People blessed by Hindu gods won”t get coronavirus: Bengal BJP chief


Kolkata : In more bizarre comments, Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh has said that “people with blessings of Hindu gods and goddesses” need not harbour fears of contracting the coronavirus infection.

Ghosh”s remarks came at a religious programme in East Midnapore district”s Narayangarh where worship of goddess Manasa (goddess of snakes) was on.

“Look here so many people have assembled. Thousands of people are here praying. They are drinking water, taking ”prasad”. They are not even washing their hands. They are not afraid of the disease. We are taking the ”prasad” together. Nothing will happen to us, as the gods” blessings are with us,” he said.

In contrast, he said even in developed nations people are not venturing outdoors for fear of the disease.

“In other countries, crores of people are confined to their homes. They have reached the moon, but now they are not even venturing outdoors,” he said.

Known for his penchant for shooting off his mouth and making incendiary comments, Ghosh had faced widespread ridicule last November when he claimed that milk of Indian cows contains gold.

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