made under the supervision of Faqir Khana Museum Director Faqir Saifuddin.

Compare the situation in India. A function to confer former vice president Hamid Ansari a life membership of the students’ union was called off after protests by right wing forces over Jinnah’s portrait in the main hall which has been hanging in the university since 1938.

On the contraryPakistan on Monday also issued visas to 463 Indian Sikh pilgrims who are going to that country to observe the death anniversary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

The visas issued by the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi are in addition to the ones given to Sikh pilgrims participating in the event from different parts of the world, it said.

The 463 Indian Sikh pilgrims will visit Pakistan to observe Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s death anniversary from June 27-July 6.

India on the other hand has many a times stopped Kashmiri families from both sides to meet each other.


  1. Because Jinnah divided this country on religious grounds.. However, Bhagat Singh sacrified whole life for the nation.. Hence comparing great Bhagat Singh with Jinnah is Bhagat Singh’s insult..

  2. The point here is those Pakistanis displayed a noble gesture unlike our narrow minded selfish PM Muddi

      • @ Sicky Sanghi extremists!

        We need Swamiji in Bhagat Singh’s India.🇮🇳

        We need to send you sickies to Nathuram’s Aryavrat of Netflix Leila series asap…🔥



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