Pappu Mandal the key  accused in Tabrez lynching case is a BJP man

Tabrez Ansari and the key accused Pappu Mandal

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Ranchi : Pappu Mandal, the main accused in the lynching of Muslim youth in Seraikela district last week has been arrested, Jharkhand Police said on Monday. Pappu Mandal reportedly belongs to the ruling  Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP).

As per the police, the search for other assailants involved in the case is on.

However, the family of Tabrez has alleged that Pappu Mandal was in Police station when they first visited Tabrez there.

“Initially, I was not allowed to enter the police station. Then I heard someone saying ‘Ab tak yeh mara kyon nahin? [why did he not die till now?]’. When inquired, I found that it was Pappu Mandal, the main accused, who was shouting right inside the police station. I could not hold myself back. I entered the police station forcibly only to find Tabrez having bruises all over his body and blood stains on his face, hands and legs,” Ms. Begam said. His young wife fainted then and there,” said Shahnaz Begum,  mother in law of Tabrez,  while talking to the Hindu.

Accused of stealing a motorcycle, Tabrez was held captive and beaten by a mob on Tuesday and handed to the police the next day after he fell unconscious after constant beating.

However, he had to be admitted to a hospital after his condition worsened and he died at the hospital on Sunday.

Ansari’s wife has questioned the role of the police in her husband’s death alleging that he was not given timely medical treatment.

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  1. He is BJP man and every BJP man is RSS man and the whole world knows RSS is fascist majoritarian barbarian communalist organization. That explains it.

  2. Brain-washed and money and power-pampered Dalits are foot-soldiers of Brahminical Sanghis to do their dirty job.
    Muslims form an alliance of love and brotherhood with Dalits, but also don’t accept mob-lynching lying down.
    Self defence is human right. Learn from Sikh community.
    Unite against fascism and oppression with peaceful satyagraha non-cooperation movement of Gandhiji in all govt offices.


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