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By Shahnawaz Ahmad,

Human being is the best creation of our Almighty and its being best over all other creatures is due to the intellect and free will which the creator has endowed them with.

Since this free will may be used in either way good or bad in this world, man needed divine guidance to carry on their affairs in this world so that they get success. For divine guidance to deliver to mankind, our Creator chose messenger from amongst the people from time to time.

Several prophets came since the man set foot on this earth as Allah says to every nation we have sent messenger, the last and final one came to be named Muhammad (PBUH) who was sent to the land of Arabia in particular and to the rest of mankind in general.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) finds mention in all the scriptures previously revealed to different prophets of the time as he was to be the final one for the whole mankind according to God’s plan. In many scriptures like Torah (revealed to Moses (PBUH) and to Bible to Jesus Christ (PBUH), the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is mentioned as he final one to come. Even in Hindu scriptures the name of Muhammad is mentioned as the final Messenger to come.

Following are the Hindu scriptures where his name finds mention.

According to Bhavishya Purana in the Prati Sarag Parv III Khand 3 Adhay 3 Shloka 5 to 8.
“A malecha (belonging to a foreign country and speaking a foreign language) spiritual teacher will appear with his companions. His name will be Mohammad.Raja (Bhoj) after giving this Maha Dev Arab (of angelic disposition) a bath in the Panchgavya and the Ganga water (i.e. purifying him of all sins) offered him the present of his sincere devotion and showing him all reverence said, “I make obeisance to thee. O ye! The pride of mankind, the dweller in Arabia, Ye have collected a great force to kill the Devil and you yourself have been protected from the malecha opponents.”
The main points mentioned in the Kuntap Suktas i.e. in Atharvaveda book 20 Hymn 127 verses 1-13 are:

  1. Mantra1
    He is Narashansah or the praised one (Muhammad). He is Kaurama: the prince of peace or the emigrant, who is safe, even amongst a host of 60,090 enemies.
  2. Mantra2
    He is a camel-riding Rishi, whose chariot touches the heaven.
  3. Mantra3
    He is Mamah Rishi who is given a hundred gold coins, ten chaplets (necklaces), three hundred good steeds and ten thousand cows
A similar prophecy is also found in Rigveda Book I, Hymn 53 verse 9:The Sanskrit word used is Sushrama, which means praiseworthy or well praised which in Arabic means Muhammad (PBUH))

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is also prophesised in the Samveda Book II Hymn 6 verse 8:

“Ahmed acquired from his Lord the knowledge of eternal law. I received light from him just as from the sun.”

In Purana (a holy book of Hindus) it is stated that Kalki Avatar would be the last messenger (prophet) of God in this world for the Guidance of the whole world and all human beings.

It is stated in Vedas that God would teach Kalki Avatar through His messenger (angel) in a cave. Allah taught Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), through His messenger Jibraeel (Gabriel) in a cave known as Ghaar-e-Hiraa.

It may be countered that why Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) could not be the first and only prophet to mankind? In fact in the world of matter evolution is inherent so is human civilisation. Human civilisation took long years to come to where we are presently placed.Today,human mind ,we see, has reached its pinnacle and Quran exhorts human mind more than any scriptures of the world as at several places it say “Don’t you think”, “don’t you ponder”. All the previous scriptures have not been preserved in their original form and written later on by people as human mind had not matured enough to think over preserving the wordings of the creator and Quran is the only book which is preserved in its only form and preserved during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).

Moreover,Quran is called the miracle ,a book being called a miracle must push human mind to look towards it as this age is the age of intellect and science and technology is the yardstick where everything is measured.

The time has come for all of us to seriously think and ponder over Quran, the final book bestowed upon Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) especially in the present scenario of the world when humanity is threatened and dissect its teachings to apply to solve the problem of humanity.

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  1. Superstitions are innate to primitive living beings…It has been observed in experiments that even pigeons become superstitious in certain conditions ..humans just take their superstitions take to another level and call it religion..Please do not accept anything without it vedas or quoran…They are as useless a books as the book of bible or torah. A tenth standard physics book has more knowledge that all the four put together.

    1. Dear Ali, if you want to disagree with the contents of the article, that is a different subject. But you can’t equate religion, grossly, to superstitions. Religion is a very vast, comprehensive treatment of entire human existence. It has place for superstitions as well. Take away all superstitions from your life and you won’t be able to survive. The tenth standard physics book is utterly useless in comparision with any religious text. Quote a statement from it and I will tell how superstitious it itself is. Physics doesn’t deal with what is right and what is wrong. Forget that, entire science is INCOMPETENT to even understand the terms right or wrong. Religions deal with most complex and controversial aspects of life. Personally I don’t know what kind of person the author is. But why should I hurry to conclude that he is fanatic muslim trying to prove superiority of Islam? I am just assuming he is trying find the connet between the religions. So long as his intensions are noble in terms of social behavior, I don’t his superstitions. And lastly mind you, scientist are the most superstitious people as mostly firstly believe something and work hard till it proven right or wrong.

      1. Dear Joshi,
        Before concluding about the author plz analyse your Vedas you will find the same truth again. Not only Vedas but all religious books like Torah, Bible also have same information. It can not be a coincidence. I hope you will find the truth

        1. Yes I read some were in islamic sculpture that Lord shiva is God and you should bow down him.
          Chant OM Namaha Shivay 108 times and you will have a peacefull life

          1. You are right dear.. prophet Muhammad’s uncle was devotee of lord Shiva U can read SAI OL OKUL

            These moron Islamic scholars are smart liar they have staright forward misinterpreted intentionally to make people fool.

          2. Prophet’s uncle was worshipping Shiva including 360 other idol’s that’s why Prophet (PBUH) rejected him and offered to worship only the One Almighty!

          3. How was SHIVA God when he needed someone else to help him out.
            SEE indian scriptures study carefully and then say a word of wisdom.

        2. Mr Abdul, I’ve read enough scriptures to tell you that above mentioned things are complete fake.
          They are taken our of context, all translations are incorrect. Pls use Google translator and translate any words to its sanskrit meaning and you’ll know how these people fool you in the name of religion. Pls donot fall for their fake lies, punishments,post death offers and marketing lies. Be a spiritual person and stop falling for fake religions. Worship God in any form and he’ll be there for you. Use your own mind god jas given that to you for a very valid reason. He wouldn’t give you a brain if he had to write down everthing for you in a book.

          1. And unfortunately none of your religious scholars were able to challenge dr zakir naik when he for mentioning the same . so do me mean you know you religion more than your scholars

          2. Sister where is your feets🙏

          3. It mean you know the right translation 😁…
            Greefith didn’t know Sanskrit….and other translator didn’t know Sanskrit….
            Pandit prakash didn’t know Sanskrit and had misinterpreted and 8 hindu leading pandits who verified his work didn’t know Veda🤔🙄🙄

          4. She is right .. No islam book is available before 5000 years it self and all this Puranas understanding to be from well versed pandits required .. Peace be upon to PBUH .. but he is no where mentioned in any vedas.. The crooked kings like Akbar and Aurangazeb have created by the hook of sword on innocents to write all the useless things such ALLOPANISHAD etc .. Please understand Prophet never said any thing that he is different .. he just told life is with love abs peace .. We even discovered Mars and other planets let’s search for more reasons


          1. Sandeep you are so ignorant and high in pride to not agreeeing to the truth.
            Just because you are born Sikh/Hindu, doesnt mean you do not have to compare other religion
            The first Allah will throw in hell is the arrogant people.
            Means you are not afraid of Allah(OneGod) message to follow Muhammad.

        4. Concept of Supreme god mentioned in Vedas is totally different than Allah from Quran we can creator ISHWR (Supreme God).ishwr is OMNIPRESENT and Allah is at 7 the sky ok..Allah comes down to make world in 6 days n then went to his chair,Allah is jeolus, threatenes to non believers (Quran 4:56), Allah if he wants whenever he can bread his own laws also..I can go n give lectures on Quran ok..but Supreme god mentioned in Vedas is totally different god doesnt go n up and down like Allah do. Ishwr is complete in all’s aspects god don’t need anything like Allah who ask n threatened to worship him..Vedas doesn’t talk about heaven and hell permanent place ..ok..the reason behind ur fake marketing is ur r follower of illiterate prophet Muhammad so let me tel u go m read original BHAVISHYA PURAN text Khand 3 PRV 3 chapter 3.. mohemd is taken as MALECCHA..go n check meaning of MALECCHA in Sanskrit and hindi dictionary ok..means illiterate,ANARYA,Third class behaviour person, uneducated.. Muslims are expert in faking and looting, Brianwashing people just like it illiterate prophet did by breaking moon into two parts..if he did break moon what happened to our magnetic field,no single rock from moon came on earth,.. mohemd was lair like u

          1. Dear brother please,Have a complete knowledge about Prophit Muhammad (PBUH) before critising him U and ur knowledge is like mosquito infront of his(PBUH)’s behaviour.will pray Allah will give u Hidayah and Imaan

          2. Dear Brother,

            Please try to do some research before critising Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and our creater ALLAH(God Almighty).
            Yes of course he is 7 th sky which means the layer where Big Bang started, If you analyze how small we are in earth when compared to higher layer in universe which we cant even imagine, we are not even in nano particles from where universe started expanding.I hope you have assumed 7 skies as layers in sky like (Atmosphere,stratosphere,hydrosphere,exosphere)
            Brother let me help you.
            To give a short background.
            I have Categorized the universe based on scientific facts and discoveries
            1.Our Earth is in our solar system.
            2.Solar system is in Milky way Galaxy.
            3.Collection of local group of galaxies in cluster(totally 54 galaxies ) – Distance 10 Million Light years
            ref – 1 light year = 9.461e+12 kms.
            4.Collection of Local group clusters as Virgo Superclusters (atleast 100 groups ) – Distance 110 Million Light years
            5. This Virgo supercluster is further grouped with numerous supercluster as lanieka supercluster – Distance 520 Million Light Years).
            6.Entire Known and observable universe (Humans discovered the existence of universe )
            7.Unidentified and unknown part of universe (Humans didnt have any information on this , as universe is expanding very vast and fast)

            Let me tell you this is what 7 th sky means not the one (layers in atmosphere)
            So Allah(SWT) is well aware of what we humans ,tiny insects and even micro organisms do
            He gives food and shelter to these living organisms which he created.

            So please study before criticizing others.

            109. Surah Al-Kafirun
            In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
            Say : O ye that reject Faith!
            I worship not that which ye worship,
            Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
            And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship,
            Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
            To you be your Way, and to me mine.

          3. I can only say Astaghfirullah…..only those can enter in Islam who gets that rehmat from Allah… Whatever you commented maybe you have reason cuz you don’t want to accept what you actually don’t know well.
            I would kindly remind you yajurveda – Na Tasya Pratima Asti …Shudhma paapvidham,andhatama pravishanti ye asambhuti mupaste..

        1. In atharvveda mantra 2o/127/1 narashanshah means He who is praised by human beings and naturally He is Almighty God. Knowledge of vedas originated at the time of creation that is more than one arab ninety six crore years back. At that time there were no any sect originated. Our ancient rishis studied only vedas, which are still applicable for whole of the world. About five thousand years back rishi patanjali philosopher of yoga and vedas has told in his yoga shashtra samadhi paad sutra 1/24 “purush vishesh ishwarah” that is supreme amongst human beings is only almighty God. In bhagwat geeta shalok 10/27 Yogeshwar Krishna says “Amongst human beings I am king.” Here Shri Krishna is trying to give knowledge that almighty God is only supreme and after God next are rishis, munis, prophets, faquirs who are considered supreme amongst human beings because they preach the human beings. That is why there is a pious ayat of holy quran sharif in the beginning that every preach is only for khuda and in pious hadis sharif it is rightly mentioned that amongst all — “la ila-ha il lal laha.” and the best prayer al-hamdu lillaha. So here we can accept the meaning of narashashah in respect of the person who is praised by all human beings due to his preach and pious deeds etc. Kauram means the king of whole earth or prophet, rishi, muni.

    2. Quaran had many scientific knowledge like big bang , moon doesn’t have its own light, about multiverse about zoology and many more so first study then type

      1. You are said zoology topic in Qur’an regarding Embryo. That is only your justification only word used in Qur’an representing Embryo actual meaning is drop of blood. Embryo is not form from blood drops , Embryo forms by the combination of egg and sperm . Don’t violate the truth which scientifically proven.

          1. Yes and they also mentioned that sperm are developed in the spine? Lol! Pls stop being superstitious! Some of the facts were well discovered by greeks, hindus and ancient civilizations even before Islam was born. Any man could easily pick these facts and put it in a book. Don’t be so blind! According to your logic every scientist should be a prophet then..pls don’t fall for fake books. Practise spirituality not these fake books.

        1. Denying even when a subject matter expert is agreeing that Quran is accurate in mentioning growth of foetus. What a pity!

          Koran says, planets are swimming in the space. Why was the word “swim” used for rotation and revolution of planets. Seems absurd from 8th century to 20th century.
          Today we have space-time and gravitational waves concept and perfectly matches it.

        2. Bro…hey bro…I am mbbs student 😁. And know somewhat arabic too😁.
          And I think I am perfect for answering…
          Quran use the term alaaqa which has three meaning_
          (1)a clot of blood.
          (2)leech like substance
          (3) clinging material
          Except 1st meaning rest two terms are 💯% fit and correct for early embryo…and if you have doubts on me( because I am Muslim)…then do you have doubts on professor Moore ( a Christian)…he is world famous embryologist…and he was shocked how deep Quran explain embryo development in so simple terminalogies…
          You know he said_ I would like to prefer Quranic terms and sequence than other embryologists use…
          Bro… Am I not right person to answering you😁😂

    3. @”Ali Rizvi”

      Fake name being used by a Hindu gutter rat fan of a shia atheist. Its Hindus who are superstitious backward retards. Takes your ignorance back to the gau shala.

      1. Hindus roam in black tent??? Hindus kiss a stone while also oppose idols???Hindus believe in after death marketing deals??? Hindus believing in spreading violence in the name of religion?!?? Hindus believe homosexuals are to be punished ?? Hindus are killing atheists??? Theres enought evidence my dear about who is doing what. Pls pick any geopolical book and check maximum civil wars happened in the name of which religion. You’ll get your answer brother. It’s good to be in fake dreamland till it give you happiness.. don’t forget god behind in the dilution of a fake book.

        1. Mam….Hindus roamed naked in India 🤗….read Babarnama…Babar describe India of that time as_ they were almost naked🤗.

        2. Mam….hey..🙄..
          We kiss stone not because it represent Allah but it’s a stone from paradise(as per what is narrated in Bible…)
          I ask to you…you have a stone from paradise,what would you do??.. certainly,you would began to worship that stone…but we Muslim will kiss it…we will never worship because we the creator (khaliq) has created many such stones……∆∆ that’s difference between idolaters and believers….

    4. By name u r a muslim but what a shame u dont know about ur own religion? U haven’t read ur own holybook “Quran” not quoran. For ur kind information 80% of the Holy quran is approved by Science nd not even 0.01% of it is proved wrong till now nd about remaining 20%its still a mystery. Quran doesn’t gives guidance to people like u.
      “Allah has set a seal on their hearts nd on their hearing nd on their eyes there is a covering.Theirs will be a great torment”this verse of quran is for u

    5. We have Lot of evidences to prove Quran is right. Quran is a book of signs you cannot prove a single verse of Quran as wrong.

  2. Dear Shanawaj, As salamu alaikum,
    These were pin pointed many a times by Dr. Zakir Naik yet Hindus will not believe. ALLAH SWT made it clear that deaf dumb & blind will not listen. They are blind , they are dumb & they are deaf that they donot hear the call of Islam & will ridicule & kill.
    To a large extent Western white & Black listen to the call of Islam but Hindus by nature are Muslims haters. They stand by their own ego &
    proclaim that Hindus idolatry came first. in Fact Holy Adam Propagated Islam but His first Son Kabil became evil & killed his younger brother Habeel & through his generation Idol worship began.
    There were advent of 124000 Holy Prophet Holy Mohammed(MSAS) as the seal of all Prophets which is affirmed by All Religious Scriptures but they will not believe.
    Christians say Holy Jesus is the God & Jesus only.
    Therefore am sending mails to Royal family Churches Announcing
    ALLAH SWT only & Holy Quran is the guide to humanity & Holy prophet Mohammed(MSAS) is the seal of all Holy Prophets.
    I asked all Pastors & priests which Prophet prostrated to holy Jesus ?
    The rejected the Gospel of St.Barnabas & now it was discovered in Turkey & The Pope Benedict astounded the world & became a Muslim. He openly rejected Christianity.
    May ALLAH SWT guide us to truth & piety.

    1. Coward muslim like you is just barking here.Read RAMAYANA and MAHABHARAT and study about VEDIC culture.Then you will come in the true path of DHARMA.Islam is a fake religion which only creates terrorists.

      1. Brahmins are hiding what is the truth mentioned in vedas from hindu community so that they will not raise any voice against them.

      2. Islam is the true religion of God. From first man on earth to the seal of prophets they were all muslim. On day of resurrection you will get the answer but then who would have failed this whole test…


        1. True. Islam is The Religion, since very First Human being Created on Earth. Rest are deviations developed by humans.

          1. First human didn’t say he is a muslim. Your preachers are fooling you with these fake lies and you believe it. No doubt people all over the world get angry at your believes. They’re just ridiculously annoying at times. What has a fake book done to you all? Why will god go behind a mountain to talk to 1 man so he could give a message to the entire humanity! Oh god! Use some brains.

      4. According to Bhavishya Purana in the Prati Sarag Parv III Khand 3 Adhay 3 Shloka 5 to 8.
        “A malecha (belonging to a foreign country and speaking a foreign language) spiritual teacher will appear with his companions. His name will be Mohammad.Raja (Bhoj) after giving this Maha Dev Arab (of angelic disposition) a bath in the Panchgavya and the Ganga water (i.e. purifying him of all sins) offered him the present of his sincere devotion and showing him all reverence said, “I make obeisance to thee. O ye! The pride of mankind, the dweller in Arabia, Ye have collected a great force to kill the Devil and you yourself have been protected from the malecha opponents.”
        The main points mentioned in the Kuntap Suktas i.e. in Atharvaveda book 20 Hymn 127 verses 1-13 are:

          1. Okk what about swallowing the sun by your bajrangbali?
            Is it possible to swallow a star which is 100 times hotter than a fire and which is bigger than our earth by a Monkey?
            There are many things in your religion that is just like a fake stories…
            And yup the religion you are following is also wrong coz it is clearly mentioned in uour scriptures that Bhagvaan ki koi prathima koi tasweer nahi hai and he is only one but you people worship lakhs of God?
            Just go and study about yoir religion sister i know you people dont read your own scriptures…

          2. @Dr Neha,

            I would like to reply for your earlier allegations
            “First human didn’t say he is a muslim. Your preachers are fooling you with these fake lies and you believe it. No doubt people all over the world get angry at your believes. They’re just ridiculously annoying at times. What has a fake book done to you all? Why will god go behind a mountain to talk to 1 man so he could give a message to the entire humanity! Oh god! Use some brains.”

            If the word muslim is too difficult for push that down from your throat.
            Let me explain you
            ‘Muslim’ derived from arabic word which means “Submitting your will to God”.
            Yes you are right , Humans didnt say he/she is a muslim.
            Because they have already submitted their will to God right from when they are born.
            Soon after their parents influence they start to practice the religion what their parents follow.
            Its that corresponding duty of that human(us) to study that religion whether it is right or wrong to follow.
            Right from ADAM (PBUH) (First man on earth) to Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) all were muslim.
            So there is no question of ISLAM born before 1400 years and founded by Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)
            ISLAM was there since man set foot on earth till now.
            ISLAM meaning – Peace acquired by submitting your will to ALLAH(GOD).
            By the way all the people in the world arent angry against ISLAM, there are few but not all.
            In fact ISLAM is the only fastest growing religion in the world till now .
            There some blacksheeps in ISLAM like other communities where its a illogical to blame the entire community for those individuals mistakes.
            There might be some reason why ISLAM is growing extensively.
            People are not fools to follow the religion blindly, they have started to think rather than following their ancestors.

            Hope this helps!!
            No Offence Sister 🙂
            Cheers 🙂

          3. It honestly sucks to not know about your religion. And since in your previous comments, you addressed the concept of free will and religion, I don’t see why you are so concerned with standing absolute for the Hindu religion. If you are so open about religion and free will, let everyone say what they want. Islam teaches us to respect all religions. Islam cannot be forced onto its subjects, the subjects have to embrace it. The “fake” prophet you refer to, indeed has many references in many holy books and religions including your very ‘sacred’ religion which is all true. You guys make a god out of everything you see. The amount of changes to your religion are insane and mostly throughout history, the religion was changed for personal benefit. The Quran and its teaching have remained unchanged throughout. Fact check before you reply Dr. Neha. It is foolish to still be so ignorant after all the facts that were commented.

        1. Are you sure that Muhammad is mentioned in Bhavishya purana? As a Hindu I accept that muhammad is mentioned in Bhavishya purana. But Did you read the whole chapter?I think no. Because Muhammad is mentioned as an incranation of demon triparasura. If you have guts, copy paste the whole chapter or open the original English translation and red it yourself. I don’t know why you are saying that muhammad is a demon.

          1. the thing is that there are evidences that all of this is written in Bhavishya purana is from 19th century.
            meaning HIndus copied pasted Muhammeds story.

    2. the plain truth, seeing your handle i would like to ask you a question out of curiosity on your opinion:
      your scripture states that prophet muhammed is the last and final messenger from god to humankind, so how is it that another messenger is still yet to come ie: kalki avatar?
      even of kalki avatar is prophet muhammed, why would he be born into a home of a vedic family?
      your scripture mentions that you are forbidden from indulging in alcohol and promiscuous sex, why is it that your heavens are described to have rivers of alcohol and 72 virgins? where do these virgins come from?? when you die, your body is buried and becomes decomposed in the ground, what are they going to do with these virgins.
      why is it that its convenient to believe in hindu scripture if prophet muhammed is mentioned but inconvenient to believe in the other teachings of the scripture?
      lastly, what if you are wrong? what if islam doesnt actually take you to heaven?
      i am not trying to ridicule and be nasty, i am genuinely curious on your thoughts regarding these things.

  3. @RSS…..a usual frustrated grunt from an arse of a hindutwadi pig…yours is all about “mythology”…where “piyaakad” shiv chopped the had of his son-ganpathy… so who was the “original head chopper”…who is fake and who is a snake wrapped “terrorist”….it seems RSS has piles..and he is in “pain”


    1. If you believe that the above article is true, then you all are doing a big damage to Islam. All of us know the dates when the Prophets were born. We all know the dates of civilizations and where the civilizations flourished. As per the modern historians, Rigveda dates back to some 3000 years. Jesus Christ was born only 2000 years back. Prophet Muhammad was born only 1500 years back. Vedas and Hinduism are much older than other religions in the world. If you connect Christianity or Islam to Vedas, then Christianity or Islam will become subset of Hinduism like Jainism or Budhism. If Vedas have mentioned about Prophet Muhammad, then there is a danger that Prophet Muhammad become part of Hinduism. Then you all are giving a scope to people to think that what ever is taught in the holy Quran, are simply the extracts of Vedas. You are observing many Hindu rituals during your hajj which is enough to prove that Islam is a part of Hinduism. Please don’t try to connect your religions with ours and don’t hurt others believes.

      1. Have you ever read “Riddles of Hinduism” by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar?
        It was banned as it’s truthful scholarly Vedic references stung the RSS badly…

        1. It’s banned because Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar forgot that a Hindu king sent him abroad for studies and was brainwashed completely.

          1. I think ,you peoples, will last by tagging the word fool to all men and scholars…😂😂.
            A fool never accept that he is foolish…same thing is happening with you..😂😂😂

      2. You forget to mention about Prophet Adam (PBUH), both Holy Quaran and Bible mentioned about him as first Human lived on earth! What

      3. you,re going in the wrong way! Muhammad was foretold by vedas!now some part of vedas remained and some were changed but the name of MUHAMMAD who will guide all people of the world is still there

      4. Brother, God has sent Uncounted messengers few has been mentioned in the holy Books. All the messengers has delivered the pure message but with time, the Message has been changed. How can you say that hinduism being one of the very oldest religion has remained unchanged? If you are talking about the very old pure hinduism connecting to our religion that we are part of it, i can without any hesitation say that We are part of it. Just like we are part of Christianity and Judaism…
        Hope you understand….
        Think. God has given you logic to differentiate right and wrong…

      5. Strange conclusions, that the religions came after Hindusm were subsets thereof, I think you need more broad thinking and logical conclusions rather than emotionally fueld conclusions. Islam means submissions to the will of God, the absolute and the only one. Hence, all prophets who were sent to their people not to the entire humanity, who brought revelations and call their people to worhop one good are here Muslims.
        Hence, the culmination of the sum was the was the whole.. Islam is meant not for the Arabs only, but for the whole humanity.. The holistic and comprehensive message that clarifies the misconceptions, and wrong practices by the old religions, which in essence were monotheic, but changed and disecrated overtime. So Islam is the last revelation of God to humanity, and Mohd peace be upon him is the final messenger, the seal of all prophets who came before him.. Hence, the whole is better than the sum if you will.

        1. Of critical thinking & logical conclusions are something you advocate for,you should have seen through the web of lies, distortions, absolute fake translations & twisted narrative of the author above who wrote such a bullsh*t article in first place. Just bcs your Muhummad said so,& “your” Quran says so, doesn’t mean its TRUTH, what your people basically did & still do is steal ideas, philosophy from non-muslim civilization to validate your belief,prophets & in return claim superiority over it. A bunch of half-literate Hypocrites your people are.

        2. Vedas & Hinduism/Hindus never has accepted Islam as final will of God or your Arab warlord Prophet as his last Prophet. Just bcs your Prophet & you Muslims says something, doesn’t make it the final ultimate truth. There are no scriptural, anecdotal evidence to prove Muhummad was mentioned in Vedas,Upanishads etc & if you study them logically & not from useless madrssas you would understand that their message/philosophy has/is always different from Islam/quran.

          1. Muhammad is an Arabic word for the praised one. The same word in written in Sanskrit. God is intelligent enough to reveal in native language. He wouldn’t call him Muhammad in Sanskrit, have some common sense. Allah didn’t call himself Allah in Hindu scriptures, he called himself Ishwar, which is the Sanskrit word. Sanatana Dharma, which means the religion of the soul, is another sanskrit word.

      6. By copying Hindu customs, if you are hinting towards the fact that Muslims Tawaf round the Ka’abah, then please educate yourself. The custom of Tawaf began in Islam when Prophet Ibrahim and his son Prophet Ismail built the Ka’abah which is way way long before Hindusim was found, so what you are claiming is wrong my friend. Also, Adam was the first man on Earth and he was the first Prophet of Allah, so technically he preached Islam to his children way before any of the other religions were found. Islam is truly the oldest and truest religion.

      7. Hi Satya

        Please see my above response to same kind of question to @DR Neha
        ISLAM was not came into existence before 1400 years brother
        It was there since man set foot on earth.
        So all scriptures came after ADAM(PBUH) – First man on earth
        TORAH , ZABUR, BIBLE etc was meant for people who lived during that century.
        it was preserved for certain time period.
        then later all those scriptures were adulterated , interpolated for the sake of matching the facts established during that time.
        So in order to avoid the confusion of which one to follow , ALLAH(SWT) sent QURAN through Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) which is only holy book still preserved till today without any interpolation and errors.
        Also Holy Quran is not only for Muslims , it is for Whole humanity.
        So Satya i recommend you to read Quran for the sake of atleast Pointing out errors and allegations.
        Hope your vision will improve for ISLAM.

  5. Hindus as you said are naturally inclined to hate Muslims , maybe because their forefathers and fathers taught them to hate them and maybe they were indoctrinated by their society and environment to have a very negative image of Muslims . The partition of India and creation of Pakistan can also be a reason they hate Muslims and see them trouble makers .
    But in their own themselves they know that Islam is no doubt truth and a true message of God Almighty and his only accepted religion .

    1. Around the world Just name me where and when a hindu terrorists killed. I can list alot muslim terrorist killed their own Muslim fellows.

        Meet India’s 5 Most Notorious Serial Killers from ‘The Deadly…


        finally I want to inform you that those who are killing people without any vcuse…THEY ARE not proper muslims!they will go tp hell! there are many hindus who are thief that doesn,t mean hinduism is bad!SIMILARLY there are some thiefs on ISLAM THAT DOES,NT MEAN ISLAM IS BAD


      2. Meet India’s 5 Most Notorious Serial Killers from ‘The Deadly…


      3. Hinduism is caste based terrorism. Hinduism is evil and wicked, full of hate for its own people. Modi is mass murdering terrorist, who Hindu extremists happily elected.

        1. Hinduism by far is the most violent religion, The hindus are accusing dr zakir naik, Hinduism is a foolish religion, based on worship of cows pigs and more animals, in their book their is alot of violence then in the quran and bible, I agree hinduism is evil and wicked

      4. Yes, I agree most of the terrorists are Muslims, but the majority of us Muslims do not support them since they do not follow the one true message of Islam. Islam and Quran in fact promote peace, but the terrorists who claim to wage war in the name of Jihad, the rest of us Muslims are not like that, and we do not support them.

        1. @anonympus,

          You’re uninformed. Most terrorists are NOT Muslims. In India the majority of terrorists are Hindus. Globally the majority of terrorists are white males from north america and western Europe. The vast majority of victims of terrorism are Muslims.

        2. As you accept all terrorist are Muslims, why dont you guys teach them your proper Islam, and transform them..and slowly people from other religion will agree your Islam is peaceful religion..
          calling Hindus Muslim haters, makes no sense…
          All mugal emperors, demolished Hindu temples and constructed mosque in that places..over 60000 temples were demolished during the period of mugals…..and you guys expect us to love and embrace your religion…
          Anyways best of Luck.

      5. Hi Vanamala

        Need not to go around the world
        let me tell you Hindu Terrorism in India itself.

        Saffron Terror or Hindu Extremism are the members of RSS ( Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) or Abhinav Bharat)
        List of attacks.
        1999 killing of Graham Staines
        2002 Gujarat Riots
        2007 Samjhauta Express bombings
        2007 Ajmer Dargah attack
        2008 Malegaon blasts
        2007 Mecca Masjid bombing

        You can very well come up with defending point but from the listed attacks above two are related ISLAMIC BUILDINGS.
        I would like you to list any muslim attacks in INDIA against Temples.
        Forget about Muslims across all over the world , there are few blacksheeps in each community by which entire community is blamed for their mistakes.
        I am not blaming whole Hindu community but try to understand we muslims adhering to the principles in Quran.
        Quran says
        One who kills an innocent human being unless being for(Rape, Corruption ) has killed whole humanity
        One who kills saves an human being has saved the whole humanity
        This is what Quran says and we muslim follow.
        I would like you to point out any verse in your Vedas (considered to be word of GOD) which supports humanity as above.
        Also to understand or criticize ISLAM dont see Muslims
        Please read Quran
        you are welcomed to criticize and challenge QURAN

  6. Rigved, book 1, hymn 53, verse 9
    हे प्रसिद्ध इन्द्रदेव ! आपने बन्धु-रहित ‘सुश्रवस’ राजा के सम्मुख लड़ने के लिये खड़े हुए बीस राजाओं को तथा उनके साठ हजार निन्यानवे सैनिकों को अपने दुषाप्य चक्र (व्यूह- अथवा गतिशील प्रक्रिया) द्वारा नष्ट कर दिया॥९॥

    There are no verses or hymns in the second book of saamved. Next time you find such things, use this app, only Hindi version. Also, there deliberately didn’t mention the reference in the puran or even name of the puran

    Download Now Upanishads & Vedas Developed By Ksamyatam Only From Playstore:

    1. “Sushrawas” which means the praised one. A Sanskrit word, which if you would translate in Arabic, would be Muhammad or Ahmed. The army God is mentioning is of Muhammad.

    1. Hahaha, only one who’s immature and ignorant can give reference to the website , wikiislam. It’s a propaganda website with utter disinformation and misinformation. STUDY ISLAM FROM AUTHENTIC SOURCES LIKE GOOD ISLAMIC SCHOLARS OR GOOD ISLAMIC BOOKS

      1. Then pls yourself open the English translation of bhavishya purana and read the whole chapter yourself. He is mentioned as an incranation of demon triparasura.

        1. the thing is that there are evidences that all of this is written in Bhavishya purana is from 19th century.
          meaning HIndus copied pasted Muhammeds story.

        2. Then why is he mentioned as Muhammad a PRIDE of mankind, and A spiritual teacher, Is the book saying a demon is the pride of mankind and a spritual teacher?

      2. Pandit ved prakash,PhD Sanskrit from ilahabad University didn’t know a simple Sanskrit word malecha… greefith didn’t know Sanskrit, other pandits don’t know a simple Sanskrit word 😯…
        You guy(oh sorry bhainsh😂), PhD from what’s up University know the real meaning 😂😂😂

  7. The problem is about determining who is the last prophet. Why should be a final one?
    Once in a time, people with elevated soul born to drive humanity to understand its divine origin.
    Even modern science is about discovering, on the empirical level, the nature of the universe.
    And by doing that of God.
    It is about creating awareness through different levels of teaching in different eras and geographical areas.
    Other Holy creatures will come to guide us, do not worry!
    Be peaceful and have faith. No religions but spirituality.

  8. Why don’t you quote the exact verse in Sanskrit and translate it next time? Just putting some random text and saying it as a mention in Vedas and puranas is a weak base brother.

  9. Maha Dev means Lord Shiva. Raja Bhoj worship Lord Shiva not Muhammad. Correct your knowledge about Bhavishya puran. First read Bhavishya puran yourself

    1. Bro… correct your knowledge first😂.
      Just as ruler of Egypt is known as Pharaoh,ruler of Persia as shah,ruler of Russia as zar…..ruler of Bharat is known as bhoj…
      Bhoj is not name of any specific king…but it’s a generalize term.

  10. Its all about Muhammad marketing plans and you innocent fools are selling muhammad …Muhammad was good in marketing…but we do not need these barbaric Arbian thoughts…keep it with u …
    Muhammad salesman read science maths and other valuable books…

    1. @ Brother Atheist

      Let me tell you Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was an illiterate brother.
      He doesnt know to read and write brother.
      so there is no chance of him being read Science and Maths during 15th century 😛
      Also there many people like you in queue who are ready to criticize Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)
      since you are an atheist you must be believing science.
      Michael H Hart took top 100 most influential personalities.
      Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) topped the list and Sir ISAAC Newton comes 2nd.
      Here if you believe Newton and his discoveries
      Obviously you are in situation to believe Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)
      One more thing
      Since you say there is no GOD
      Quran says
      One who believes there is no GOD but ALLAH and Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is the last and final messenger of ALLAH is a muslim.

      You have already accepted half of the verse from Quran above brother.
      Rest of the half its upto you to gain knowledge INSHALLAH
      May allah give you HIDAYAAH (Guidance)

  11. Lol. I just had 10 mins of nice laughter of reading this. I’ve seen actors doing ridiculous ads to fool people to buy a particular useless product here I see how a pathetic and completely false interpretation of hindu scriptures are being made to misguide poor souls who believe you… If you think your God will be happy with this kind of cheating your own people? Good! Then you prove that you aren’t really worshiping any god but a fictional character who is far from being a god! And you are far from any spirituality and are drowned in deception and ignorance! God bless you! I hope poor souls will find their true identity and not fall for this fake marketing lies, funny threats and punishments! Religions are meant to bring people together stop making a joke of yours.

  12. Totally wrong information, there is no concept of Muhammad in vedas. I have read all. And all that kalki is in puran. Which are not athuentic

  13. My experience as Hindu

    As an atheist it was not difficult for me to continue to call myself a Hindu because rational ‘Hinduism’ is, in fact, largely atheistic. Five out of the six major schools of orthodox Indian philosophy, which ‘Hinduism’ calls its own, are atheistic. The sole theistic school is the Vedantist. Nonetheless by calling myself ‘Hindu’, I realised that I invariably placed myself in a hierarchy in which I was expected to treat people differently based on their caste. Even though I forced myself to overlook this systemic injustice and institutionalised hatred for a long time, I came to a point when I could no longer ignore the obnoxious and sick attitudes engendered in me by an acceptance of the varna hierarchy.

    I realised that within this hierarchy, this bureaucracy of religion, I could no longer be myself and function as a just, rational and compassionate human being. It was clear to me (especially after reading Spinoza’s Ethics and Theological-political Treatise) that my happiness is my own, and results from how well and wisely I live. Hinduism defines a person’s worth according to his position in a social hierarchy determined by birth. Hinduism also serves exact portions of social happiness, and misery, by measuring it in a calibrated karma flask – dismantled to an equation that calculates and therefore knows exactly how much each person deserves – this was no longer for me.

    Now only one question remains: what will replace Hinduism? Darwinism, of course. Exit Hinduism and enter Darwinism.

  14. He is not camel rider and he has not four campanoin which prophet Muhammad have and he is not born in desert and the meaning of Muhammad is praise worthy which is the same meaning of narasangsa in Sanskrit

  15. Well Everyone have their own picture of thoughts about GOD and the harsh truth is we started to preach others without knowing where is GOD’s existence. Jesus Christ, Krishna, Rama, Muruga, Muhammad, Moses, Buddha, Guru Nanak etc., they know what human life is for and preached us to reach the place they have seen.( Not here to show Secularist picture). They have seen and shown to the people’s what human life is for? When they preach they will considered us as a world humans( no discrimination and differences unlike we have unconsciously by evolution from seeing and hearing) because they have reached the PLACE and preaching, better say helping and finding, to attain that. But we denied that and started to preach others without seeing the PLACE.
    BUDDHA might become the Ruler of a province, but he left the throne wearing loin cloth. What made Him to take that decision?
    There is SOMETHING.
    They preach us to get the attainment but We, the intellectual human beings, used that as a weapon to capture land!! That evolutionary thoughts unconsciously in our minds drive us to keep ourselves far from what they want us to attain.
    It’s difficult to get rid of those thoughts. Only a Guru/theerkatharisi/ prophet can solve that and they can only explain the real meaning of Holy books because they attained enlightenment. Unless we are open upto know the Truth and started to seek, we will always be very far to………………….

  16. Wow guys take a break, spend some time in your betterment of career, it’s not worth the wasted time like this

  17. Here I would like to quote a reference where timelines and various sections have been discussed.
    I would not like to comment which religion or path is better. But talking in humanitarian aspects, we all are born very different. God/creation has created us same yet different. There are so many variations then how come only one path to reach to him?? There are infinite/many paths of reaching from point A (which is us) to point O (say the supreme), then how can one path be true. Let’s assume for a mo0mnet that what Muslims say is the shortest path to attain Allah, then so be it. Be happy with that. Why mock other religions or spread just the words in a wrong way that ours is the only path. Others don’t want to follow that, they want to take their own path, what’s wrong in that? They want to take the longer more tough routes, okay, so be it. If you know you can attain Allah from following Islam, do so. Why mock others, why consider others as inferior? I have seen this amongst Muslims preaching about Islam that we are the best and the rest of the world/people are inferior to us. That’s not what a real God would tell his messenger.

    Another questions to all: Had you been born in any other religion where it is practice hardcore except what you are preaching about now and have a huge ego that you stand correct on the part of your religion, would you say the same thing with so much confidence? Now let’s talk about rationality here without bringing out your ego – No we would have converted or so and so. Ask yourselves this deeply.

    However, here’s the interesting read:

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