Protesting farmers ‘eating biryani to spread bird flu’, says BJP MLA


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: BJP MLA from Rajasthan, Madan Dilawar, has accused protesting farmers of spreading bird flu by eating chicken biryani. His comment comes on sidelines of a smear campaign being run by right-wing forces against farmers who are seeking withdrawal of three farm laws.

”This is a conspiracy to spread bird blu by eating chicken biryani.” Dilawar can be heard saying so in a video that gone viral. “If the government does not remove the protestors either through prayer or by taking stronger means, then the country will face the problem of bird flu.”

Dilawar said that the protesting farmers were not thinking about the country and were on a picnic. “They are merely enjoying biryani,” he said. “They are eating Kaju-badam [dry fruits]. They are enjoying in all ways and are coming there changing their appearances frequently.”

The BJP MLA also said that there could be terrorists, thieves and looters among the demonstrators. “They could be the enemies of farmers,” Dilawar said.

Dilawar’s comments sparked strong criticism from opposition politicians, journalists and activists. 

”After tablighi jamaat spreading corona propaganda , farmers spreading bird flu kinda disgusting propaganda. Every time I assume these people can’t stoop any lower, they prove me wrong,” journalist Sakshi Joshi tweeted.

Rajasthan Congress chief Govind Singh Dotasra said that these comments “showcase the BJP’s thinking”.

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